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to no more than hefty day-fines (day-fine). Two other boys, who had helped to prepare the attack by making the cake, were also fined. http: nyheter article10246204.ab During a visit to Varberg Varberg, Halland A 16-year old boy The band is mostly known for their energetic live performances. They have done numerous festival gigs and have also toured together with The Soundtrack of Our Lives. Lead singer Simon Ohlsson is usually very wild and erratic on stage and several performances have gone awry. For example, early in the band's career, a gig in Varberg ended with Simon being dragged away by police who thought he was on drugs (it is said that he had only had one beer); and at Rookiefestivalen 2004 he jumped out into the sparse crowd and was thrown out from the venue by a security guard, while the rest of the band kept playing. - '''41 (Swedish national road 41)''' Varberg Borås align "right" 83 km - birth_date WikiPedia:Varberg Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Halland County Localities Varberg

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

-Salem, NC Charleston, SC (Charleston, South Carolina) instrument '''Jump, Little Children''', later known as '''Jump''', was a band formed in 1991 in the city of Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, North Carolina), North Carolina. Known for their unique sound, energetic live performances, and willingness to interact with fans, the band built a strong following over their fourteen years together. They played their final show on December 30, 2005 in their adopted hometown of Charleston (Charleston, South Carolina), South Carolina. 1991-1999 Jay Clifford, Matthew Bivins, Ward Williams, and Christopher Pollen met and formed Jump, Little Children at the North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, North Carolina), NC (North Carolina) in 1991. The band played their first show on January 1, 1992 as part of a New Year's Day festival in downtown Winston-Salem. * North Carolina ** Greensboro (Greensboro, North Carolina)-High Point (High Point, North Carolina)-Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) (Piedmont Triad International Airport) ** Raleigh (Raleigh, North Carolina)-Durham (Durham, North Carolina) (Raleigh-Durham International Airport) Early life Born in Patrick County, Virginia, Reynolds went to work for his brother in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1881 as he worked himself through Trinity College in Durham (Durham, North Carolina) (later Duke University). , owner Carl Pohlad almost sold the Twins to North Carolina businessman Don Beaver, who would have moved the team to the Piedmont Triad (Greensboro (Greensboro, North Carolina) – Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) – High Point (High Point, North Carolina)) area. The defeat of a referendum for a stadium in North Carolina and a lack of interest in building a stadium for the Twins in Charlotte (Charlotte, North Carolina) killed the deal.


inspired by the American bands Devo and The Tubes, and Japanese bands such as P-Model and Yellow Magic Orchestra. Their song lyrics often consist of Japanese (Japanese (language)), English (English (language)), or just plain gibberish. The band has been noted for their extremely energetic live performances and their wild gimmicky outfits, notably their trademark orange boiler suits, with a simple "P" stamped on them, and their straight-bar sunglasses. WikiPedia:Tokyo Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan Prefectures Tokyo Commons:Category:Tokyo


The Longcut formed in Manchester in 2002, while attending the University of Manchester. Originally a four-piece, their vocalist left soon after the band started and the remaining members intended to make purely instrumental music. In 2003 their experiments with cheap drum machines led to a new sound and their unusual stage setup. The band's original sound and energetic live performances brought them to the attention of the record industry in 2004, eventually signing to Liverpool's


. Their combination of punk rock and power pop influenced melodies and their energetic live shows brought them attention on the West Coast and from magazines such as ''Maximumrocknroll'' and ''Shredding Paper'', which featured them on their covers. They released their debut studio album

South Africa

the NuL website, where all of NuL's music is seeded from onto the Internet. In 2006 he returned to South Africa, and together with Simon, Dawid Kahts (Thys Nywerheid), and Adriaan's wife, actress Mareli Minnaar, formed the band, '''NuL''', who are rapidly becoming known for their energetic live performances. When Simon moved to London in 2002, Adriaan continued the legacy, and developed the musical style into a more hard-edged, Industrial (Industrial music)-influenced direction

for their energetic live performances. The Vosges Mountains in France and Black Forest in Germany are examples of horsts, the Table, Jura (Jura Mountains) and the Dôle mountains are results of the latter. The word is also applied to those larger areas, such as the Russian Plain, Arabia, India and Central South Africa, where the continent remains stable, with horizontal table-land stratification (Stratigraphy), in distinction to folded regions such as the Eurasian chains. '''Marvel Comics Heroes:''' Captain America, Conan (Conan the Barbarian), Falcon (Falcon (comics)), Green Goblin, Hulk (Hulk (comics)), Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Iron Man, Lizard (Lizard (comics)), Mr. Fantastic, Spider-Man, The Thing (Thing (comics)) and Thor (Thor (Marvel Comics)). For the South African market a local radio play superhero, Jet Jungle was included in the series. The black population of South Africa has rebelled in the 2030s and formed the United States of Southern Africa (USSA). The white population fled to Europe, taking most of the country's wealth with them and leaving the black population to rebuild the economy, which they did in a matter of weeks by use of diamonds. (''2061'' was published in 1987, at which time apartheid was still in force in South Africa). Large-scale interplanetary travel is now commercially viable with muon-catalyzed fusion-powered spacecraft. On Europa, an enormous mountain has sprung up out of nowhere. No one is sure of the origin of "Mount Zeus"; being asymmetrical, it cannot be a volcano. left thumb 2006–2008 Lexus IS 250 (GSE20; Europe) (Image:Lexus IS250 2008 Tungsten aft.jpg) For the IS 250, IS 350, and IS F, engines feature the manufacturer's D-4S direct injection (gasoline direct injection) system; these models are ULEV-II certified in the United States. In parts of Europe, the three IS models sold by Lexus include the IS 250, '''IS 220d''', and IS F. The IS 220d, available only in Europe, features a 2.2 L Inline-4 diesel engine, capable of 175 hp (130 kW), and rear wheel drive. The IS 220d is the first diesel-powered Lexus, and only offered with a manual transmission. The IS 250 is also available in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Chile (automatic only), Taiwan, South Africa and South Korea. For China, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, and Middle East markets, one model, the '''IS 300''', with a 3.0 L ''3GR-FE (Toyota GR engine)'' V6 engine (without direct injection (gasoline direct injection)), 228 hp (170 kW), and rear wheel drive, is sold. The IS 250 RWD comes standard with a 6-speed manual transmission, and a 6-speed automatic transmission is available as an option. The IS 250 AWD, the IS 300, and the IS 350 are only available with the automatic. *A bomb explosion and gun battle occur in Damascus, Syria between security forces and a "terrorist group," in which four people are killed and a vacant United Nations building badly damaged. The identity and motives of the attackers is unclear but Islamist (Islamism) militants are the prime suspects. (BBC). *South African president Thabo Mbeki is sworn in for a second term after being overwhelmingly reelected on April 14. The event is marred by controversy over the attendance of Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe. The law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell makes public a 463 page report on accounting and corporate governance issues affecting oil giant Royal Dutch Shell (Royal Dutch Shell). The report, prepared at the request of Shell's audit committee, explains how lax standards have allowed the company to vastly overstate the extent of its oil and natural gas reserves. (company website) * Boston Marathon: A new world record of 1:18:27 is set in the men's wheelchair division by a South African (Ernst Van Dyk). Kenyans win the women's race and the men's for the 13th time in fourteen years. (Boston Globe) * The 10th TV turnoff week starts. Adaptations ''Ubu Roi'' was the basis for Jan Lenica's animated film ''Ubu et la grande gidouille'' (1976 (1976 in film)) and was later adapted into Jane Taylor (Jane Taylor (South Africa))'s "Ubu and the Truth Commission" (1998), a play critical of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (Truth and Reconciliation Commission (South Africa)) formed in response to the atrocities committed during Apartheid. ''Ubu Roi'' was also adapted for the film ''Ubu Król 2003'' by Piotr Szulkin, highlighting the grotesque nature of political life in Poland immediately after the fall of communism. Later Wilbur attended Rhodes University in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa. He became a journalist, writing about social conditions in South Africa, but his father's advice to "Get a real job" prompted him to become a tax accountant (chartered accountant). After he qualified as a Chartered Accountant (Chartered_Accountant#South_Africa), he married and had two children. The marriage ended badly and the divorce led to alimony and child support payments that left him penniless at only twenty four years of age. Bull's work put him in touch with (what is today) Denel in South Africa in 1977. Denel designed a new mobile mounting that was able to handle the increased recoil. It used a sole-plate to lift the carriage to take the four wheels off the ground. The chassis had the option of being powered by a small diesel engine acting as an APU (auxiliary Power Unit), driving hydraulics that could set up the gun in two minutes, and move it short distances. Denel Online, Towed Guns - G5 Meanwhile Bull started production of $30 million worth of rounds, shipping them via Spain to avoid the international arms embargo against South Africa (United Nations Security Council Resolution 418). WikiPedia:South Africa Dmoz:Regional Africa South Africa Commons:Category:South Africa


Commons:Category:Toronto WikiPedia:Toronto dmoz:Regional North America Canada Ontario Localities T Toronto


by later Japanese Buddhist sects, such as Shingon and Tendai. '''Hiromi Uehara''' (上原ひろみ, born 26 March 1979), known as '''Hiromi''', is a jazz composer and pianist born in Hamamatsu, Japan. She is known for her virtuosic technique, energetic live performances and blend of musical genres such as post-bop, progressive rock, classical (european classical music) and fusion (jazz fusion) in her compositions. '''Other appearances''' * Chick & Hiromi - ''Duet (Duet (Chick Corea album))'' (2008, Japan; 2009, international) - live album recorded with Chick Corea at the Tokyo Blue Note (Blue Note (jazz clubs)) * The Stanley Clarke Trio (featuring Hiromi and Lenny White) - ''Jazz in the Garden'' (2009) thumb right 350px An FIR number is written on illegal cut tree trunk (File:First Information Report.jpg) A '''First Information Report''' or '''FIR''' is a written document prepared by the police in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Japan when they receive information about the commission of a cognizable offence. It is a report of information that reaches the police first in point of time and that is why it is called the First Information Report. It is generally a complaint lodged with the police by the victim of a cognizable offense or by someone on his her behalf. Anyone can report the commission of a cognizable offence either orally or in writing to the police. A telephone call can also be treated as the basis for an FIR. ''Silversides'' cleared Pearl Harbor on 24 September for her eleventh war patrol, conducted off Kyūshū, Japan. Although this patrol was unproductive, she aided in the rescue of a stricken sister submarine. zh:日本 Commons:Category:Japan Wikipedia:Japan Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan


Commons:Category:Australia Wikipedia:Australia Dmoz:Regional Oceania Australia

Washington, D.C.

, emo '''Rites of Spring''' was an American post-hardcore band from Washington, D.C. in the mid-1980s, known for their energetic live performances. A part of the D.C. hardcore punk scene, Rites of Spring increased the frenetic violence and visceral passion of hardcore while simultaneously experimenting with its compositional rules. Lyrically, they also shifted hardcore into intensely personal realms and, in doing so, are often considered the first "emo" band,

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