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archiveurl http: web 20080118074241 http: ThryWoman MRR.html archivedate 2 Dec 98 date January 7, 1920 accessdate January 18, 2008 The Bolsheviks, however, accused him of having two secret police forces operating under him. Footman, David. Civil War In Russia Frederick A.Praeger 1961, page 287 The Bolsheviks began their formal efforts

, communist and resistant to Stalinist counterrevolution than other republican-held areas of Spain." Murray Bookchin . ''To Remember Spain: The Anarchist and Syndicalist Revolution of 1936'' and the Free Territory during the Russian Revolution (Russian Revolution (1917)). Through the efforts and influence of the Spanish Anarchists during

the Russian Revolution (Russian Revolution (1917)). Through the efforts and influence of the Spanish Anarchists during the Spanish Revolution within the Spanish Civil War, starting in 1936 anarchist communism existed in most of Aragon, parts of the Levante and Andalusia, as well as in the stronghold of Anarchist Catalonia before being crushed by the combined forces of the regime that won the war (Francoism), Hitler (Adolf Hitler), Mussolini, Spanish Communist Party repression


'piled up by roads' publisher BBC News date 18 January 2010 The Canadian destroyer first reached the area on Tuesday, 19 January. The ''Athabaskan'''s crew of 280 have been tasked to supply humanitarian aid to the city and assist in relief efforts.

January 2010 The Canadian medical facility is located near the Japanese field hospital, which is next to the nursing school, which has been turned into a hospital. Canada has deployed the Van Doos, a Canadian infantry regiment, to help with recovery efforts.

in entertainment for her contribution to philanthropic and charitable causes. McNiece, Mia ''Variety'' online September 1, 2009 Variety to celebrate Power of Women Retrieved on September 10, 2009. In response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Aguilera donated a signed Chrysler 300 which was auctioned for relief efforts. PRNewswire January 17, 2010

National Telecommunications and Information Administration

territories and the District of Columbia. Grantees are responsible for funding the creation, expansion and maintenance, as well as supporting and encouraging the use of, broadband technology. These efforts are made to aid small businesses and community institutions in the efficient and effective use of technology as well as to conduct research as to the boundaries in broadband expansion and innovation of broadband technology in the future. National Broadband Map

and the general public. The National Broadband Map is the foundation for efforts to expand and improve broadband internet access around the United States in under-equipped communities as well as assisting businesses and consumers to educate them on broadband internet options. The NTIA's findings show that while strides were made in broadband development and implementation, many people and institutions lack the broadband availability and capability needed for full internet engagement. ref>

institutions are generally underserved in broadband connectivity. The data showed that two-thirds of the surveyed schools were signed up for broadband service that provide less than half the speed that educational technology studies recommend and only four percent of libraries subscribe to recommended broadband speeds. Along with the continuous update of the National Broadband Map, the NTIA will sustain its state-driven efforts to increase broadband implementation and will move to expand its


monastery in the 16th century. The entrance to the cloister area contains murals related to the early evangelization efforts of this order. They include scenes such as Hernán Cortés greeting the first Franciscan missionaries in Mexico, the martyrdom of some of the first young converts to Christianity and even a scene where the monks are flogging Cortés.

remained a tributary province with tribute going to the Spanish instead of the Aztecs. The area was divided into encomenderos, but the natives maintained much of their communal farmland despite efforts by hacienda owners to confiscate them. During the colonial period, the main town in this area was Chimalhuacan, generally called Chimalhuacan-Chalco. The village of Ozumba was founded in 1525 by Francisco Atlanlzincuilzin, who was its first leader. Evangelization

evangelization efforts by the Franciscans in Mexico. It has been theorized that this portería originally served as the monastery’s chapel and where evangelization efforts were concentrated. This would explain the six major scenes which are depicted on the walls. These murals are all that is left of the monastery’s original decoration from the 16th century. The murals were retouched in the mid 19th century. ref name "

610 Office

the officers selected to be seconded to the newly created 610 Office. According to Hao, few officers volunteered for a position in the 610 Office, so selections were made through a random draw. Hao, Fengjun (10 June 2005). "Hao Fengjun: Why I Escaped from China (Part II)", ''The Epoch Times''. Retrieved November 24, 2012. Some 610 Offices conduct their own recruiting efforts to bring in staff

, and is intended to prevent "recidivism." The 610 Office’s intelligence collection efforts are bolstered through he cultivation of paid civilian informants. 610 Offices at local levels have been found to offer substantial monetary rewards for information leading to the capture of Falun Gong practitioners, and 24-hour hotlines have been created for civilians to report on Falun Gong-related activity. In some locales, ‘responsibility measures

CECC2008 The CLGDF includes high-ranking members of the Communist Party’s propaganda department, including the minister of propaganda and deputy head of the Central Leading Group on Propaganda and Ideological Work. This, coupled with the 610 Office’s organizational position above the main news and propaganda organs, gives it sufficient influence to direct the anti-Falun Gong propaganda efforts at the central level. Tong notes that the first “propaganda assaults


-wood animal figures. In recent years, efforts have been made to revitalize the once flourishing cigar and coffee industries. The town is a popular tourist destination in Haiti due to its relative tranquility and distance from the political turmoil that plagues Port-au-Prince. Over the years, this rather small town experienced a number of noted historical events. Some of these occurrences are: War of Knives Toussaint Louverture fought over Jacmel in the so-called War

publisher Parkway Publishers, Inc. isbn 1887905626 In Hispaniola Somewhat disillusioned by his experience in New York City (he had philosophical differences with some leaders of the Antillean liberation movements, particularly with Eugenio María de Hostos), Betances spent a short interlude in Jacmel, Haiti in 1870 at the request of its then-president, Jean Nissage-Saget, who supported Betances' efforts to have a liberal government for the Dominican Republic take

that the ''Halifax'' would be deployed to the waters around Haiti to assist in relief efforts after the January 2010 earthquake (2010 Haiti earthquake), along with . Specifically the ''Halifax'' was to be deployed outside the area of Jacmel, which was slow to receive aid due to the fact the roads were cut off and the airport was too small to handle large aircraft.

Colonial Mauritania

authorities viewed as a hostile threat, combined with the emir's efforts to sell gum arabic to the British, brought a strong French reaction. Although the Maures were able to lay siege to Saint-Louis, a large French expeditionary force defeated the emir's forces. The French concluded that to secure the continuing profitability of the gum arabic trade, they would have to forcibly occupy the northern bank of the Senegal River. File:Louis Léon César Faidherbe portrait.jpg

of Senegal, the relative calm created in the Chemama and southern Mauritania through Faidherbe's efforts came to an end. The Maures resumed their traditional practices of internecine (wikt:internecine) warfare and pillaging villages in the Chemama. In virtual control of the colonial administration, the commercial companies of Saint-Louis sold arms to the Maures, while at the same time outfitting French punitive missions. Scientific expeditions into Mauritania became increasingly subject to attack

, the French acquired responsibility for governing the vast territory of Mauritania. French Colonial Policy From the time of the French Revolution in 1789, the two main characteristics of French colonial policy in West Africa were the quest for international prestige and the cultural assimilation of indigenous populations (Assimilation (French colonial)). France's efforts to build a colonial empire (French colonial empire) may be considered a reaction to British

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement

, the industry opposed cash payments (RIV) and planned legal challenges to government efforts to establish regulations for fair market-based royalty payments.

title Mineral Revenues: Cost and Revenue Information Needed to Compare Different Approaches for Collecting Federal and Gas Royalties laysummary http: products GAO-04-448 url http: new.items d04448.pdf accessdate April 17, 2011

Require Attention type Testimony Before Committee on Natural Resources, U.S. House of Representatives date March 28, 2007 url http: new.items d07682t.pdf laysummary http: products GAO-07-682T


to this and another factory, there are about 150 small workshops dedicated to making Christmas items, with about 70% of the town’s economy based on it. In 2005, the town, with its narrow stone streets and adobe stone houses with red tile roofs, was made a Pueblo Mágico as part of its efforts to attract tourism. The town Mining town The town proper is small with only 3,704 residents (2005).

to be declared a Pueblo Mágico, as part of its efforts to attract tourism. However, it is still quiet with few traffic problems despite the narrow streets.

Tlalpujahua, acto de fe y esperanza author Oscar Villeda Esquival url http: 2007 02 24 index.php?section sociedad&article 012n1soc newspaper La Jornada location Mexico City date February 24, 2007 accessdate January 12, 2011 language Spanish trans_title The relocation of the altar of Our Lady of Mount Carmen, act of faith and hope In 2009, outside lights were installed to illuminate the church as part of efforts to bring tourism to the town


of Nigeria Ilorin. Commerce The political economy of Kwara State can be traced to 1967 when it was created. Since then the state has undergone various developmental efforts, mostly initiated by the federal government given the nature of the Nigerian state, a centralized federal system where all development policies and programmes originate from the center. Despite its strategic location as the gateway between the southern and northern parts of the country, there are few industries in Kwara State

progress in his efforts to improve the quality of lives of the people of the state. This is demonstrated by successes achieved in the fields of finance, education, health, water and rural development, agriculture, and industrial development. With such efforts, Ilorin has become the hub for Cashew processing in Nigeria and Olam (a leading MNC in Agro Commodities) has set up Africa's biggest cashew processing plant. The plant boasts to process 100 MT of cashew everyday and provides employment to over

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