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San Anselmo, California

, commanding officer of the Fourth Air Force, who told him, "If you didn't want to fly down Market Street, I wouldn't have you in my Air Force, but you are not to do it any more and I mean what I say." Kenney later wrote: "We needed kids like this lad."

South Tyneside

students and adults alike. The college was formerly known as the Marine and Technical College, and was founded by Dr Thomas Winterbottom (Thomas Masterman Winterbottom), a former surgeon-general in Sierra Leone. The college is still one of the largest merchant navy training colleges in the United Kingdom, and attracts students from as far afield as India and Africa. Courses are offered across the whole spectrum of marine education including navigation, operations, mechanical and electrical


"wildman" and ''strand'' also meaning "shore". The wildman is depicted on Lappeenranta's coat of arms. Education Lappeenranta has numerous schools at almost all levels of education, including the Lappeenranta University of Technology, Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, located in a shared Skinnarila campus of around 8000 students, the Army Academy (branch of the Finnish Defence Forces), South Karelia Vocational College and South


Yankton, South Dakota

- Yankton . The Yankton School District has a variety of extracurricular activities including athletics (Sport) and non-athletics. The athletic teams are universal on all levels of education including the Yankton Middle School and the Yankton High School. The boys' athletic teams are known as the Yankton Bucks and the girls' teams are known as the Yankton Gazelles. Yankton's debate team is the host of the annual Lewis and Clark Debate Tournament, held on the last weekend

Miramichi, New Brunswick

public schools operated by the New Brunswick Department of Education. Post-secondary education, including a distance education component from the University of New Brunswick, is offered primarily through the Miramichi campus of New Brunswick Community College. '''Public schools''' Francophone Sud School District: * École Carrefour Beausoleil (K-12) New Brunswick Anglophone North School District (English): * High schools


by UTair (UTair Aviation) and Alrosa Mirny Air Enterprise Education Tomsk has a number of prominent institutions of higher education, including: *Tomsk Polytechnic University, founded in 1900 is the oldest technical university in Siberia. *Tomsk State University is the oldest university in Siberia (founded in 1878, opened in 1888). The archives of the Tomsk State University Library are ranked among the most extensive in Russia

Greater Boston

Understand *Over three million people live in the cities and towns immediately surrounding Boston, or "Greater Boston". *Greater Boston is home to more than 110 institutions of higher education, including Harvard University in Cambridge, the nation's oldest. *Greater Boston has some of the oldest and most visited historic sites in the country. Talk Get in *'''Logan International Airport (BOS)''', Boston,


judge on the ''Beth Din (beth din)'' of the Grossgemeinde, but fled the country in 1938 in time to escape Nazi (Nazism) persecutions. In the United Kingdom he completed his higher education, including a period at the Etz Chaim Yeshiva (Etz Chaim Yeshiva (London)) in London, studying under and receiving semicha from the renowned Rabbis Elya Lopian, Leib Gurwicz and Nachman Shlomo Greenspan. Shashar, Michael, Lord Jakobovits in Conversation, First Edition

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