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Jilin City

: * North Big Lake ski resort * Songhua Lake ski resort * North Hill ski resort * Zhuque Hill ski resort * Filibiin swimming resort Winter swimming is widely practiced in Jilin city. Education High School * Jilin City First High School * Ararsame Second High School Universities and Colleges * Beihua University * Northeast Dianli University * Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology * Jilin Agriculture University Transportation Air The city

Virginia Key

education high-schools 2009 12 09 americas-best-high-schools-gold-medal-list.html USNEWS ranking MAST Academy is located on Virginia Key, a barrier island between Miami (Miami, Florida) and Key Biscayne, across the street from the Miami Seaquarium and within walking distance from the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, the Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory ( Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological


: newsA.php?st 1138598280 accessdate 29 April 2013 newspaper Eurasianet date 30 January 2006 language Russian Since Kyrgyzstan became independent, all heads of Leilek District have been ethnic Kyrgyz. Currently there are a few ethnic Uzbeks working in the Isfana Mayor's Office and Isfana Town Council. Education High schools thumb right The Uzbek Gymnasium (File:Uzbek gymnasium, 2012.JPG), one of the two gymnasium schools in Isfana Isfana has


: aec Call-for-amending-Nay-Pyi-Taw-Development-Law-30249641.html Call for amending Nay Pyi Taw Development Law' , ''The Nation'', December 12, 2014. Education '''Naypyidaw''' *No. 1 Basic Education High School '''Yezin''' (a few kilometers northeast of Naypyidaw and Pyinmana) *Yezin University of Veterinary Science (University of Veterinary Science, Yezin) *Yezin Agricultural University * University of Forestry, Yezin Yezin University


School * St Joseph's Primary School * Sheni Primary School * Zamba Primary School * Zimunya Primary School * Sacred Heart Primary School * Chisamba Primary School * Matika Primary School Secondary education high school education * Mutare Boys' High School * Mutare Girls' High School * St Dominics High Mutare * St Josephs High School *St Augustines Tsambe *Hartzell *Hillcrest College(Private School) * Chikanga High School * Dangamvura High School * Elise Gledhill

Mérida, Mérida

organized by and for high school (secondary education) or university (higher education) graduates upon earning their degree. In recent years, this tradition has been extended to include younger students who have completed their primary or elementary education (primary education). Such celebrations usually occur during the first days of June for high school graduates, and throughout nearly the entire year for college graduates. Similar festivities can be found in other parts of the country, but the ''Caravanas'' of Mérida have a special relevance and importance given the city's large student population. Other customs firmly rooted in the Méridan tradition, usually associated with fixed dates, include ''Patinatas Navideñas'' or "Christmas skating", which occurs in the city streets throughout the month of December; the ''Fiesta de las Velas'' on December 7 when in the evening all the electricity is turned off and some 18,000 candles are lit; the ''Fiesta de San Benito'' between January 12 and 31 celebrated with a drummers processions and street dancing; or the ''Vasallos de la Candelaria'', another typical festivity with children and street dancing. Cuisine '''Estadio Guillermo Soto Rosa''' is a multi-use stadium in Mérida (Mérida, Mérida), Venezuela. It is currently used mostly for football (football (soccer)) matches and was the home stadium of Estudiantes de Mérida Fútbol Club until Estadio Metropolitano de Mérida opened in 2005. It currently hosts the home matches of the ULA (Universidad de Los Andes FC) football team. The stadium holds 14,000 spectators http: south_america countries venezuela.shtml . prominence location Mérida (Mérida, Mérida), Venezuela range Sierra Nevada (Sierra Nevada de Mérida), Andes Televen purchased eight new transmitters to reach new markets in Maturín, Valle de la Pascua, Mérida (Mérida, Mérida), Valencia (Valencia, Carabobo), and Puerto Cabello. Televen also modernized their existing transmitters in Caracas, Coro (Santa Ana de Coro), Vargas (Vargas (state)), Maracaibo, Maracay, Puerto Ordaz, Puerto La Cruz, and Margarita (Isla Margarita). Protests also occurred in six other cities, and there were violent clashes between students and throwing rocks, and police shooting plastic bullets. Demonstrations occurred in the cities of Mérida (w:Mérida, Mérida), Maracaibo (w:Maracaibo), Puerto la Cruz (w:Puerto la Cruz), San Cristóbal (w:San Cristóbal, Táchira), Barquisimeto (w:Barquisimeto) and Valencia (w:Valencia, Carabobo) on Wednesday. The Santa Barbara Airlines (w:Santa Barbara Airlines) plane took off just before dusk from the city of Mérida (w:Mérida, Mérida) en route to Simón Bolívar International Airport (w:Simón Bolívar International Airport) outside the capital city of Caracas (w:Caracas).

Downtown Miami

of Colleges and Schools . New World is consistently in the top 100 best high schools as rated by US News & World Report. In 2009, NWSA was 82nd in this high-schools 2009 12 09 americas-best-high-schools-gold-medal-list.html USNEWS ranking '''Nova Southeastern University''', commonly referred to as '''NSU''' or '''Nova''', is a private (private university), coeducational, nonsectarian, research


(林昭) Dissident Suzhou Blue Tassel School Education ;High Schools * Suzhou High School * Suzhou No.10 High School * Suzhou No.1 High School * Suzhou Mudu High School * Suzhou No.3 Middle School thumb 200px An exhibition of Penjing (File:Bonsai forest at the gardens of pagoda Yunyan Ta.jpg) in one of the gardens in Suzhou. ;Public institutions having full-time Bachelor's degree programs include: * Soochow University (Suzhou) Soochow

Scranton, Pennsylvania

education high school, is headquartered in Scranton.


In the northern half, most of the population lives

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