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Beit El

''Beit El East outpost comes down - and moves to Mount Artis '' . Haaretz, 5 August 2003. For de outpost ''Tel Haim'': see ''Tel Haim at gettyimages'' However, Tel Haim also survived, as ''Beit El East''. An early attempt to establish an outpost on ''Mount Artis'' was on 3 January 1997. Residents of Beit El, lead by Ya'akov Katz occupied the site in a nightly

Coahuila y Tejas

Tejas for the introduction 800 families into east Texas. The next year, Edwards declares the Republic of Fredonia near Nacogdoches, Texas, an early attempt to secede from Mexico. Stephen F. Austin joins forces with Mexico against Edwards. Haden Edwards flees in 1827 to Louisiana for his safety, later to return and spend the rest of his life in Nacogdoches.


and of the Notable Things Therein'' by Leo Africanus p.338 De Razilly expedition (1629) France was involved in an early attempt to colonize Mogador in 1629. As Richelieu (Cardinal Richelieu) and Père Joseph were attempting to establish a colonial policy, Admiral Isaac de Razilly suggested they occupy Mogador in 1626, which he had reconnoitered in 1619. The objective was to create a base against the Sultan of Marrakesh and asphyxiate

Everett, Washington

In their first season in Everett the Stealth won the league title. SIFF 2006 included 300+ films and was the first SIFF to include a venue in neighboring Bellevue, Washington, after an ill-fated early attempt. However, in 2008, the festival was back to being entirely in Seattle, and had a slight decrease in the number of feature films. The 2010 festival featured over 400 films, shown primarily in downtown Seattle and its nearby neighborhoods, but also in West Seattle, Everett (Everett, Washington), Kirkland (Kirkland, Washington), and Juanita Beach Park. paper is part of The Washington Post Company , a diversified education and media company that also owns educational services provider Kaplan, Inc., Post-Newsweek Stations, Cable One, the online magazine ''Slate (Slate (magazine))'', The Gazette (The Gazette (Maryland)) and Southern Maryland Newspapers, and ''The Herald'' (The Herald (Everett)), a daily paper in Everett, Washington. The company also distributes the free daily Express (Express (newspaper)) newspaper in the D.C. area and runs its own syndication (Print syndication) service for its columnists and cartoonists, The Washington Post Writers Group. The Washington Post Company: Company profile Retrieved 2011-06-02. History Originally a logging settlement, the area was first called "Federal Way" in 1929, when Federal Way School District #210 was created. Boeing's (Boeing) newest commercial aircraft, the 787 "Dreamliner" (w:Boeing 787), made its first test flight Tuesday in Everett, Washington (w:Everett, Washington) at 18:00 UTC. Boeing claims that the new 290+ seat wide-body (w:Wide-body aircraft), twin engine (w:Twinjet) jetliner is more fuel efficient than previous Boeing models.


; An early attempt to intercept an airship with a shipborne aircraft takes place in the North Sea when the Royal Navy seaplane tender tries to launch a Royal Naval Air Service Sopwith seaplane to attack a German Zeppelin sighted low on the horizon at a range of 70 nautical miles (130 km). The attempt fails when the launching platform collapses, and the unmolested Zeppelin goes on to bomb four surfaced British submarines – without damaging


by joint Spanish and French forces, did the territory finally become subdued. Another uprising in 1956 - 1958 (Ifni War), initiated by the Moroccan Army of Liberation, led to heavy fighting, but eventually the Spanish forces regained control, again with French aid. However, unrest simmered, and in 1967 the Harakat Tahrir arose to challenge Spanish rule peacefully. After the events of the Zemla Intifada in 1970, when Spanish police destroyed the organization and "disappeared (forced disappearance)" its founder, Muhammad Bassiri, Sahrawi nationalism again took a militant turn. Opponents of this viewpoint, including some Mizrahi Jews themselves, see this as one-sided at best. They point to the persecutions of the Jews of North Africa in the 12th century under the Almohades, the slaughter of thousands of Jews in Fez (Fez, Morocco) in 1465 (after the Jewish deputy vizier Harun (Aaron), who had imposed heavy taxes on the population on behalf of the vizier, was accused of treating a Muslim woman "offensively"), and to similar massacres in Libya , Algiers, and Marrakesh in the 18th and 19th centuries (Morris, 2001). They also point to waves of synagogue destructions and forced conversions throughout the Arab world from the 11th to 19th centuries, and to the fact that, by the 19th century, most Jews of North Africa were forced to live in ''mellahs'' or ghettos, and were subject to a number of restrictions and humiliations, as they were in Europe.


'' or ''HYTELNET'') was an early attempt to create a universal or at least simpler interface for the various Telnet-based information resources available before the World Wide Web. It was first developed in 1990 by Peter Scott, then at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada. Using a client (Client (computing)) written by Earl Fogel, HyTelnet offered its users a primitive terminal (Computer terminal)-based GUI that allowed them to browse a directory of Telnet

Oklahoma City Tilghman retired from his position in 1910 and was elected to the Oklahoma State Senate. He accepted the position of police chief of Oklahoma City in 1911. In 1915, he co-wrote, directed, and starred in the movie ''The Passing of the Oklahoma Outlaws'', which dramatized the law enforcement activities of Tilghman and the other "Guardsmen." The film is noted as an early attempt to de-glamorize the image of outlaws. In 1924, at the age of 70, Tilghman


-grandfather emigrated to Canada in 1903 from Russia to establish a homestead (homestead (buildings)) near Drumheller, Alberta. Levant grew up in a suburb of Calgary. He attended a Jewish day school in his childhood before transferring to a public junior high school. Uniting the right In 1996, Levant worked with David Frum to organize the "Winds of Change" conference in Calgary, an early attempt to encourage the Reform Party of Canada


peace conference was an early attempt by the international community to start a peace process through negotiations involving Israel and the Palestinians, as well as Arab countries including Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. The Palestinian team, due to Israeli objections, was initially formally a part of a joint Palestinian-Jordanian delegation and consisted of Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza without open PLO associations.

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