not be mistaken for a namesake in the Wilaya of Bejaïa. The Arch of Ath Smaïl is located to the south west of the Wilaya of Tizi-Ouzou and is within close proximity to the Daïras of Boghni (driving distance from Bounouh is about 10.9 km through Thala Oulili and Amezaourou and under 9.6 km through Ighil Aanane and Amezaourou) and Draâ-El Mizan (driving distance from Bounouh is approximately 13 km) whereas the bird's flight distance from Bou-Nouh to Boghni is merely 5&nbsp

;km and this is testimony of the hilly landscape. Boghni to Draâ El Mizan driving distance is 15.4 km. It has become fashionable to change the spelling of ''Bou-Nouh'' to ''Bounouh''! There is also Ait Bounouh in Tiznit, Morocco. http: Ait Smaïl is a mountainous region and offers many beautiful landscapes. Thala Oulili is merely 400m above sea level whilst Helouane is at an altitude of more than 1200m. Again there is a namesake Helouane within

of the clan itself such as * Ichemounene: family Chemoun, * Chebaba: family Bouchebaba and others: Hadji, Hadj Larbi and Hamia, * Ibouhatène: family Bouha and others: Idir, Mokhtari, Semsar, and Souissi, * Ikaânanene: family Kaanan, * Awrir also known as Ibecharene: family Béchar and others: Akli, Amir, Hadj Ali, Lounas and Lounes, * etc. Driving from Boghni (36.542369,3.953723), heading to Ath Smaïl, and following the road of Ath Mendes and then the road of Frikat, one passes the following places


-styled business hotel. The building was formerly used as the branch office of an insurance company. *

Comfortable * Splurge *

name Horison Hotel url http: _dynasty email address Jl. Dr. Angka no.71 Purwokerto lat long directions about 5 minutes driving north of the downtown, near to the main road to Baturraden phone +62-281-634321 tollfree fax hours price Standard IDR 440,000, family IDR 660,000k checkin checkout content A three stars comfortable resort-hotel. Go next North * Baturaden is a resort area on the southern slope of '''Gunung Slamet


,the Goodyear Tyre Workshop and newly opened Indian restaurant Hega's Spice. The Podal Video Rental Service is located along the same row of shophouse of the Pasaraya Ku. There are local tailors and a brand new bundle shop located nearby the area. A newly opened stationery shop is located opposite the driving school office at the High Street. '''The major settlements in Gopeng are:''' ! !style "width:25px;" rowspan "2" ! - * Desa Lawan Kuda

Purnama is a mini business centre comprising small restaurants, computer workshop and a few smaller kiosks. It is located on the same foundation of the Old Gopeng wet market which was redeveloped in mid-1990s. The people of Gopeng now have a larger and proper wet market located at the edge of Jalan Tasik (High Street). Adilkap Sdn Bhd is located along Lorong Tasik (High Land), just next to the RHB Bank Gopeng, operating the JPJ driving license test compound as well as driving lessons

Tanjung Pinang

.. Driving Avoid drinking while driving. While in the old time, you might be stopped for drink driving and could "settle" your way through with $10-$20, the policeman might now charge you with bribing attempt instead. As a consequence, you might be jailed for up to 3 months and the officer would get a stipend for US$1,000. If you are stopped by police for any offence, just ask to write you up and pay the summon letter directly to the nearest bank. This would be a cheaper


Vasily Kosoy, who had proclaimed himself grand prince. They succeeded in driving Kosoy from Moscow and were rewarded with the towns of Uglich and Rzhev. The following year Shemyaka came to Moscow in order to invite Vasily II to his impending wedding with a princess of Yaroslavl, but was accused of siding with Kosoy and taken prisoner. Released several months later, he was sent by Vasily II to defend Belyov against a small army of the Kazan Khanate Kazan Khan

an industrial decline. In the other hand, the tourist industry of the town started to grow. Get in Uglich is located outside of major travel hubs and routes (and this makes this town more charming). The most suitable transit point for reaching the town is Moscow, having also the proximate airports; travel from Saint Petersburg is also possible. By car Going to Uglich by car is the most convenient travelling option, particularly if you are familiar with driving in Russia. Take

the '''M8''' highway from Moscow, turn to Sergiev Posad and continue with the regional '''P104''' road. The total driving distance from Moscow to Uglich is 240 km. Another option (especially for those who are visiting other Golden Ring destinations) is to take the '''M8''' highway to Rostov Veliky, turning there left to the '''P153''' road. Longer distance is compensated with a great monastery view at Borisoglebsky (18 km from Rostov Veliky). Continue driving

Bel Air, Los Angeles

&1a &1c Los+Angeles&1s CA&1z &panelbtn 1&2y US&2ffi &2l &2g &2pl &2v &2n &2pn &2a &2c Bel+Air&2s CA&2z title Driving Directions from Los Angeles, CA to Bel Air, CA publisher accessdate 2013-01-14 and includes some of the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. It lies across Sunset Boulevard from the northern edge of the main campus of the University of California, Los Angeles

of Los Angeles. It sits across from the University of California, Los Angeles campus at 10643 Sunset Boulevard. Police raided Eriksson's Bel Air (Bel Air, Los Angeles) home and on April 8, 2006. Eriksson, preparing to leave the US, was arrested on suspicion of embezzlement, grand theft auto (Motor vehicle theft), drunken driving (Driving under the influence), cocaine possession (Drug possession), and Concealed carry in the United States#Weapon possession weapons

charges stemming from a Magnum (44 Magnum) handgun encountered during the search. He initially faced up to 14 years in prison, which was later reduced in a plea bargain. In May, misdemeanor hit and run (Hit and run (vehicular)) and driving without a California license and insurance were added in relation to a Porsche Cayenne allegedly driven by Eriksson rear-ending an SUV near his Bel Air home on January 4.

Sherwood Park

of the largest industrial facilities in Western Canada, including Esso's Strathcona Refinery. Crime According to RCMP collected data in 2012, crime in Sherwood Park has been on the rise especially in domestic violence and impaired driving. Domestic violence reports rose by 32 percent; impaired driving went up 10 percent. Other facts released also pointed out that drug trafficking charges went up 55 percent, and sexual offenses went up by 20 percent. http

roads. Apart from driving ones own car there is also the possibility to use the transit system which will go right into Edmonton centre, the University or West Edmonton Mall. Get around See * The park is situated in the North Saskatchewan River valley, on both banks of the river, at an elevation of 625 m (2,051 ft) and has


the conversation. When entering Efrat, the driver will tell you where he's headed. When getting of, make sure you took your belonging, and thanked the driver once again. There is no need to pay him her. By car From Jerusalem Find out how to get to the Gilo intersection. From there, you will take road 60 south. Notice that people might be driving quite fast on this road, so stay alert. After about 5 minutes of driving straight, you'll notice the northern Entrance to Efrat on your left. If you


a good range of businesses, supermarkets, restaurants, mechanics - great for those traveling overland with their own 4x4 or cars, and wish to fill up with goods. Get in Erfoud is the port of entry to the '''Saharan dunes''' of Erg Chebbi, driving 13km asphalt + 26km desert tracks directly out of town passing the river or via Rissani and Merzouga. By car There are 2 main national roads coming in out of Erfoud. '''R702''' connecting Erfoud to Jorf, Tinejad, Tinghir

to Tangier: 665km * Erfoud to Casablanca: 750km * Erfoud to Rabat: 590km, 8h (driving only) By bus Buses run to Erfoud from the west (via Marrakesh, Ouarzazate, Boumalne, and Tinghir) and north (via Er Rachidia, Meknes, and Fez). From Marrakesh there is one daily Bus from Supratours company. Departures from Supratours main station at 8:30AM and arrives to Erfoud around 8PM. Ticket costs 175 Dirhams. This is the same bus that goes on to Rissani


for a whole car or USD30 for a motorbike with driver. 70 km; 2.5 hr. Hwy 78 has been completed and is now one of the best roads in Cambodia. Get around The best way to get around Ratanakiri Province is by motorcycle, either by renting one and then driving it yourself, or by hiring one of the ubiquitous motodop drivers hanging all around town. Be mindful that almost no one outside the town will speak English, so it may be a good idea to hire a guide to go with you to some

Balcony, formerly Lakeview Lodge, also has bikes for rent for USD1. * For '''motorbike rentals''', there is a shop on the highway just west of the roundabout, the '''Ratanak Hotel''', a shop near Tribal Hotel, or most guesthouses. Readily available are the smaller 125 cc semi-step through bikes for about USD5-7 day. These are the types that you will be seeing many Khmer driving. If you'd prefer a bigger bike, they can obtain a 250 cc bike for USD10 day. * You can also rent trucks or 4 x 4

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