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Boron, California

approaching the San Bernardino (San Bernardino County, California)–Kern (Kern County, California) county line and the beginning of the Boron bypass. Nauvoo Temple drawings thumb The newly-rebuilt Nauvoo Illinois Temple (File:New Nauvoo Temple.JPG)Weeks’ drawings of the Nauvoo Temple remained with his descendants, passing from Weeks to his daughter Caroline F. Weeks Griffin, who passed them to her son, Leslie Griffin. In 1948 two Mormon missionaries (Mormon missionary), Frank

Gifford and Vern Thacker, contacted Griffin while tracting door to door in Boron (Boron, California), California. Griffin and the two missionaries became friends, and, when Griffin learned that Thacker was returning to Salt Lake City, he gave him Weeks' drawings to donate to the LDS Church. Thacker did as Griffin requested, and Weeks’ original drawings proved invaluable in the later reconstruction of the Nauvoo Illinois Temple. Many large-calibre double rifles are still in everyday use

Virginia State Lottery

of Dollars is a drawing game currently available only in Virginia, offering a top prize of $250,000 per year in 30 annual installments ($7.5 million total) or a cash option of $4 million. Drawings are twice a week: on Monday and Thursday. Each play costs $2. Players choose six numbers from 1 through 47. Any ticket matching at least two numbers wins. Matching two numbers (on a Virginia-generated ticket) wins a $2 quick-pick Decades of Dollars ticket; three numbers wins $10, four numbers wins $100

and grow with each drawing in which there is no jackpot winner. Drawings are held Tuesdays and Fridays. Players select five numbers, 1 through 75, plus a Mega Ball number, 1 through 15. Players also

Virginia Lottery drawings are conducted under elaborate security protocols. The set of balls used for each drawing are randomly selected from a number of sets; and detailed records of "test" drawings are maintained to prevent systematic biases. ref


. His authorship of the sonnet on "Penitence", by which he is generally known, has been disputed, notably by Voltaire. * ''La Bretagne (Brittany)'', text, drawings and 40 additional lithographies hors by A. Robida, Paris, Librairie illustrée, ca. 1900, 336 p. * ''La Touraine'', text, drawings and lithography by A. Robida, Paris, La Librairie Illustrée, 336 p., 40 illustrations, undated 1892 . Tome II: Le Mans, Laval (Laval, Mayenne), Sablé, Angers, Saumur

, Thouars, Loudun, Chinon, Vendôme * ''Normandie'', text, drawings and lithographies by A. Robida, Paris, La Librairie illustrée, undated 1890 , 331 pages, 40 additional duotone illustrations. Tome II: Bayeux, Lisieux, Bernay, Honfleur, Le Havre, Fécamp, Dieppe (Dieppe (Seine-Maritime)), Eu (Eu (Seine-Maritime)), Rouen, Louviers, Évreux, Vernon (Vernon (Eure)). Reedition: Éd. de Crémille, Genève, 1994, 169 p. His Life and Work

Antigua Guatemala

the site in more detail. Del Rio's forces smashed through several walls to see what could be found, doing a fair amount of damage to the Palace, while Bernasconi made the first map of the site as well as drawing copies of a few of the bas-relief figures and sculptures. Draughtsman Luciano Castañeda made more drawings in 1807, and a book on Palenque, ''Descriptions of the Ruins of an Ancient City, discovered near Palenque'', was published in London in 1822 based on the reports of those

last two expeditions together with engravings based on Bernasconi and Castañedas drawings; two more publications in 1834 contained descriptions and drawings based on the same sources. * Province of Pisa, Italy The capital of Sacatepéquez is Antigua Guatemala. Other important cities include Ciudad Vieja. Meanwhile the people of Antigua

1 hr or more before your flight. Get around Antigua is very compact and easy to walk around. Most tourist destinations are in an 8 x 8 block area less than 1 km across. You can walk across it in 15 min. Be careful: the sidewalks are narrow and not always in good repair, you may have to walk in the street with traffic whizzing by you, and at night it's worth being cautious and aware of your surroundings. Standard tourist maps are linear in their drawings. They are accurate

Commander Islands

thumb right Detail from an early map by Great Northern Expedition Bering expedition (Image:Chitrow - Seekuh, Seebaer und Seeloewe (Ausschnitt aus einer Karte).jpg) member S. Khitrov of eastern Kamchatka, including the Commander Islands, with drawings of Steller's sea cow, the northern fur seal and the Steller sea lion. Due to the high productivity of the Bering Sea shelf and the Pacific slope and their remoteness from human influence, the Commander Islands are marked

Rocky Mountain House

were of such high quality and detail that they continued to be regarded as authoritative well into the mid-20th century. in fact, Thompson’s drawings of the upper portion of the Missouri River were incorporated into a map for the Lewis and Clark expedition that followed seven years later.thumb 400px David Thompson navigated the entire length of Columbia River in 1811. Map of Columbia and its tributaries showing modern political boundaries (Image:Columbiarivermap.png) Mountain men, primarily

Boyle Heights, Los Angeles

furniture. It was at the factory where he began creating sculptures from wood scraps. This led to him becoming a full-time artist by the early 1950s, and an involvement in the Beat Movement. He moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco in late 1957 where he mostly focused on his magazine ''Semina'', which consisted of poetry, photographs, texts, drawings and images assembled by Berman. In 1961 he came back to L.A., then moved to Topanga Canyon in 1965. He started creating his series


Faunæ Insubricæ'' (1786) thumb left 220px Sketch of the olm in ''Specimen Medicum, Exhibens Synopsin Reptilium Emendatam cum Experimentis circa Venena'' (1768) by Josephus Nicolaus Laurenti (Image:Proteus - Laurenti.jpg) The first researcher to retrieve a live olm was a physician and researcher from Idrija, G.A. Scopoli (Giovanni Antonio Scopoli); he sent dead specimens and drawings to colleagues and collectors. Josephus Nicolaus Laurenti, though, was the first to briefly


, 2004. Retrieved November 11, 2009. Economy thumb left Khasab Castle (File:Khasab Castle view.JPG) Access to the area by land was virtually impossible until a modern coast road was built, which allows fast access from the United Arab Emirates, making Khasab a popular weekend destination for people living in the Emirates. The new road also allows access to the village of Tawi, where prehistoric drawings of boats, animals and warriors can be seen in the rock face. ref


on the east coast. The nearest cities (stad (Sweden)) are Skellefteå, Luleå and Umeå on the east coast, each about 200 kilometers away. A skiing Sami people Sami (Image:Skigudinne.jpg) woman or a goddess. Olaus Magnus (1553) thumb 200px The first hints to the existence of skis are on 4500 to 5000 year old (26th century BC) rock drawings, e.g. at Rødøy in Norway (discovered 1933) or at Steinkjer (discovered 2001),

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