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Gila Bend, Arizona

it '''San Felipe y Santiago del Oyadaibuc''', near the modern town, and other Pima lived in three rancherias up river to the north mixed with the Cocomaricopa or Opa (Maricopa people). Kino's expedition counted 960 Opas living in their own rancherias down river to the west of Oyadaibuc as far as a few miles beyond Agua Caliente (Agua Caliente, Arizona). John P. Wilson, '''Peoples of the Middle Gila: A Documentary History of the Pimas and Maricopas, 1500's - 1945''', Researched and Written for the Gila River Indian Community, Sacaton, Arizona, 1999, pp.26-27 The Pima used the flood waters of the river to irrigate their crops. Oyadaibuc was also visited by Juan Bautista de Anza, commander of the Presidio at Tubac and founder of the city of San Francisco, and by Father Francisco Tomas Garces (Francisco Garcés) in 1774. From 1857, Gila Ranch was a stagecoach stop on the San Antonio-San Diego Mail Line and the later more famous Butterfield Overland Mail (Butterfield Overland Mail in New Mexico Territory#3rd Division) route to California located 17 miles from Murderer's Grave Station to the west and 40 miles east of Maricopa Wells Station (Maricopa, Arizona). Later other stage and freight routes and the railroad converged here. The nickname the "Crossroads of the Southwest" stems from the area having been part of an important transportation route in the settling, development and growth of the Great Southwest. Gila Bend was the "center of a wheel", with spokes leading in many directions throughout the region. A more recent event in the area was the October 1995 sabotage (1995 Palo Verde, Arizona derailment) of the Amtrak ''Sunset Limited'' train. ). The storm also washed out several roadways near Gila Bend (Gila Bend, Arizona), isolating the city from motorists. Overall, the storm caused $750,000 (1951 USD) in property damage. *July 1954: Three years later, the remnants of another hurricane moved over Arizona from the south during the month of July. Damage from this storm is unknown. '''Sonoran Desert National Monument''' is located south of Goodyear (Goodyear, Arizona) and Buckeye (Buckeye, Arizona) and east of Gila Bend, Arizona. Created by Presidential (U.S. President) proclamation on January 17, 2001, the 496,337 acre (2,008 km 2 ) monument is managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), an agency within the U.S. Department of the Interior. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management already managed the lands, however under monument status, the level of protection and preservation of resources is enhanced. Sonoran Desert National Monument protects but a small portion of the Sonoran Desert, which is 120,000 square miles (311,000 km 2 ), and extends well into California and the country of Mexico. The North Maricopa Mountains (North Maricopa Mountains Wilderness), South Maricopa Mountains (South Maricopa Mountains Wilderness) and the Table Top Wildernesses protect the richest regions of desert habitat from any future development. thumb left Spring wildflowers in SDNM (File:Sondes.jpg)

Kingdom of Laos

of Laos (born in 1938) is the son of Prince Khampeng Souvannaphouma. '''Prince Thayavong Savang''' (born April 17, 1964) is a surviving member of the now deposed royal family of the Kingdom of Laos. He was born at the Royal Palace, Luang Prabang, Laos. His father is Crown Prince Vong Savang

Kingdom of Naples

2009 publisher I. B. Tauris isbn 978-1-84511-881-5 * *

dp 0934977526 Baroque Naples: A Documentary History 1600–1800 location New York publisher Italica Press year 2000 isbn 9780934977524 oclc 43167960 *

British Hong Kong

Endacott title An Eastern Entrepot: A Collection of Documents Illustrating the History of Hong Kong publisher Her Majesty's Stationery Office year 1964 page 293 oclc 632495979 asin B0007J07G6 * : Carroll, John M. ''A Concise History of Hong Kong'' (2007) : Clayton, Adam. ''Hong


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Japanese occupation of Hong Kong

and dramas. Tung Wah hospital and the charitable organisation Po Leung Kuk continued to provide charity relief. Substantial donations were given by members of Chinese elite. Faure, David Faure. 1997 (1997). Society, a Documentary history of Hong Kong. Hong Kong University Press. ISBN 962-209-393-0, ISBN 978-962-209-393-5. p. 209. Po Leung Kuk also took in orphans. However faced with financial problems during the occupation, their bank deposits could not be withdrawn

Fort Erie, Ontario

, New York Black Rock and commissioned into the United States Navy. Elliott to Hamiliton, Oct. 9th, 1812 in Also present at Black Rock were the schooners ''Somers'' (USS Somers (1812)) and ''Ohio'' and the sloop-rigged ''Trippe'' (USS Trippe (1812)), which had all been purchased by the United States Navy and were being converted

Luang Prabang

%22on%20december%2012%2C%201981%22&f true '''Prince Thayavong Savang''' (born April 17, 1964) is a surviving member of the now deposed royal family of the Kingdom of Laos. He was born at the Royal Palace, Luang Prabang, Laos. His father is Crown Prince Vong Savang

Portland, Maine

: The Franco-American Siege of Savannah is lifted. thumb upright John Dickinson (delegate) John Dickinson (File:John Dickinson portrait.jpg) The Peace of Breda between England, France and the Netherlands confirmed the British conquest on July 21, 1667,

Farnham first Mary Frances; Compiler. title Farnham Papers (1603-1688). Volumes 7 and 8 of Documentary History of the State of Maine. year 1901-1902 publisher Collections of the Maine Historical Society, 2nd Series. location Portland (Portland, Maine), Maine isbn pages Vol. 7: 311, 314

Farnham Papers (1603-1688). Volumes 7 and 8 of Documentary History of the State of Maine. year 1901-1902 publisher Collections of the Maine Historical Society, 2nd Series. location Portland, Maine isbn pages Volume 7: Pages 311 and 314. nopp true

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

. 54. Walter B. Shurden and Randy Shepley (1996), ''Going for the jugular: a documentary history of the SBC holy war'', Mercer University Press, p. xix. who reorganised the seminary on conservative lines, as well as upgrading degree programs and introducing doctoral degrees. Patterson's years at the school were another season of growth. He took the same position at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2004, being replaced by Daniel L. Akin, the school's current president, SEBTS web site: About Dr. Akin who has taken a similar approach. 20 Lexington (Lexington, North Carolina) Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) Greensboro (Greensboro, North Carolina) High Point, North Carolina Now WCWG, a CW (The CW) affiliate owned by the New World TV Group background group_or_band origin Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, North Carolina), North Carolina, U.S. (United States) genre Hardcore (early work) (hardcore punk) Ambient (Ambient music) Alternative rock Experimental Rock Space-Rock '''Codeseven''' was formed in 1995 as a melodic hardcore band in Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, North Carolina), North Carolina. Their first "official" release (their actual first release was called ''Paper or Plastic'' 1996 , released through a small Winston-Salem-based label called Huel Records), ''A Sense of Coalition'' (1998) gained popularity on college radio stations for a cover of Don Henley's "The Boys of Summer (The Boys of Summer_(song)#Codeseven version)" (not to be confused with The Ataris' cover of the same song that became a mainstream radio hit years later). '''Champion''' is a manufacturer of clothing, specializing in sportswear (Sportswear (activewear)). The brand is a subsidiary of HanesBrands Inc. (based in Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, North Carolina), North Carolina), which was spun off (Spin out) by the Sara Lee Corporation (Sara Lee (corporation)). After a successful show opening for The Police, R.E.M. intended to record material for a demo tape. The group traveled to Drive-In Studios in Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, North Carolina), North Carolina, to record some songs with producer Mitch Easter, who was a member of the band Let's Active. The band recorded "Radio Free Europe", "Sitting Still", and the instrumental song "White Tornado", which were placed on a promotional cassette tape. The band sent out 400 copies, one of which was received by Athens law student Jonny Hibbert. Hibbert felt the recording was unsatisfactory, and oversaw a remix. Easter said he found the presence of Hibbert "distracting" and added, "He came into my studio and it was like, now the big city guy is going to do it right. We mixed the song for about 12 hours and really, there wasn't enough equipment to warrant more than 45 minutes." Buckley, p. 57 The final mastering of the song disappointed the band. Guitarist Peter Buck, who described the recording years later as "muddy and hi-end", expressed his displeasure by breaking a copy of the finished single and nailing to his wall. In contrast, Buck also admitted that "there's something to be said for the original sort of murky feeling for the original recording ". Buckley, p. 58 '''Madison Smith Hedgecock''' (born August 27, 1981, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina) is a former American football fullback (Fullback (American football)). He was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the seventh round of the 2005 NFL Draft. He played college football at North Carolina (North Carolina Tar Heels football). '''Wallburg''' is a town in Davidson County, North Carolina. It is incorporated, but was never recognized as a CDP (Census-designated place) by the US Census prior to its incorporation in 2004. It is largely along North North Carolina Highway 109, about 8 miles southeast of Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) and about 5 miles northwest of High Point, North Carolina, between the intersections with Gumtree Road and Shady Grove Church Road, at an elevation of 920 feet above sea level. Neighboring municipalities include Kernersville (Kernersville, North Carolina), Thomasville (Thomasville, North Carolina), High Point (High Point, NC) and Midway (Midway, North Carolina). Conrad Stadium was renamed on September 3, 1988 in honor of Kidd Brewer, one of the most successful head coaches in Appalachian football history and a colorful part of North Carolina history. Brewer, a Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) native, served as head football coach of the Mountaineers from 1935–38, compiling a 30–5–3 overall mark in his four seasons at the helm of the Apps. An All-American at Duke (Duke University), Brewer's 1937 squad was unbeaten and unscored upon in the regular season. During the analog era, WPDE's over-the-air signal barely covered the entire Florence Myrtle Beach (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina) market (media market) as typical with most UHF stations at the time. At one point, the North Carolina side of the market obtained a weaker signal from WPDE compared with Wilmington (Wilmington, North Carolina)'s WWAY and or WTVD from Durham (Durham, North Carolina). As of the digital transition, this station can now be regularly picked up in North Carolina because its digital signal is much stronger. In addition, the southern areas of Raleigh (Raleigh, North Carolina) and Greensboro (Greensboro, North Carolina) can pick up ABC from WPDE better than home affiliate WXLV (WXLV-TV) in Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, North Carolina). WTVD has more reception in that area as well due to its powerful digital signal on VHF channel 11. This station's reception area includes eastern areas of Charlotte (Charlotte, North Carolina) and the Columbia (Columbia, South Carolina) market. The latter city's ABC affiliate WOLO-TV can be picked up in the northern and western parts of the Wilmington DMA because WWAY's current digital signal does not make it past US 701 (US Route 701) too well. The '''Career Center''' is a high school located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It offers an extension to the regular high school program. Classes offered include Advanced Placement courses, career and technical education (Vocational education) (CTE) courses, as well as English and other classes too small to be held at the regular high schools in the Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools program, such as Japanese and Chinese. It also offers extended day classes, which are classes held after school that allow students to "make up" a failed class in order to graduate. It moved to a new facility in January of 2012, after a bond vote sold its previous facility to Forsyth Tech (Forsyth Technical Community College). In addition to Northerners, the job markets in North Carolina's three largest metropolitan regions — Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham and the Greensboro (Greensboro, North Carolina)-Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)-High Point (High Point, North Carolina) Piedmont Triad — have also attracted large and growing Latino (Hispanic and Latino Americans) and Asian American immigration and migration. A report released by the Brookings Institute in May 2006 entitled ''Diversity Spreads Out'', noted that the Charlotte metro area ranked second nationally with a 49.8% growth rate in its Hispanic population between 2000 and 2004. The Raleigh-Durham metro area followed in third place with a 46.7% rate of growth. , owner Carl Pohlad almost sold the Twins to North Carolina businessman Don Beaver, who would have moved the team to the Piedmont Triad (Greensboro (Greensboro, North Carolina) – Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) – High Point (High Point, North Carolina)) area. The defeat of a referendum for a stadium in North Carolina and a lack of interest in building a stadium for the Twins in Charlotte (Charlotte, North Carolina) killed the deal.

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