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Tenderloin, San Francisco

. title Banning parking on Tenderloin block drives trouble away url http: bayarea nevius article Banning-parking-on-Tenderloin-block-drives-5208612.php publisher San Francisco Chronicle accessdate 25 February 2014 date 6 February 2014 Social services The Tenderloin has been the home of Raphael House, the first provider in the city of shelter for homeless parents and children, since 1971. It is an ethnically diverse community, consisting of families, young people living in cheap apartments, downtown bohemian artists, and recent immigrants from Latin America and Southeast Asia. It is home to a large population of homeless, those living in extreme poverty, and numerous non-profit social service agencies, soup kitchens, religious rescue missions, homeless shelters and Single Room Occupancy hotels. Central City SRO Collaborative http: The Tenderloin Housing Clinic (THC) has offered important social services to the poor of this neighborhood for decades. According to its Director, Randy Shaw, the clinic's "mission is to prevent tenant displacement, preserve and expand the city’s low cost housing stock and to provide comprehensive legal assistance to low income tenants. The Clinic is successful in fulfilling this mission by providing free legal services, securing SRO units through the Master Lease program and offering comprehensive support services to our clients." The Care Through Touch Institute (CTI), located between Hyde and Leavenworth Streets, offers free seated massage therapy to clients in the Tenderloin community. The founder and director of CTI, Mary Ann Finch, began offering services here in 1997, after being inspired by her volunteer work with Mother Teresa in India. Today, CTI serves primarily low-income and homeless clients at sites such as the Gubbio Project at St. Boniface Church, Tenderloin Self-Help, Tom Waddell health clinic, MCSC, and Martin de Porres House of Hospitality. CTI also offers a 180-hour training in "Seated Massage Therapy, Social Consciousness, and Spiritual Practice" for people who are interested in volunteering with CTI. Religious institutions providing community services to the Tenderloin include Glide Memorial Church, which was reinvigorated by Cecil Williams in 1963, St. Anthony's (St. Anthony Dining Room), a program of the Franciscans and San Francisco City Impact founded by Pastor Roger Huang. These all provide meals and other social services to poor and homeless residents and others. Glide and the surrounding neighborhood provided much of the setting for the 2006 film ''The Pursuit of Happyness''. In 2008, The Salvation Army opened the Ray and Joan Kroc Community Center, a multipurpose center featuring a gym, swimming pool and fitness center among other amenities. The funding for this center was made possible by a 1.5 billion dollar bequest from Joan Kroc, the widow of McDonald's founder, Ray Kroc. Adjacent to the Kroc center is Railton Place, a 110 unit apartment complex run by the Salvation Army for former foster youth, homeless veterans, and adults recovering from addictions. Culture In recent years, residents have spearheaded a local arts revival. In 1987, residents and others from the Aarti Hotel on Leavenworth Street founded the 509 Cultural Center at 509 Ellis Street. After the 1989 earthquake damaged that facility, artists founded The Luggage Store at 1007 Market, at the intersection of 6th Street, Market, Taylor and Golden Gate Avenue. In 1989 the Tenderloin Reflection and Education Center (TREC) spun off from St Anthony foundation and operated a cultural center including dance, music, writing quilting, and other arts workshops in the St. Boniface Neighborhood Center. Artists and activists such as Eric Ehn from the Iowa Writing Workshop and Theatre Artaud; Miya Masoaka, a recording artist with Asian Improv Records; Lucy Jane Bledsoe, published novelist and writer for the East Bay Express; Pearl Ubungen, choreographer; Ben Clarke, Founding Editor of Freedom Voices; and Maketa Groves, poet and published author at Curbstone Press; and Tenderloin resident and Athabaskan poet Mary TallMountain offered numerous free workshops. TREC and its publishing project Freedom Voices continue to offer workshops on an occasional basis at the Public Library, Hospitality House, the Faithful Fools and other locations in the neighborhood. Tender Leaves, the Center's literary journal was published from 1987-2006. From 2006 to 2009, ''The Loin's Mouth'', conceived by its editor Rachel M., was a semi-quarterly publication about life in the Tenderloin and Tendernob areas. Since then, others have come about to fill the gap including the ''Tenderloin Reading Series'', which is a quarterly literary event in the neighborhood as well as The Tender, which is a local journal focusing on the events, food, and politics of the neighborhood. In 2006, Gray Area Foundation for the Arts was formed to produce, exhibit, and develop creativity with the most contemporary new media technologies. Initially located on Taylor Street in an San Francisco, California, United States type Nightclub

Watts, Los Angeles

. Theater Located on 107th Street, the Watts Village Theater Company is a multicultural urban company whose mission is to "inspire its community with an appreciation of all cultures." The company was started in 1996 and has been involved in helping the community with educational workshops ever since. The members strive to make a more understanding Watts whose citizens can harmoniously live together in a diverse community.

Alief, Houston

;!-- Basic info ---------------- name Alief official_name other_name native_name settlement_type Community of Houston, Texas total_type motto “The friendliest, most diverse community

, such as '''Alief (Alief, Houston)''', '''Fondren Southwest''', '''Meyerland (Meyerland, Houston, Texas)''', '''Sharpstown (Sharpstown, Houston, Texas)''' and '''Westbury (Westbury, Houston, Texas)'''. Alief is a large, ethnically diverse community which Houston began annexing in 1977. Fondren Southwest and Meyerland are centers of Houston's Jewish community. Sharpstown has large Hispanic and Asian American communities and was the first master-planned community in Houston

Parma, Ohio

has also increased. However, Cleveland City Council, with an eye on redevelopment and with the incentive of tax breaks, has lured an increasing number of suburbanites of all backgrounds back into the Ohio City area. This has led to a diverse community and melting pot. *''Sun Post'': Brooklyn (Brooklyn, Ohio), Independence (Independence, Ohio), Parma (Parma, Ohio), Parma Heights (Parma Heights, Ohio) and Seven Hills (Seven Hills, Ohio) '''Fawaz Mohammed Damrah''' (


to local history. A self-guided tour pamphlet enumerating all the murals is available at the Tourist Information Centre. '''Lake of the Woods Museum''' The Lake of the Woods Museum, located at 300 Main Street South, is one of the finest small museums in Canada. The Museum was established in 1964 and seeks to promote understanding of and respect for the cultures and heritage of the Lake of the Woods area, and to engage a diverse community in discovery and learning. Today, this well-established


for Zambians and tourists alike. Its central nature and fast growing infrastructure sector have increased donor confidence and as such Zambians are seeing signs of development in the form of job creation, housing, etc. Consequently, it is thought that with proper and effective economic reforms, Lusaka as well as Zambia as a whole will develop considerably. Lusaka is home to a diverse community of foreigners, many of whom work in the aid industry as well as diplomats, representatives of religious

West Palm Beach, Florida

; These settlers were a diverse community from different parts of the United States and the world. They included founding families such at the Potters and the Lainharts, who would go on to become leading members of the business community in the fledgling city. The first white settlers in Palm Beach County lived around Lake Worth, then an enclosed freshwater lake, named for Colonel William Jenkins Worth, who had fought in the Second Seminole War in Florida in 1842. Most settlers engaged


at Denbigh High School (Denbigh High School Luton), in Luton, Bedfordshire. Four out of the six parent governors were Muslims, the Chair of the Luton Council of Mosques was a community governor and three of the LEA governors were also Muslims. However the school also contained a significant number of pupils of other faiths and the school wished to be inclusive in serving the needs of this diverse community and regarded the school uniform as promoting a sense of communal identity. In addition

St. Louis

is in the midst of a dramatic revitalization that includes a significant number of historically rehabilitated brick, 19th Century structures; new businesses, such as Old North Grocery Co-op, Therapy Boutique, and La Mancha Coffeehouse; and a diverse community of residents, with a population that grew by 28% since 2000. The center of the neighborhood is at St. Louis Avenue & N. 14th Street, which is where the legendary Crown Candy Kitchen is located, along with the award-winning Crown Square

Trinidad and Tobago

'' news channel The annual Cambridge Carnival (Caribbean Carnival) International festival uses the Trinidad and Tobago model to bring together Cambridge’s diverse community for a spectacular annual costume parade and celebration. This year’s festival features five entertainment zones in Kendall Square: two live music stages, KidsFest zone, and two DJ zones. The Cambridge Carnival has come a long way since 1992 from a small street fair at University Park, to now one of the most spectacular events in the Greater Boston area. Cambridge Carnival is one of twenty-four North American Caribbean-style Carnivals that Carnival followers seek out. It is not only an event that the diverse Cambridge community can be proud of; it also recognized internationally and has attracted bus-loads of out-of-towners from as far a field as New England, Baltimore, New York, and Maine, as well as visitors from overseas. The event attracts more than 100,000 people. It is important not to confuse "Costus speciousus, C. spectabilis etc. with the herb known by the common name 'costus'. Some species are of importance to herbivores, such as caterpillars of the Restricted Demon (''Notocrypta curvifascia'') which feed on Crape Ginger (''C. speciosus''). The Crape Ginger is also a source of diosgenin, a compound used for the commercial production of various steroids, such as progesterone. In Trinidad and Tobago, a mix of ''Costus scaber'' juice and crushed ''Renealmia alpinia'' berries is used to treat dogs bitten by snakes (snakebite). '''Michael Ellis Fisher''' (born 3 September 1931 in Trinidad (Trinidad and Tobago)) is an English (English people) physicist, as well as chemist and mathematician, known for his many seminal contributions to statistical physics, including but not restricted to the theory of phase transitions and critical phenomena. '''Ispat International N.V.''' was a steel producing company with operations in Mexico, Trinidad (Trinidad and Tobago), Canada, Germany and the United States. The company is specialized in the integrated mini-mill process and has a wide range of flat & long steel products, including slabs & wire rods. Coppersmith graduated ''magna cum laude'' from Harvard, and then worked as a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. State Department, assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Port of Spain (Port of Spain, Trinidad), Trinidad and Tobago. He then earned a law degree from Yale Law School. After law school, he clerked for Judge William C. Canby, Jr., of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and served as an assistant to the Mayor of Phoenix (Phoenix, Arizona). commons:Trinidad and Tobago

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