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. The Taebaek Mountains stretch along the eastern edge of Korean Peninsula and run along the East Sea. Geologically isolated from most parts of the country, Gangneung was able to preserve its own distinct culture and to date it has a tendency of being politically and culturally more conservative. Understand Tourist office * WikiPedia:Gangneung Commons:Category:Gangneung, Gangwon-do


''kanzus''. Lamu Old Town was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2001, based on 3 criteria: * The architecture and urban structure of Lamu graphically demonstrate the cultural influences that have come together there over several hundred years from Europe, Arabia, and India, utilising traditional Swahili techniques to produce a distinct culture. * The growth and decline of the seaports on the East African coast and interaction between


working for the BBC wrote about Sulaymaniyah's distinct culture: "Culture is hugely important to the Kurdish people, especially in Sulaymaniyah, but there is a strong pull to the west--modernisation and consumerism--driven perhaps by the satellite televisions they have had access to since they started running their own affairs...And at the university, students mill around the campus, chattering with each other and doing some last-minute cramming for their exams. The war only stopped lectures


; Pula Pola (Pula) align center 162 Varna, Bulgaria, since 2010 During the 7th century BC, the beginning of the Iron Age, the Illyrians emerge as an ethnic group with a distinct culture and art form. Various Illyrian tribes appeared, under the influence

she lived in Copenhagen and again in Vienna. She was married to the journalist Ernst Molden and gave birth to two sons, the newspaper correspondent and editor, Fritz Molden, and a banker, Otto Molden. Bronze Age culture of Illyrians, ethnic group with distinct culture and art form started to organize itself in 7th century BC. Numerous monumental sculptures are preserved, as well as walls of citadel, ''Nezakcij'' near Pula, one of numerous Istrian cities from Iron

Superior, Wisconsin

. Their civilization was eventually overrun by other tribes, mainly of Muskhogean and Iroquois stock, and they disappeared as a distinct culture in late prehistoric American times. About the time of the European arrival, the Duluth–Superior region transitioned from being predominately Dakota (Sioux) to being predominately Ojibwa Chippewa (Ojibwa) (Anishinaabe), one of the many Algonquian language people. Under pressure from the Ojibwa, the Dakota moved west. In the Ojibwa oral history


retaining a distinct Culture of Brittany cultural

. Brittany has been inhabited by humans since the Lower Paleolithic. The first settlers were Neanderthals. This population was scarce and very similar to the other Neanderthals found in the whole of Western Europe. Their only original feature was a distinct culture, called "Colombanian".

. Because of its distinct culture and beautiful landscapes, Brittany has inspired many French artists since the 19th century. The Pont-Aven School, which started to emerge in the 1850s and lasted until the beginning of the 20th century, had a decisive influence on modern painting. The artists who settled in Pont-Aven wanted to break away from the Academic style (Academic art) of the École des Beaux-Arts and later from Impressionism when it began to decline. Among them were


;!-- Deleted image removed: thumb left A map representing the Rawalpindi Division. (File:rwpmap.jpg) -- Rawalpindi has been inhabited for thousands of years, it is believed that a distinct culture flourished on this plateau as far back as c. 1000 BC. The material remains found at the site prove the existence of a Buddhist establishment contemporary to Taxila and of a Vedic civilisation. The nearby town of Taxila has another significance; according to the Guinness Book of World Records it has the world's oldest university - Takshashila University. WikiPedia:Rawalpindi Dmoz:Regional Asia Pakistan Provinces Punjab Localities Rawalpindi commons:Rawalpindi


it takes four, Akoko North-East (Ikare), Akoko North-West, Akoko South-East and Akoko South-West. Adekunle Ajasin University, a state owned university, is located in Akungba-Akoko. A state specialist hospital is at Ikare Akoko (Ikare), while a general hospital is located in Oka-Akoko. '''Chōnindō''' (町人道) emerged as a way of life of the townspeople (''Chōnin'') during the Edo period of Japanese history (History of Japan). It was a distinct culture


and Hungarian (Hungarian language) '''Šokci''' ( ) are an ethnographic group of South Slavs who mainly identify as Croats. They are not considered a separate ethnicity in Croatia and elsewhere, while in Serbia they are. They have a distinct culture and tradition, differentiating them from other Croats. They live in various settlements along the Danube and Sava rivers in the historic regions of Slavonia


. On a lighter note, Chechnya is a country of extraordinary beauty, full of majestic mountains with lush vegetation and ''auls'' (mountaintop villages) rising above the tree lines; rapid rivers have cut spectacular gorges throughout the region. Chechen culture is distinctly romantic and chivalric. It is at once steeped in Islamic Sufi mysticism and in the macho codes of hardy mountain tribes. The Chechens have a distinct culture of Caucasian music and dance. The Chechens traditionally follow a strict code

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