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. The name means "home of the Bobo-Dioula"; while it was likely coined by French colonists to reflect the languages of the two major groups in the population, it does not capture the complex identity and ethnicity of the location. The local Bobo (Bobo language)-speaking population (related to the Mande (Mandé peoples)) refers to the city simply as ''Sia''. There are two distinct dialects spoken of Jula (Dioula language), based on the origins of different peoples who speak

is an important road junction connecting all of Southwestern Burkina Faso with the capital, Ouagadougou, via the N-1 roadway. Demographics thumb left Market Woman with child. (File:Grubs for Sale - Market Woman with Child - Bobo-Dioulasso - Burkina Faso.jpg) The original population of Bobo-Dioulasso consisted of a majority of farmers speaking the Bobo language. Associated with them were groups specializing in trade and warfare; they also speak Bobo, but identify as of distinct historical origin

or 200cfa. Try never to take a taxi out of a gare – better to walk a block and get someone who won’t try to milk you for a tourist. You are, however, at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to negoatiation if you are Caucasian, and lets be honest - if you can offord to get to Burkina Faso 500cfa is hardly bank breaking! Do '''Cine Sanyon''' – For movies – off of Ave. de la Republique See * '''Centre Culturel Francaise''' – You can always swing by to see what is going on in terms


to the south, Weifang to the east, Dongying to the northeast, and Binzhou the north. Located in the centre of Shandong, Zibo is an important transportation hub. Zibo governs 5 districts (Zhangdian, Zichuan, Boshan, Zhoucun and Linzi (Linzi District)) and each of these districts has a distinct downtown area of their own. The T-shaped city has a total area of , including the counties of Huantai, Gaoqing, and Yiyuan. Zibo's total

-humid and semi-dry continental climate. Zibo Travel Guide, the "travelchinaguide"website. Like other major cities in North China, Zibo has four distinct seasons. January and July are respectively the coldest and hottest month during a year. Zibo enjoy 180 to 220 frost-free days and average annual Hours of Sunshine is 2542.6 to 2832.6 hours. Annual average precipitation of Zibo

Jinan and Weifeng had a mild mandarin accent which is somewhere between Beijing, Jinan, Qingdao and Zichuan accents. Boshan has its own accent which is derived as it is the traditional center of the Zibo prefecture. Zichuan district again has its own distinct accent with many colloquialisms. Cuisine Traditional Zibo cuisine is part of Shandong Cuisine although Zibo cuisine is, in fact, not a real branch of the Lu Cuisine (Shandong cuisine), whilst Boshan Cuisine is. Boshan cuisine


population in Niger includes the '''Manga''' or '''Mangari''' subgroup, numbering some 100,000 (1997) in the area east of Zinder, who regard themselves as distinct from the '''Beri Beri'''. Around 40,000 (1998) members of the '''Tumari''' subgroup, sometimes called Kanembu in Niger, are a distinct Kanuri subgroup living in the N'guigmi area, and are distinct from the Chadian Kanembu people.


friars until it was sold to the Pascual family during the early days of the American regime and developed into a residential estate. San Jose de Navotas was the name given to the locality after its patron saint, Saint Joseph. On June 11, 1859, a "''Superior Decreto''" established a new parish and municipality under the supervision of Friar Matias Navoa. The populace was divided into two distinct groups, the ''naturales'' (locals) and the ''mestizos''. Mariano Estrellas

for economic and centralization purposes. Bernardo Dagala of Navotas fought for the separation of Navotas from Malabon, finally, Navotas gained full independence as a distinct municipality through the enforcement of the Philippine Commission Act No. 142 lasts January 16, 1906. On November 1975, in the exercise of emergency power during martial law of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, Presidential Decree No. 824 created the Metropolitan Manila Commission, which placed Navotas together

to the separation of Navotas from Malabon in 1859 and the organization thereof as a distinct municipality or “pueblo” with its own government and church, this town was headed by the governadorcillos who exercised executive and judicial functions. However, as this locality was composed of two groups the naturales and the mestizos, each of which had its own governadorcillo appointed by the governor-general who was the supreme authority in all local matters, since the inhabitants did not allow choosing

Espanola, Ontario

, even those at the far western end of Manitoulin. Politically, however, the district and the city are considered two distinct census divisions and two distinct jurisdictions for provincial government services. The district's social services board — which has offices in the district seat of Espanola (Espanola, Ontario), as well as satellite offices in several other communities in the district — instead shares its jurisdictional area with the neighbouring Manitoulin District, whereas


the customary law regulating succession to the title of Obuzor of Igbuzo. Professor Nwaoboshi's appointment as the traditional Ruler of Igbuzo town in Delta state was consequently confirmed by the Supreme court ruling 5 Though this has come to split the town, producing two separate camps with almost two distinct cultural differences and beliefs with each camp trying to champion, validate and make imposition of its course on the other. The members of these two distinct groups


, pp.87-98 S. Levy, EDNA n°1 (1996), Reperes pour une histoire linguistique du Maroc, pp.127-137 a particular ''citadin'' variant of non-Hilalian (Banu Hilal) Arabic which is distinct from Jebli Arabic. Dominique Caubet, Questionnaire de dialectologie du Maghreb Jordi Aguadé, Patrice Cressier, Ángeles Vicente : ''Peuplement et arabisation au Maghreb occidental'', Casa de

offers a unique perspective on the multicultural history of northern Morocco and, because of it's relatively small size, it offers visitors a chance to explore without getting hopelessly lost. There are three distinct sections of the Medina, the Andalusian, the Jewish, and the Berber sections, though the untrained eye might have trouble distinguishing between the three. Be sure to hire a guide and you'll enjoy the medina that much more. * '''Mohammed V Ave'''. A pedestrian only road


distinct commercial district. In the early 1980s, Atkins Park restaurant was renovated. Meanwhile, Stuart Meddin bought and renovated the 1925 commercial block at North Highland and Virginia. In 1988, the turn-of-the-century trolley barns on on Virginia Avenue on the east side of the BeltLine (today's Virginia Highland Apartments) were torn down despite the City Council and VHCA's attempts to save them. Although previously assuring local residents that he favored saving

-Highland remains one of the most architecturally historic, distinct and vibrant neighborhoods in Atlanta. Residents, through the VHCA, succeeded in getting the city council to pass zoning legislation prescribing development that fits the scale of the streets, rolling back loose zoning ordinances passed in the 1960s.

for the upper middle class. Each of these neighborhoods are unique, containing separate commercial villages surrounded by leafy, architecturally distinct residential streets. East side neighborhoods include Victorian (Victorian architecture) Inman Park and Grant Park (Grant Park (Atlanta)), craftsman (American Craftsman) Virginia-Highland and Kirkwood (Kirkwood (Atlanta)), and Bohemian (Bohemianism) Candler Park and East Atlanta.


km mi ) made it common for the inhabitants of the city of Lima to travel to this area continually. The weather is divided into three distinct seasons - the rainy season from November to April, winter from May to July and the dry sunny season, with strong winds from August to October. thumb right Hospital Domingo Olavegoya, Jauja (File:Jauja Hospital1.jpg) Culture Today, Jauja is a city whose main activity is in the retail trade of agricultural products produced in the Mantaro Valley

Jaujina, in 1980 in the town of Jauja. Kuyayky's original members are the Hurtado Bonilla siblings: Rubi Indira in guitar and first voice, Jose Luis in the mandolin and fourth voice, Yina in the charango and second voice, Mariluz in the quena, sikus, cajón and third voice, and Candy in the bombo leguero and first voice. They have been known to collaborate with different musicians in distinct musical genres. * '''SPJI''' (JJI) – Juanjuí Airport – Juanjuí

County of Foix

to Couserans that the ''préfecture'' would alternate between Foix, Pamiers, and Saint-Girons, but eventually the promise was betrayed and Foix became the only ''préfecture'' of Ariège. What's more, Pamiers replaced Saint-Lizier as the seat of the Roman Catholic diocese (bishopric). Despite being united inside a single ''département'', the Gascon (Gascony) Couserans and the Occitan County of Foix have always ignored each other, and still remain quite distinct. Modern times In 1789

'', the Gascon (Gascony) Couserans and the Occitan County of Foix have always ignored each other, and still remain quite distinct. Eventually, the maneuvering of Gaston de Lyon alerted higher authorities. Gaston de Lyon then sent his private doctor to Isabelle, and this one saw to it that she would not live long enough to embarrass his master. In August 1476, the paralyzed and forlorn Isabelle of Armagnac, who in her youth had been promised to the king of England, died in horrible pain after drinking

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