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Oak Bay, British Columbia

; Design work The Olmsted Brothers completed numerous high-profile projects, many of which remain popular to this day, including park systems, universities, exposition grounds, libraries, hospitals, residential neighborhoods and state capitols. Notable commissions include the roadways in the Great Smoky Mountains and Acadia National Parks, Yosemite Valley, Atlanta's Piedmont Park, a residential neighborhood in Oak Bay (Oak Bay, British Columbia), British Columbia


, there is a Gothic (Gothic architecture) rose window and below this is a main portal with subtle design work. The rose window stands out most. It is a circular stone which was cut in a floral like pattern to let in light, surrounded by a frame with elaborate ornamentation. It is one of very few rose windows in Mexico from this time period. While the overall style of the window is Plateresque Gothic, it was fashioned by indigenous hands. It contains indigenous

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

Turnpike Commission (PTC) under Act 61 legislation in 1985. While PennDOT assessed preliminary engineering and right-of-way options in the 1970s and early 1980s, the PTC accelerated design work and began unveiling detailed plans in earnest by the late 1980s. Funding appropriated through the PTC allowed construction to resume in 1988, and on October 12, 1990, the entire stretch from U.S. Route 40

Washington State Department of Transportation

November 3, 2010 while the tunnel through Naches Pass has been codified in state law since 1959. (US&

the ''Martha S.'' is over seventy years old, the United States Coast Guard requires that the ferry undergo a full drydock inspection every five years. As of 2009, WSDOT is $5.5 million US$ short of being able to replace the ferry. Design work has already been completed, but the ferry is not expected to be replaced yet.

Bend, Oregon

of design work has been done by Greg Cole of Windward Performance to show that a sailplane for 90,000 feet is relatively straightforward, while 100,000 feet is possible, although more difficult and expensive. Windward Performance will build the sailplane of high performance pre-preg in production-quality tooling. The sailplane requires relatively high-end design, analysis, and construction, to be flutter-safe at very high true air speeds, and strong enough for the potentially heavy

Windsor, Ontario

for co-starring as Loretta King Hadler in Tim Burton's ''Ed Wood (Ed Wood (film)). Allward's true talent lay in his heroic monuments. These included the design work for the ''Boer War Memorial Fountain'' in Windsor (Windsor, Ontario), Ontario (1906), the ''South African War Memorial (South African War Memorial (Toronto))'' in Toronto (1910), The Baldwin-Lafontaine Monument on Parliament Hill in Ottawa (1914) and the Bell Memorial (Bell Telephone Memorial) commemorating Alexander Graham Bell's invention of telephone in Brantford, Ontario (1917). Allward had also completed design work on a memorial to King Edward VII (Edward VII of the United Kingdom) but the onset of the World War I (First World War) prevented its completion. The figures of ''Veritas'' (Truth) and ''Justicia'' (Justice) were cast in bronze for the memorial. They were found in their crates in 1969 buried under a parking lot, and in 1970 were installed outside the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa. '''Patrick Michael Boutette''' (born March 1, 1952 in Windsor (Windsor, Ontario), Ontario) is a retired Canadian (Canada) professional ice hockey centre (centre (ice hockey)). DATE OF BIRTH March 1, 1952 PLACE OF BIRTH Windsor (Windsor, Ontario), ON (Ontario), CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH The temple serves church members in the lower peninsula of Michigan, north-west Ohio and the London Ontario Stake, which as well as London includes the border towns of Sarnia and Windsor (Windsor, Ontario) in Ontario. Sault St. Marie, Michigan and the eastern third of the Upper Peninsula is also in the Temple district. South-west Michigan around Benton Harbor, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek and Niles is currently assigned to the Chicago Illinois Temple. He was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1789. He came to Canada as a member of the British Army in 1814 and later settled at Sandwich (Windsor (Windsor, Ontario)). He was named judge in the Surrogate Court for the Western District (Western District, Ontario) in 1836. He represented Essex (Essex County, Ontario) in the 9th (9th Parliament of Upper Canada), 10th (10th Parliament of Upper Canada) and 12th parliament (12th Parliament of Upper Canada)s. Smoggy air is expected to move into the Toronto-area on Tuesday from the Windsor (w:Windsor, Ontario) to London (w:London, Ontario) corridor, where a smog alert was also in place on Monday. 22-year-old Jesse Imeson, a native of the Windsor (w:Windsor, Ontario), Ontario area, is already wanted for the first-degree murder of Carlos Rivera, 26, a bartender at a gay strip club in Windsor, last week. Now Ontario Provincial Police (w:Ontario Provincial Police) are issuing a Canada-wide warrant for him in connection of the slaying of an elderly couple in their rural home near Grand Bend (w:Grand Bend), on the shore of Lake Huron (w:Lake Huron).


Wales , Australia. The C set carriages were built in 1986-87 by A Goninan & Co. (United Group Rail), and were ordered due to delays in the design work of the Tangara (CityRail T & G sets) project. The carriage design is based on the K sets (CityRail K set). The C set is a stainless steel double deck train which operates on CityRail's suburban routes. These were the first suburban trains in the CityRail fleet to be fitted with chopper (Pulse-width modulation) control (hence the 'C' set designation), which gives the train smoother acceleration. Gate turn-off thyristors (Thyristor) were used to control power to the traction motors, hence allowing for smoother acceleration. Following the success of the implementation of chopper control, these features were later installed on the Tangara (CityRail T & G sets) and later V set (CityRail V set) cars. These were the first cars to have an electronic destination display board, replacing the old red-and-white line lights. The '''K set''' is a class of electric multiple unit operated by CityRail in Sydney & Newcastle (Newcastle, New South Wales), New South Wales, Australia. Like the L, R & S sets, the K set is a stainless steel double deck train. The "K" set introduced many new features to the suburban fleet prior to the introduction of the Tangara (CityRail T & G sets) such as air conditioning and headlights. To accommodate the air conditioning and associated equipment, the pantograph (pantograph (rail)) had to be shifted to the adjacent trailer car to which the motor car is semi-permanently coupled and high voltage cables ran between the two cars. The motor cars have four four phase Mitsubishi 150 kW motors (as per R and S Sets (L, R & S set (CityRail))), knuckle couplers and a maximum speed of 115 km h. All carriages were constructed by A Goninan & Co. (United Group Rail). '''Caringbah''' is a CityRail railway station, located on the Cronulla (Cronulla, New South Wales) branch of Sydney's Illawara line (Illawarra railway line). Located in the Sydney suburb of Caringbah (Caringbah, New South Wales) it serves a residential and commercial area. '''Narwee''' is a railway station on the Airport and East Hills Line (East Hills railway line) of the CityRail network. Located in the Sydney suburb of Narwee (Narwee, New South Wales), it serves a residential area. '''Beverly Hills''' railway station is a CityRail station (Railway station) on the East Hills (Airport and East Hills railway line) railway line in Sydney. It serves the suburb of Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills, New South Wales). It has an island platform. East of the station, the four track section to Wolli Creek junction begins. By 2010, it is proposed that 4 tracks will pass through Beverly Hills as a result of quadruplication between Kingsgrove (Kingsgrove railway station) and Revesby (Revesby railway station) as part of the Clearways Project (CityRail Clearways Project). '''North Warnervale''' is a proposed all stops station on the Newcastle and Central Coast (Newcastle and Central Coast railway line, New South Wales) intercity line of the CityRail network in New South Wales, Australia. It will serve the new town centre of Northern Warnervale (Warnervale, New South Wales) (Woongarrah (Woongarrah, New South Wales)). The plans were put forward to council in March 2006 but no construction has begun as yet. The notable information from the above nominated pages are in the CityRail article, thus all pages are redundant. So '''Delete All''' --Arnzy (User:Arnzy) (Talk (User talk:Arnzy)) 02:00, 25 April 2006 (UTC) *'''Delete''' as per nom. redundant duplication.Bridesmill (User:Bridesmill) 02:57, 25 April 2006 (UTC) *'''Comment''' - With great respect to everyone, I wish Americans and Canadians would keep out of debates like this. I don't think you guys know much about CityRail (if you do I am very sorry), but I wouldn't just jump on US and Canadian votes and randomly vote for their deletion for reasons that I may not know anything about. Anyway, the train types which the Sectors determine are listed on CityRail's webpage and the sectors are not obscure as people have suggested. However, I will agree that the five articles don't warrant their own page each - one page will suffice when the CityRail article is improved and that information doesn't need to be on the front page. I have merged all the information in the articles onto the front page so you are now welcome to delete them. ::That's a '''Delete all''' from me. (JROBBO (User:JROBBO) 13:17, 25 April 2006 (UTC)) Design origins The VLocity is an evolution Rail Technical Society of Australasia, South Australian Branch, July 2007 Newsletter, page 6, http: assets 2008 03 rtsa-sa-nl-jul-2007.pdf, accessed 8th February 2011 of the Xplorer (CountryLink Xplorer) Endeavour (CityRail Endeavour railcar) railcars built by ABB Transportation (now Bombardier Transportation) for CountryLink and CityRail, respectively, in New South Wales, themselves being derivatives of Transwa Australind railcars. National Express Group specified the NSW design as part of its bid to operate V Line under the public transport privatisation scheme of the Kennett (Jeff Kennett) government in the late 1990s. The train was originally known as a '''V Locity''' (with the slash character). * GG20B (Railpower GG20B) ''Green Goat'' hybrid shunting locomotive with Railpower Technologies. * CityRail Tangara (CityRail T and G sets) EMU * CityRail Hunter Railcar (CityRail Hunter railcar) DMU * CityRail Tangara (CityRail T and G sets) EMU * CityRail Hunter Railcar (CityRail Hunter railcar) DMU

United States Department of War

that a lot of design work had already been done by Lieutenant John G. Rackam, mainly influenced by the dismal conditions then encountered at the battlefield in Flanders. Formation Major General Lucian Truscott, U.S. Army (United States Army), in liaison with the British General Staff, submitted proposals to General George Marshall that ''"we undertake immediately an American unit along the lines of the British Commandos"'' in 1942. A subsequent cable from

Evansville, Indiana

of track from CSX to form a new Class III railroad. The new railroad, the Evansville Western Railway (EVWR), will operate as a subsidiary to PAL over the leased track between Evansville, Indiana, and Okawville, Illinois, which includes part of CSX's Mount Vernon Branch. PAL has secured a 20 year lease on the track with an option for a five-year extension for an undisclosed sum. (Evansville Courier) (STB) :* United States – The ''Flying Yankee'' trainset, one of the earliest streamliners built in 1935 by General Motors Electro-Motive Division for the Boston and Maine Railroad soon after the Burlington (Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad)'s ''Pioneer Zephyr'', is moved from its display location to Lincoln, New Hampshire. The train has already had a cosmetic restoration, now it will undergo a mechanical restoration so it can travel under its own power again. (NH Union Leader) Born in Henderson, Kentucky, Allison was partially deaf from an early age and became a voracious reader. By the age of fifteen he was working as an editor for the Henderson ''News''; in 1873, he moved to Evansville, Indiana, where he continued as a newspaper editor. The quality of his reporting caught the attention of the managing editor of the Louisville ''Courier-Journal'', and in 1880, Allison was taken on as city editor. In 1887 he founded

Toledo, Spain

its peak with the construction of the Alhambra, the magnificent palace fortress of Granada, with its open and breezy interior spaces adorned in red, blue, and gold. The walls are decorated with stylized foliage motifs, Arabic (Arabic language) inscriptions, and arabesque (Arabesque (Islamic art)) design work, with walls covered in glazed tile. There other, smaller, survivals such as the Bab Mardum in Toledo (Toledo, Spain), or the caliphal city of Medina Azahara. Moorish

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