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Parry Sound, Ontario

to the Second NHL All-Star Team. When asked about Orr's NHL debut game, October 19, 1966, against the Detroit Red Wings, then-Bruins coach Harry Sinden recalled: birth_date birth_place Parry Sound (Parry Sound, Ontario), ON (Ontario), CAN (Canada) career_start 1966 Early life Orr was born in the town of Parry Sound (Parry Sound, Ontario) located on the shores of Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada. His grandfather


Zaire (now DR Congo) height Description The missile reportedly is the Chinese version of 9K310 (SA-16 Gimlet) Igla-1 missile (9K38 Igla#Igla-1) systems incorporating some features of FIM-92 Stinger. According to many domestic Chinese media sources and some sources outside China, Chinese obtained the Soviet samples via Zaire from UNITA captured 9K310 (SA-16) Igla-1 missile (9K38 Igla#Igla-1) from Angola governmental forces. The missile is operated by a two man team. Once a target is visually detected the assistant selects the launch site and removes end caps from the front and back of the launcher. The gunner then partially depresses the trigger, which activates the electronic battery and opens the coolant bottle, cooling the seeker to operating temperature. According to interim Rwandan Prime Minister Jean Kambanda's confession to the ICTR, President Mobutu Sese Seko of neighboring Zaire, (now DRC) had warned Juvenal Habyarimana not to go to Dar-es-Salaam on April 6, the day before his assassination. Mobutu said this warning had come from a very senior official in the Elysée Palace in Paris. There was a link between this warning, said Mobutu, and the subsequent suicide in the Elysée of de Grossouvre. Melvern, Linda: "Expert Refutes Bruguière Claims that RPF Shot Down Rwandan President's Aircraft in 1994." ''The New Times.'' November 27, 2006. In May 1978, a force of ''gendarmes katangais'' entered the Katanga (Katanga Province) province of Zaire from Angola and occupied the mining town of Kolwezi. They began to loot the town and kill government soldiers and civilians (including several Belgian and French employees of a mining company). At the request of the government of Zaire, 2 REP was airlifted to Kinshasa and dropped on Kolwezi. The operation was a success and the town was quickly recaptured with minor casualties in the ranks of the paratroopers. Some 120 civilian hostages died in the occupation. Coaching career Otto Pfister has been involved in Association football for almost 60 years, he began his coaching career in Switzerland as player-coach in 1961 at the age of just 23. Pfister's early coaching experience was gained with FC Vaduz, FC St. Gallen, FC Nordstern Basel, FC Moutier and finally FC Chur 97. http: players trainers-zwit-clubs.html He has worked as Head Coach for 10 International football teams, eight from Africa and two from Asia. In June 1972, at the age of 34, Pfister retired from his playing days and left Switzerland for Africa, taking the reins as the Head Coach of Rwanda. Pfister would stay in Africa for 23 years until 1995 working as the Head Coach for five other African Nations. Upper Volta (Republic of Upper Volta) (now Burkina Faso (Burkina Faso national football team)), Senegal (Senegal national football team), Cote d'Ivoire (Cote d'Ivoire national football team), Zaire (now DR Congo (Congo DR national football team)) and Ghana (Ghana national football team). In 1995, Pfister worked inside the Asian Football Confederation (AFC (Asian Football Confederation)) as the Head Coach of Bangladesh National Team (Bangladesh national football team) and also Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia national football team) from 1997 - 1999. Pfister returned to club football over the following six years with Egyptian team Zamalek (Zamalek SC), Tunisian club CS Sfaxien, Lebanese club Nejmeh and Egyptian club Al-Masry (Al-Masry Club). Pfister was selected as the head coach of Togo (Togo national football team) on February 18, 2006, after former coach Stephen Keshi was dismissed from the post despite having secured qualification for their first World Cup Finals (FIFA World Cup). TOGO-COACH OTTO PFISTER: "Lege keinen großen Wert auf Disziplin" Pfister himself resigned shortly before the team's first match in the tournament, after his players went on strike against the federation over a pay dispute, but he was reappointed three days later after demands from the players. Pfister was appointed Manager of Sudanese club Al-Merreikh on September 8, 2006 and would later leave this position on October 26, 2007. The following day Pfister would sign a contract as the Head Coach of Cameroon (Cameroon national football team) taking him through until 2010. As of March 24, 2011, Pfister was unveiled as head coach of Trinidad and Tobago (Trinidad and Tobago national football team) http: en news 1937 americas 2011 03 24 2409499 otto-pfister-appointed-coach-of-trinidad-tobago


s Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen (Bremen (state)). It is named after the Saar River (Saar (river)). In 1994 Dinzey began his professional career with the Fußball-Bundesliga, playing for VfB Stuttgart. His debut game in the Bundesliga's 1994-95 season (1994–95 Fußball-Bundesliga), the first of 14 he played that year, was on August 2 — an away match against 1860 Munich (TSV 1860 München). In the 1995-96 season (1995–96 Fußball-Bundesliga), with the prospect of becoming a regular starter, he moved to the FC St. Pauli in Hamburg. Hans-Günter Klemm, ''Freudenfest im Freudenhaus'', in ''Kicker (Kicker (sports magazine))'' sports magazine, Bundesliga 1995 96 special issue, p. 60. After playing in 31 games and having scored five goals for Hamburg, Dinzey was drafted to play for Zaire's national team (Congo DR national football team). After the season he returned to the Bundesliga, signing for Hertha Berlin (Hertha BSC), where for two years he was a regular starter and significantly contributed to the team's success. In 1998 he accepted a 1.3-million-Deutschmark (Deutsche Mark) contract to play for the Munich 1860 (TSV 1860 München) team as Horst Heldt's substitute. Martin Messerer, ''Aufschwung nach dem Abschwung'' ("Upswing after upswing"), in ''Kicker (Kicker (sports magazine))'', Bundesliga 1998 99 special issue, p. 64. In April 1941, volunteers began arriving in Hamburg. They were quickly processed and signed up for service in the ''Nordwest''. Flemish volunteers were assigned to the 1st, 6th and 8th companies. The recruits went through basic training, and were sent to Radom and Dębica in occupied Poland for further training. foundation 1798 location Ferdinandstraße 75 Hamburg, Germany key_people Dr. Christian Olearius, Spokesman Max Warburg Hans-Detlef Bösel Harald Boberg '''M. M. Warburg & Co.''' KGaA (Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien) is a large German private investment bank in Hamburg, Germany. It is a family-owned bank, and it was founded in 1798 by the brothers Moses Marcus (Moses Marcus Warburg) and Gerson Warburg, two members of the Warburg family, who continue to own the bank to this day. The bank's headquarters are located at Ferdinandstraße 75 in Hamburg, with additional offices in Frankfurt, Cologne, Stuttgart and 10 other major cities in Germany. The bank also maintains several offices in Zurich and Luxembourg. thumb Max Warburg, 1904 (Image:Max Warburg 1905.jpg) '''Max M. Warburg (Warburg family)''' (5 June 1867 – 26 December 1946) was a German banker. He was a scion of the illustrious Warburg family of Altona. From 1910 until 1938, he was director of M. M. Warburg & Co. in Hamburg, Germany. Prior to his directing of the Warburg banking company, he developed apprenticeships in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, and London. As head of that firm, he advised Kaiser Wilhelm II prior to World War I. birth_date Commons:Category:Hamburg Wikipedia:Hamburg Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Hamburg


; and elected to the RACS Members' Council in 1968. ''Sid French: Reminiscences'' -- NCPB, London 1988. At Brøndby, Laudrup scored two goals in the club's 1st Division debut game, as fellow promoted team Boldklubben 1909 were beaten 7–1. Laudrup scored 15 league goals in 1982, and ended the season as the third top goal scorer of the 1st Division. His accomplishments earned him the 1982 Danish Player of the Year award. He played part of the 1983 season for Brøndby

Cup 1986 World Cup mistimed backpass to Spanish (Spain) forward Emilio Butragueño, as Grønkjær passed the ball to Italian (Italy) forward Filippo Inzaghi who promptly scored the first goal in Italy's 2–1 victory. Despite the disappointing debut game, Grønkjær became an important part of the national


freightnews article.asp?id 8061 title NYC economic development agency seeks operator to re-establish service on Staten Island Railroad date January 21, 2005 accessdate 2009-02-24 Martinez was traded to the Los Angeles Galaxy, scoring a goal in his debut game. Martinez spent the first half 2004 with Spain's Salamanca (Union Deportiva Salamanca) where he became the first Mexican to play for the club in its eighty-five year history.


against Celta de Vigo, a debut game for then newly appointed coach Luis Fernández. Ligament damage sustained in a game against RCD Mallorca meant Sóbis missed a month of La Liga action. Sóbis major contribution to the 2006–2007 (La Liga 2006-07) season was his dramatic late equaliser against Barcelona (FC Barcelona) at the Camp Nou, assisted by fellow Brazilian Marcos Assunção. The '''Social Democratic Party''' (


This drove Anders to leave Germany for the United States, where in 1989, Anders released his first solo album ''Different (Different (Thomas Anders album))'' with more pop style rather than dance, which he produced together with Elton John's producer Gus Dudgeon and a-ha's producer Alan Tarney (Tarney-Spencer Band). The first single "Love of My Own" released in the same year is considered the biggest success of his solo career at that time. The second album ''Whispers (Whispers (album))'' was released in 1991, three singles were released off Anders' second solo album "The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye" written by Roxette member Per Gessle, "I Can't Give You Anything (But My Love)" and "True Love". In 1992, Anders released his third album ''Down on Sunset'', the singles "How Deep Is Your Love" and "Standing Alone" (Duet with Glenn Medeiros) found some success both in Germany and Austria. Anders released his fourth solo album '' When Will I See You

, John Calvin was the champion of the Reformation in Switzerland, Holland and northern Europe. It is John Calvin's understanding of the Bible, as spelled out in his Institutes of the Christian Religion, that forms the doctrinal basis of the various reformed churches. The debut game of BI, published (video game publisher) by Codemasters, immediately became the top


mandated that the cars were fitted with Mazda Wankel engines. The debut game of BI, published (video game publisher) by Codemasters, immediately became the top selling game in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Czech Republic and other countries. After this success BI prepared a special US (United States) version of the game which launched in September 2001 and it also became one of the best selling games in the USA. '''Stirling Austin Mortlock


) was a French (France) Navy officer. The debut game of BI, published (video game publisher) by Codemasters, immediately became the top selling game in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Czech Republic and other countries. After this success BI prepared a special US (United States) version of the game which launched in September 2001 and it also became one of the best selling games in the USA. In the spring of 1974 2 Plus 1 visited United States

United States

Joseph Tiernan''' (January 21, 1867 – November 7, 1918), nicknamed "Silent Mike", was an American (United States) right fielder in Major League Baseball who played exclusively for the New York Giants (San Francisco Giants) from 1887 to 1899. Born in Trenton, New Jersey, his debut game was on April 30, 1887. His final game was played on July 31, 1899. Tiernan led the National League in home runs in 1890 and 1891, and compiled a .311 lifetime batting average. He

; '''Nathaniel Frederick "Dandelion" Pfeffer''' (March 17, 1860 – April 10, 1932) was an American (United States) baseball player. He played second baseman in Major League Baseball. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky. His debut game took place on May 1, 1882. His final game took place on June 14, 1897. During his career he played for the Troy Trojans (Troy Trojans (MLB team)) (1882), Chicago White Stockings (Chicago Cubs) (1883–1889), Chicago

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