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to 1998, and was transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia in October 2001. He then served as deputy Minister of State Security from February 2002 to February 2004, and deputy Minister of Defense from March 2004 until July 2004, when he was moved to serve as the Deputy Secretary of the National Security Council of Georgia. The '''flag of Adjara''' is a flag of Georgia (Georgia (country))'s autonomous republic of Adjara. It displays seven dark blue and white

stripes, with the national flag of Georgia (flag of Georgia (country)) shown in canton (canton (heraldry)). The dark blue stripes symbolize the Black Sea and the white stripes symbolize purity. The flag was adopted on 20 July 2004 by the Supreme Council of Adjara. The '''Adjara crisis''' refers to a political crisis in Georgia (Georgia (country))’s Adjaran Autonomous Republic, then led by Aslan Abashidze, who refused to obey the central authorities after


on to the east of Simferopol, the republic's capital. Population: Wikipedia:Sudak Commons:Category:Sudak


Gladky found the territory adjacent to the west of the Don Cossack Host land on the Northern coast of the Azov Sea between Berdyansk and Mariupol (modern Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine). However the weakly defended Strait of Kerch meant that in May 1855 a squadron of 57 English and French ships (17,400 men in total) easily overpowered the Russian garrison there and entered the Azov bassin. Afterwards the enemy approached Berdyansk and bombarded the city from the sea. Similar attacks were experienced by Petrovskaya Stanitsa, Mariupol and numerous other locations on the coast of the northern Azov. Yet any attempts to land troops on the shores, turned out to be complete failures. When attempting to land at the headquarters of the Azov Host Petrovsky Posad (modern Volodarske, Ukraine) the Anglo-French troops demanded the Cossacks surrender and sent their landing party of 100 boasts. None were to reach the shores. Afterwards the survivors of the failed landing returned to the ships the squadron tried to land near Taganrog, but a similar fate awaited them from the hands of the Don Cossacks. Early years Pyotr Petrovich Schmidt was born in 1867 in Odessa, Russian Empire, now Ukraine into the family of a naval officer. His father Pyotr Petrovich Schmidt (Senior) participated in the defense of Sebastopol (Sevastopol) during the Siege of Sevastopol (1854). His mother Yekaterina Yakovlevna Schmidt (born von Wagner) was of German descent. Schmidt spent his youth years in Berdyansk, where his father was appointed as a mayor. In 1883 Pyotr Schmidt Jr. entered the Naval Officers' Corps in Saint Petersburg and after its graduation he enrolled into the Imperial Russian Navy. He gave his resignation in 1888 and married Dominika Gavrilovna Pavlova. After the birth of his son Yevgeniy in 1889, the family moved to Taganrog, where Alexander Nentzel, manager of the Azov-Don Commercial Bank offered him a bookkeeper's post. In 1893, Schmidt left Taganrog and enrolled again the Imperial Russian Navy. The mainland and the peninsular parts of the region differed a lot. The total area of the governorate was 63,538 km² of which the mainland portion consisted of 38,405 km² and is largely black earth (chernozem) steppe land. The population of the whole region was 1,634,700 in 1906. At that time, mainland part of the governorate was mostly populated by Ukrainians and Russians but had significant ethnic (ethnic group) minorities of Germans (Germany), Bulgarians, and Armenians and Jews, while major ethnic groups of the Crimean peninsula were Crimean Tatars and Russians with German (Germans), Greek (Greeks), Armenian and Karaim (Karaims) minorities. Major urban centres were Simferopol, Sevastopol, Theodosia, Bakhchisaray and Yalta in Crimea, and Aleshki (now Tsyurupynsk (Tsiurupynsk)), Berdyansk, and Melitopol on the mainland.

French protectorate of Tunisia

of Tunisia.svg flag Flag of Tunisia image_map Colonial Africa Tunisia 1913 map.svg image_map_caption Tunisia (dark blue) French possessions in Africa (light blue) 1913 national_anthem La Marseillaise   Beylical Anthem (Salam al-Bey) (instrumental only) capital Tunis latd 36 latm

Kingdom of Egypt

, but as a compensation Great Britain gave it the Oltre Giuba and France agreed to give some Saharan territories to the Italian Libya. right thumb Dark green: original signatories Green: subsequent adherents Light blue: territories of parties Dark blue: League of Nations mandate (File:Kellogg Briand Pact countries.png)s administered by parties After negotiations, the pact was signed in Paris at the French Foreign Ministry (Minister of Foreign Affairs (France)) by the representatives from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czechoslovakia (Czechoslovak Republic (1918–1938)), France, Germany, British India, the Irish Free State, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Poland (Second Polish Republic), South Africa (Union of South Africa), the United Kingdom - align center June 13 bgcolor #DDFFDD The '''Egyptian Republic''' supersedes the Kingdom of Egypt. Cairo remains the capital. - - align center February 2 bgcolor #DDFFDD The '''Kingdom of Egypt''' gains independence from the United Kingdom. Cairo is the capital. -

Fujian Province, Republic of China

Streamlining of Provinces Since 1949, the most controversial


of her service for Viking Line, the ''Kalypso'' sailed to Naantali, Finland where she was docked and renamed MS ''Star Pisces''. Later in the same month she sailed to Finnyards, Rauma (Rauma, Finland), Finland, where she was rebuilt as a cruise ship. In April 1994 the ship joined her sister (now called MS ''Lankapuri Star Aquarius'') for cruising from Singapore. Originally the ship sported a dark blue hull with a narrow red band on top, which was later changed into all-white, matching the livery of other Star Cruises' ships. She was later moved to making day and night cruises from Hong Kong. In May 2009 the ship suspended her sailings from Hong Kong and was laid up initially at Hong Kong, later moved to Port Klang for further lay up. thumb right Naantalintie on a map of Turku. (Image:Turku, Naantalintie.png) '''Naantalintie''' (Finnish (Finnish language); ''Nådendalsvägen'' in Swedish (Finland-Swedish)) is a ward (ward (politics)) (''suuralue'', ''storområde'') of Turku, Finland, also known as '''Ward 8'''. The ward is located to the west of the city and named after the major route that passes through the ward in the direction of Naantali. The ward also includes the island of Ruissalo. Kordelin owned the Mommila and Jokioinen manor houses and a steammill in Reposaari. He invested a large amount of money in different companies. He built a summerhouse in Naantali, called Kultaranta. Kultaranta is currently owned by the Government of Finland, and used as the President's summer residence. Kordelin himself spent only one summer at Kultaranta. On 7 November 1917, Kordelin was kidnapped by a group of Red Guards (Red Guards (Finland)) and was murdered by a Russian sailor in the so-called Mommila skirmish that followed. *E16 - '''Derry''' - '''Belfast''' ... Glasgow - Edinburgh ... Bergen (Bergen, Norway) - Arna (Arna, Norway) - Voss ... Lærdal - Tyin - Fagernes - Hønefoss - Sandvika - Oslo * E18 - '''Craigavon''' - '''Belfast''' - '''Larne''' ... Stranraer - Gretna (Gretna, Dumfries and Galloway) - Carlisle (Carlisle, Cumbria) - Newcastle (Newcastle upon Tyne) ... Kristiansand - Arendal - Porsgrunn - Larvik - Sandefjord - Horten - Drammen - Oslo - Askim - Karlstad - Örebro - Västerås - Stockholm Kapellskär ... Mariehamn ... Turku Naantali - Helsinki - Kotka - Vaalimaa - Vyborg - Saint Petersburg WikiPedia:Naantali Commons:Category:Naantali

Rauma, Finland

- 9. P-Iirot (Pallo-Iirot) Rauma (Rauma, Finland) Pallo-Iirot -

Ensenada, Baja California

;ref name "MM" With her funnel painted dark blue, ''Azure Seas'' was placed on three and four night cruises from Los Angeles to Ensenada (Ensenada, Baja California) and Catalina (Santa Catalina Island, California), and soon became highly popular. '''Kobol''' is a duo from Ensenada (Ensenada, Baja California), Baja California, Mexico. It is formed by Ignacio Chávez and Argel Cota. They define

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