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North Nicosia

2015 The two buildings overlook a square, named the Selimiye Square, which also hosts cultural activity and occasional dance shows.

visiting universities perform their own traditional dances. The city hosts folk dance shows of children from other countries in the annual children's day on 23 April. accessdate 2 January 2015 North Nicosia annually hosts the Nicosia International Folk Dance Festival, where groups from various countries perform all around the city in parks and squares. Several modern dance activities also take place in the city, where several dance schools are established. Internationally renowned musicals and dance shows are performed in front of crowded audiences in the Atatürk Culture and Congress Center.

Bridgewater State University

, BA * Music Education Concentration, BA Minors * Art History * Dance * Music * Studio Art * Theatre Arts Fine Arts Department clubs The Fine Arts Department sponsors the following clubs: * BSU's Noteworthy!: a cappella music * Dance Company: explores all areas of dance * Dance Team: performs at on-campus events such as basketball and football games, and dance shows. * Ensemble Theatre: puts on several plays and musicals every year * Kinetic Edge: hip hop team, performs


of season. - .- BUNGALOWS: 4 persons* HUF9000-14 000-16500-. 3 persons* HUF8000-12500-17000-19500. Strand Motele - 3 persons HUF7 000-12500-17000-19000. for six persons HUF14500-19000-25000-30000. - Mobile homes (4+2 persons) HUF10000-16500-21000-26000. checkin checkout content Tennis, minigolf and several sports grounds A big water slide free of charge, sandy beach. Water-skiing. Night pool parties, music and dance shows. - Services: English spoken German spoken. Dogs are not allowed


long directions Near Manuhar Temple, Myingabar village phone +95 62 65070 tollfree fax hours price USD20-40 checkin checkout content Garden and pool OK, but the cold environment from the shade of trees is priceless. The rooms are well-decorated with woods and bamboo fixtures and art. Dinner and dance shows at outdoor restaurant, buffet breakfast with local and continental menus are so delicious. All staff smile all the time and manager is very helpful. *


. Currently, it enjoys industry based on tourism, service, and education. It has a 115-acre free port (List of free ports). ''Guide to Foreign Investors'' (2004), TRNC State Planning Organization, p. 18-19. Culture Every year, the International Famagusta Art and Culture Festival is organized in Famagusta. Concerts, dance shows and theater plays take place during the festival.

Dar es Salaam

of Tanzania; most notably, it exhibits some of the bones of ''Paranthropus boisei'' that were among the findings of Louis Leakey at Olduvai (Olduvai Gorge). The Village Museum, located in the outskirts of the city on the road to Bagamoyo, showcases traditional hut (hut (dwelling))s from 16 different Tanzanian ethnic groups. There are also examples of traditional cultivations, and traditional music and dance shows are held daily. Close to the National Museum are also

throughout Tanzania. Ngoma dance shows are held from 2-6PM on certain days. * *


cultural music and dance shows 19:00-21:00, to enjoy along with your dinner. * *


address lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price content this is one of the largest dance clubs in Southern Hungary. It is located right next to Szeged's main bus station and farmer's market. This club usually attracts the younger high-school crowd (their average age is probably around 20). It is well known for its semi-monhtly nude (both male and female) dance shows, concerts with invited guests and teen parties. They usually play the latest dance hits. * WikiPedia:Szeged Commons:Szeged


de Sherbrooke Music, theatre, and dance shows are staged there. The Centennial Theatre of Bishop's University also hosts music and dance concerts from around the world. The Vieux Clocher, owned by the Université de Sherbrooke, has two stages, the primary being used by various music groups and comedians from around the province. The ''Théâtre Granada (Granada Theatre (Sherbrooke))'', designated as a historical site by the Canadian government, holds music concerts. It has

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