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Republic of Ireland

Ireland ) is an Irish dancer best known for her work in ''Lord of the Dance (Lord of the Dance (musical))'' and ''Feet of Flames''. In the Republic of Ireland Gregory is used only for the Senate, whose franchise is restricted to approximately 1,500 councillors (county council) and members of Parliament. However, in Northern Ireland beginning in 1973, Gregory was used for all STV elections, with up to 7 fractional transfers (in 8-seat district council (Local Councils in Northern Ireland) elections), and up to 700,000 votes counted (in 3-seat European Parliament elections). The bomb was found on the side of a road near the village of Forkhill (w:Forkhill) in County Armagh (w:County Armagh), Northern Ireland (w:Northern Ireland), close to the border with the Republic of Ireland (w:Republic of Ireland). It was defused by an expert bomb disposal team from the Irish Army (w:Irish Army). The explosives were home-made and weighed 600 lb (270 kg). It is believed that the bomb was planted there by dissident republicans. On Saturday, 67% of Irish (w:Republic of Ireland) voters favored the European Union's (w:European Union) (EU) Lisbon Treaty (w:Treaty of Lisbon) which now requires approval from the presidents of the Czech Republic (w:Czech Republic) and Poland (w:Poland) for ratification (w:ratification). A car, thought to have been used for the get-away, has been found burnt out just over the border in the Republic of Ireland (w:Republic of Ireland). Mr Kee and the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin (w:Micheál Martin) have asked for any witnesses to contact the Gardai (w:Gardai) or the PSNI immediately.


million dollars. In 2002 he wrote and co-directed his first dance musical re:MIX for Singapore Repertory Theatre Young Company (SRT Young Company), as well as a specially commissioned work, Forbidden City: Portrait of An Empress, one of the highlights of Singapore’s prestigious new cultural centre, The Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay opening festival in October that year and a popular re-run in September 2003, and again in 2006. It was directed by Steven Dexter and will go on a world tour in 2008, first stop London's West End. Economic benefit Tourism plays an important role in the Philippine economy. In the year 2000, net tourism income in the Philippines totaled to 2.1 billion U.S. dollars. Most of the foreign tourists came from the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and The Netherlands (Netherlands). There were also tourists coming from Taiwan, Great Britain, Germany, Canada, Israel, Russia, Spain, Poland, France and Singapore. One of the fastest tourist market growth are those from China, and India. The Post Office Savings Bank was renamed as POSBank in March 1990. It was subsequently fully acquired by DBS Bank on 16 November 1998 for S$ (Singapore dollar)1.6 billion; at the same time, ceased to exist as a statutory board under the Ministry of Finance (Ministry of Finance (Singapore)). POSBank still operates one of the highest number of bank branches in Singapore, especially in the suburban neighbourhoods, and operates the highest number of ATM (Automated teller machines) outlets throughout Singapore. The integration of both banks allowed customers of either bank to share the facilities; DBS Bank depositors may use the Cash Deposit Machine installed islandwide in POSBank branches, likewise for POSBank depositors. A double-deck version of the B10M was developed for Strathclyde PTE (Strathclyde Partnership for Transport) in 1981. It was launched in early 1982, with a downrated engine from the coach, and was named '''Citybus''' (also known unofficially as B10MD or D10M). Most early examples were bodied by Alexander Coachbuilders (Walter Alexander Coachbuilders), who provided a modified version - common to all Volvo double-deck chassis bodied by the company after 1980 - of their popular and attractive R type bodywork. Eastern Scottish and Fife Scottish bought many of these early versions in 1985-1987. Two were exported in 1984, one of them was received by Singapore Bus Services (SBS Transit) of Singapore, and the other one became Kowloon Motor Bus VMD1, but the latter was destroyed by fire in 1988. The Citybus lasted until the end of B10M production but fell out of favour after Volvo re-engineered the Leyland Olympian as its own, i.e. the Volvo Olympian. Singapore Bus Services (Now SBS Transit) of Singapore has purchased a total of 977 units from 1986 to 2001, making up a large part of its bus fleet. First delivered in 1988, they are bodied by Duple Metsec and Walter Alexander (Walter Alexander Coachbuilders). A single 19m B10MA articulated bus (registered as SBS 998Y) has also been built, but it has since been sold to New Zealand in 2006. The 1986 Van Hool bodied prototype and 1988-89 production versions (known as Mark II) were scrapped in 2008. The 1994 production versions (Mark IV) which was bodied by PSV Soon Chow were scrapped in 2011. Distribution * APB has breweries in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, India, Sri Lanka, Laos and Mongolia. The company has a strong market share in several countries within the Asia Pacific Region (Asia-Pacific), primarily in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. * In Malaysia, Tiger Beer is produced and marketed by Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB). On 11 November, ''Sydney'' departed Fremantle for Singapore with the transport Commons:Category:Singapore Wikipedia:Singapore Dmoz:Regional Asia Singapore

South Africa

: artist anna-p141929 discography . A compilation of her work as a soloist with the choir was released in 2006 entitled ''Celtic Dreams'' She subsequently toured the United States as a soloist with the RTÉ (Raidió Teilifís Éireann) Concert Orchestra. She also toured South Africa with Lord of the Dance (Lord of the Dance (musical)) and gave concerts in Japan and South Korea. Events * South Africa becomes the first non-European country to join FIFA * 25 February - Mahatma Gandhi (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi) is arrested at Volksrust for failure to produce registration certificate and is sentenced to 3 months prison Events * October 1 - South African College founded in Cape Town, South Africa; later to separate into the South African College Schools and the University of Cape Town. Distribution E1b1b is distributed as far south as South Africa, and northwards into North Africa, from where it has in more recent millennia expanded to Europe and Asia. E1b1b1 (E-M35) is the predominant subclade (wikt:subclade) of E1b1b, representing almost exactly the same population. M215 was found to be older than M35 when individuals were found who have the M215 mutation, but do not have M35 mutation. Renowned for his ability of boosting the morale of members of the Great Trek during times of hardship, he would often inspire troops through his recital of the Lord's Prayer during conflict. His skills of fortifying the troops were best displayed at the Battle of Blood River, where he spoke the famous vow to God on the battlefield, and held a thanksgiving service after the decisive victory over the Zulus. Cilliers' vow was celebrated as a national holiday in South Africa (Day of the Vow) on December 16 until 1994. **Leonid Ivanchenko, Member of Presidium, Member of Parliament *South Africa: South African Communist Party **Ben Martins, Member of the Central Committee, Member of the National Parliament *He served on the NEC's sub-committee on negotiations and the NEC's sub-committee on Constitutional Guidelines *He returned to South Africa after the unbanning of the ANC (Negotiations to end apartheid in South Africa) (1990) *He was elected to be a Member of Parliament in the National Assembly of South Africa (since 1994) Karlin & Collins, Inc. The company was founded in 1985 by Barry Karlin and Galen Collins. Karlin, who was originally from South Africa told interviewers that he started the company after being frustrated with a paper map of the San Francisco, California area. He thought "Wouldn't it be nice if I had someone sitting next to me in the car who knew the way?'" International Directory of Company Histories, Vol.69. St. James Press, 2005 *PGA Tour of Australasia - Nick O'Hern topped the Order of Merit for the first time, with earnings of A$ (Australian dollar)583,820 Final order of merit *Sunshine Tour - Charl Schwartzel of South Africa topped the 2005-06 Order of Merit with earnings of R (South African Rand)1,207,459.70, and led the rankings for a third consecutive season in 2006-07 with earnings of R1,585,117.41. Final 2006-07 Order of Merit. Following 'Popstars' being broadcast in New Zealand, Norway and South Africa, their debut single also charted in these countries, top five in New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Iceland and peaked at number two in Sweden. '''Neville Anthony Quinn''' (21 February 1908 in Tweefontein, South Africa – 5 August 1934 in Kenilworth, a suburb of Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa) was a cricketer who played in 12 Test matches (Test cricket) for South Africa (South African national cricket team) from 1929 to 1931-32. WikiPedia:South Africa Dmoz:Regional Africa South Africa Commons:Category:South Africa


Coverage''' is a German (Germany) dance band (musical ensemble), which consists of Axel Konrad, DJ Novus, Melanie Munch, better known as Mell (lead singer), and Verena Rehm (former stage performer, backing singer, occasional lead singer). Producers of the band are Ole Wierk and Lou Bega, who, however contributed only to a few songs lyrically. The project was founded in the Summer of 2001 by DJ Novus, in co-operation with Suprime Music (Konrad). http: groove

single "Walking in Memphis", but the sample (sampling (music)) had not been given clearance. The single soared to No. 2 in the UK Singles Chart, but was then quickly banned, causing the single to plummet to No. 15 the following week, before leaving the chart completely. Proceeds from the single were ordered to be given to charity (charitable organization). The German (Germany) dance (dance music) group (musical ensemble), Scooter (Scooter (band)) reached No. 33 in 1996 when


studied for half a year in Italy, and became ''privatdozent'' in classical philology at the University of Vienna in 1877. In 1879 he was appointed assistant professor at Prague University, and in 1882 professor at the University of Czernowitz, of which he was "Rector Magnificus" in 1898. '''Planet Funk''' is an Italian (Italy) electronic dance musical ensemble. File:Botticelli, madonna in gloria di serafini.jpg thumb Madonna in Glory with Seraphim


with Lord of the Dance (Lord of the Dance (musical)) and gave concerts in Japan and South Korea. thumb 250px right A location in Eden Prairie, MN (Image:11-16-06-EPMN-PeiWei.jpg) '''Pei Wei Asian Diner''' ( zh:日本 Commons:Category:Japan Wikipedia:Japan Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan

United States

Tonight '' and a host of ''Total Request Live'' on MTV. She was the host of the Miss Universe 2007, which was held at Mexico City, Mexico, in the National Auditorium, with Mario Lopez. When the show began in 1996, she danced with Michael Flatley in the original ''show (Lord of the Dance (musical))'' for a year, and then in late 1997 joined the second touring company (Troupe 2) in the United States. In July 1998, she returned to Troupe 1 and danced the lead in '' Feet

and American (United States) R&B (Contemporary R&B) and Dance (Dance music) band (musical ensemble) who scored a number of pop (pop music) and dance hits (hit record) in the early 1990s. Band members include American (United States)s Jimmy Helms (who also had a successful solo career and sang radio jingles for Radio Hallam and Hereward Radio in the UK and George

subsequently toured the United States as a soloist with the RTÉ (Raidió Teilifís Éireann) Concert Orchestra. She also toured South Africa with Lord of the Dance (Lord of the Dance (musical)) and gave concerts in Japan and South Korea. thumb 250px right A location in Eden Prairie, MN (Image:11-16-06-EPMN-PeiWei.jpg) '''Pei Wei Asian Diner''' ( ) is a restaurant chain in the United States. Owned by P. F. Chang's China Bistro

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