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audience participation, for example, a dance contest for kids where the winners get kisses from the dolphins. You can also swim with the dolphins for about 50 CUC. * '''Castillo de Jagua'''. This is an 18th-century fortress built to protect Cienfuegos against (English) pirates. There's an abandoned nuclear power plant behind the castle, built by the Soviets but never finished.


meals. Drink The legal drinking age in British Columbia is 19. Pubs and Lounges * '''The Duchess on Tranquille''' nightclub is located at 377 Tranquille Road in North Kamloops. This is combination pub, lounge and exotic nightclub. A great amateur exotic dance contest is held on Wednesday nights. During the evening the clientele is 50 50 men and women and there is a very active dance floor with a great lighting system and fogger. * '''Cactus Jacks''' is located on Seymour St

Medford, Oregon

a Charleston dance (Charleston (dance)) contest which allowed her to tour for six months, at one point in 1926 performing at an 18-month-old theater called ''The Craterian'' in Medford (Medford, Oregon), Oregon. This theater honored her many years later by changing its name to the ''Craterian Ginger Rogers Theater''. ref>

Augusta, Georgia

graduated from Henry B. Plant High School in 1948 and then began studying English at the University of Tampa. After two years, he dropped out of college and began working as a dance instructor at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio (Arthur Murray) in Tampa, winning first prize in a nationwide dance contest. On August 25, 1956, he married Anne Lewis, whom he met while giving her dance lessons at Arthur Murray. They had one daughter, Jennifer, born in 1962. ref name


Baku was also chosen to host the Eurovision Dance Contest 2010 (Eurovision Dance Contest). Among Baku's prestigious cultural venues are Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall, Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. The main movie theatre (movie theater) is Azerbaijan Cinema. Festivals include the Baku International Film Festival, Baku International Jazz Festival, Novruz Festival, ''Gül Bayramı'' (Flower Festival) and the National Theater Festival. ref

Jacksonville, Florida

going to the Savoy, which was for better dancers. He frequented Harlem's Savoy Ballroom in the 1930s, eventually becoming a dancer in the elite and prestigious "Kat's Corner," a corner of the dance floor in which impromptu exhibitions and competitions took place. During a dance contest in 1935, Manning and his partner Frieda Washington performed the first air step (aerial (dance move)) (often referred to as an aerial) in a swing (swing (dance)) dance competition against


(EBU) has introduced a new teleshow the "Eurovision Dance Contest". It was originally planned that this show will return in 2009 and will take place on Friday, 19 June 2009, in Dance House, Oslo, Norway, however, as Director of Eurovision TV, Mr. Bjørn Erichsen informed on EBU press-conference in May 2009 "it has been cancelled again due to the low number of countries subscribed". http: edc 2008 Background group_or_band Origin Oslo, Norway Genre Punk rock, hard rock, death punk, glam punk, heavy metal (heavy metal music) The decision to establish a Norwegian national college of technology was made by the Norwegian parliament, the Storting, in 1900, after years of heated debate on where the institution should be located; many representatives felt that the capital Kristiania (Oslo) was self-evident as the place for this nationally important seat of learning. However, eventually NTH was located in the geographically central city of Trondhjem (Trondheim), based on an emerging policy of decentralisation as well as the city's existing and highly esteemed technical college (Trondhjems Tekniske Læreanstalt). '''Norske Skogindustrier ASA''' or '''Norske Skog''', which translates as ''Norwegian Forest Industries'', is a Norwegian pulp and paper company (Pulp and paper industry) based in Oslo, Norway and established in 1962. The corporation is the world's largest producer of newspaper (Newsprint) and magazine paper, with 18 mills around the world. thumb 180px left Behemoth at Jaxx Nightclub in 2007. (Image:Behemothband.jpg) In February 2003, the band started their first tour in Norway, playing in cities such as Bergen, Oslo and Stavanger. On March 11, 2003, the American premiere, scheduled by Century Media Records, headlined Behemoth's first appearance in the American continent. The tour started on the 9th of March at the New Jersey's Metalfest and continued with a decent amount WikiPedia:Oslo Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Oslo Commons:Category:Oslo


"Chain Gang" of the syndicated (Television syndication) western series ''26 Men'' true stories about the Arizona Rangers. Gangster icon In 1929, Raft relocated to Hollywood and took small roles. In ''Taxi!'' (1932) with James Cagney and Loretta Young, Raft has a colorful unbilled dancing role as Cagney's competitor in a dance contest who wins only to be knocked down by Cagney's loonily pugnacious character. His big break came later that same year


, and to Switzerland as they were heading for nil-points, which, in the end, they finished with. Despite Finland winning the 2008 Eurovision Dance Contest will also be held in London. If next year's show is popular, the winning country will host the following year's contest, Song Contest (w:Eurovision Song Contest) style! '''What about your experiences on radio and television?''' :I've done a lot of radio work, exploring mathematical ideas on the radio. However, people could not just think


in Glasgow, Scotland (w:Glasgow, Scotland). This is only the second Eurovision Dance Contest. The first contest was held at the BBC Television Centre (w:BBC Television Centre), London (w:London). Three countries withdrew from the competition Germany (w:Germany), Spain (w:Spain) and Switzerland (w:Switzerland). Azerbaijan (w:Azerbaijan) debuted and came in 5th. Appenzell Innerrhoden (w:Appenzell Innerrhoden) (Appenzell Inner Rhodes) is the smallest w:Cantons of Switzerland

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