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, led to establishment of ''Stars'' (Ulduzlar) and ''20 January Monument'' monuments in the park. In the eastern section of the park, ''Shehidler Khiyabani'' similar to Martyrs' Lane in Baku was established as burial ground for thousands of soldiers from Sumgayit who died during the war. According to the Decree No. 132 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan (Cabinet of Azerbaijan) dated August 2, 2001 the park was given the status of national historical importance. Its current size


and grew to its current size. The collapse of the Soviet Union removed support for state enterprises, and led to the shutdown of most manufacturing activity in the area. Much of the city's economic activity was supported by shuttle traders (shuttle trading) who would transport (often counterfeit) goods from the bustling markets of Moscow to Yoshkar-Ola's bazaars. The sharp decline in living standards led to the emigration of specialized professionals to larger cities in Russia


30 August 2007. The first one-story palace was completed in 1865. It was expanded to its current size between 1874 and 1876, after crown prince Oscar had been crowned king Oscar II of Sweden and Norway. - 24. 9 May 1996 Olympia (Olympia (stadium)), Helsingborg 2–1 1–0 Friendly (Exhibition game) - *6797 Östersund (Östersund, Sweden) *10549 Helsingborg (Helsingborg, Sweden) *10550 Malmö (Malmö, Sweden


Swaziland derives its name from a later king named Mswati II. ''KaNgwane'', named for Ngwane III, is an alternative name for Swaziland the surname of whose royal house (dynasty) remains ''Nkhosi Dlamini (House of Dlamini)''. ''Nkhosi'' literally means "king". Mswati II was the greatest of the fighting kings of Swaziland, and he greatly extended the area of the country to twice its current size. The ''Emakhandzambili'' clans were initially incorporated into the kingdom with wide

West Palm Beach, Florida

, Florida Royal Palm Beach , Wellington (Wellington, Florida) and Loxahatchee (Loxahatchee, Florida). With over facility and was expanded to its current size in 2002. 650,000 people attend

Akron, Ohio

Metro Park was born. In 2010, the park district signed a lease for the adjacent Hardy Road landfill, bringing the park to its current size of 655 acres. More than 10,000 years ago, glaciers retreated from Northeast Ohio, carving ravines and valleys. The glacially-formed Adam Run Valley is home to an unusual plant called rush, which lines the banks of the stream. Along the trails, oak, elm, sycamore and black walnut trees provide habitat for a variety of birds and other wildlife. A grove of white


by the CIA in 1989. It's less than half of the city's current size (as of 2012). thumb right Chunxi Road (File:The entrance of Chunxi street Chengdu.jpg) thumb right Tianfu Square (File:Tianfusquare.jpg) China's state council has designated Chengdu as the country's western center of logistics, commerce, finance, science and technology, as well as a hub of transportation and communication. It is also an important base for manufacturing and agriculture. According to the World Bank's 2007 survey report on global investment environments, Chengdu was declared a "a benchmark city for investment environment in inland China". Commons:Category:Chengdu Wikipedia:Chengdu Dmoz:Regional Asia China Sichuan Chengdu

Second Polish Republic

as ''policja'' throughout the Second Polish Republic (1918–1939), and in modern post-communist Republic of Poland since 1990. Its current size is 103.309 officers and ca. 12.000 civilian employees . Among the branches in the force are: Criminal Service, Traffic Police Service, Prevention Service and Supporting Service. Most towns and some villages have their own city guards, which supervise public order and road safety; however city guards have jurisdiction only over misdemeanors


the town. Dronfield's population has increased dramatically in post-war years from 6,500 in 1945 to its current size of just over 21,000. http: community about_your_county census north_east_derbyshire default.asp The town's name is thought to mean "the open land where there are drones (male bees)". Dronfield About Dronfield History Dronfield's

football (Association football) ground is currently the home of the world's oldest football team. In 1662 Dronfield was granted a market by Charles II (Charles II of England), but in the 18th century, due to the nearness of Sheffield and Chesterfield (Chesterfield, England), the market went into decline and ceased to exist. Dronfield's population has increased dramatically in post-war years from 6,500 in 1945 to its current size of just over 21,000. This mainly reflects its position

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