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Swift Current

called the South Saskatchewan River ''kisiskâciwan'', meaning "''it flows swiftly.''" Fur traders found the creek on their westward treks in the 1800s, and called it "Rivière au Courant" (lit: "river of the current"). Henri Julien, an artist traveling with the North-West Mounted Police expedition in 1874, referred to it as "Du Courant", and Commissioner French used "Strong Current Creek" in his diary. While it took another decade before

being officially recorded, the area has always been known as "Swift Current". Tourism Swift Current The settlement of Swift Current was established in 1883, after the CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway) surveyed a railway line as far as Swift Current Creek. In 1882, initial grading (Land grading) and track preparation commenced, with the first settlers arriving in the spring of 1883. During the early part of its

Snoqualmie, Washington

the Valley, and the city's population had stabilized to a growth rate of roughly 11 people per year over the next 30 years (from 1,216 in 1960 to 1,546 in 1990). This slow growth cycle continued until the mid-1990s, when the City annexed of undeveloped land that became the site of the current "master-planned" community of Snoqualmie Ridge, now referred to as Snoqualmie Ridge I. The Snoqualmie Ridge I master planned community includes 2,250 dwelling units

Northfield, Minnesota

in 2004 (November 2004). The next year, following the acquisition by MPR, WCAL was transformed into MPR's third service, "The Current". Services With the addition of later stations, MPR originally offered a mix of classical music and NPR news talk programming on a single service. Beginning in 1991 (1991 in radio), MPR's programming split in two, forming separate news and classical music services (although one station in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan still carries a combination of those two services). The 2005 acquisition of WCAL (KCMP) in Northfield, Minnesota, which covers the Minneapolis-St. Paul and Rochester (Rochester, Minnesota) areas, provided the opportunity to launch another music service, "The Current". This third service has gradually expanded to most of southern eastern Minnesota. About The Current Programming on The Current is mostly locally-produced. The Current is carried on seven transmitters, serving a majority of the state's population. The main transmitter is KCMP (89.3 FM), licensed to Northfield (Northfield, Minnesota) on the southeastern periphery of the Twin Cities, though the signal covers most of the metro area. A lower-power station, KMSE (88.7 FM), serves Rochester (Rochester, Minnesota) and southeastern Minnesota, and KCMP translators serve Hinckley (Hinckley, Minnesota) and Mankato (Mankato, Minnesota). http: radio services the_current about In addition, the station is broadcast on a HD Radio sideband channel to listeners of KNSR in St. Cloud (St. Cloud, Minnesota) and KPCC (KPCC (radio station)) in Los Angeles. The Current also streams online at http: radio services the_current streams.shtml in a variety of formats. thumb right Riverside, 1876. (Image:Riverside-1876.jpg) The city was founded in the early 1870s beside the Santa Ana River by John W. North, a staunch temperance-minded abolitionist (abolitionism) from Tennessee, who had previously founded Northfield, Minnesota. A few years after, the navel orange (Orange (fruit)) was planted and found to be such a success that full-scale planting started. Riverside was temperance (Temperance movement) minded, and Republican (Republican Party (United States)). There were four saloons in Riverside when it was founded. The license fees were raised until the saloons moved out of Riverside. Brown and Boyd, Vol 2. Investors from England and Canada transplanted traditions and activities adopted by prosperous citizens. As a result, the first golf course and polo field in Southern California were built in Riverside. thumb right Riverside, 1900 (Image:Riverside-1900.jpg) History Sherrill was named for two brothers, Adam and Isaac Sherrill, and was originally called Sherrill's Mound or Mount, since the city is sited at the base of a prominent hill. In 1856, Peter Fries, an Austrian immigrant (immigration), built a large, stone inn at the main crossroads of the city. It was popular with newlyweds, and Jesse James (Jesse James (outlaw)) and his gang were reported to have stayed there prior to their famous raid on Northfield, Minnesota. The structure has survived and has been restored as the Black Horse Inn. Sherrill and the surrounding rural district received large numbers of German (German American) immigrants in the 19th century. German Catholic (Roman Catholic Church) (Ss. Peter and Paul (Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church (Sherrill))), German Lutheran (Lutheranism) (St. Matthew), German Methodist (Methodism), and German Evangelical (Evangelical and Reformed Church) churches were founded and remain active. Sherrill was one of ten "Beer Towns" incorporated in Dubuque County in 1933, to ensure that the city's taverns could serve beer, under a possibly mistaken interpretation of Iowa law that licenses to dispense beer could only be granted to premises inside incorporated places. Sherrill's post office was established in 1858, with Peter Fries as postmaster. Its Zip Code is 52073. * Lakeville (Lakeville, Minnesota) (to the north-northwest) * Northfield (Northfield, Minnesota) (to the south-southeast, just across the county line in Rice County (Rice County, Minnesota)) Today, the town is chiefly a bedroom community for nearby Northfield (Northfield, Minnesota) and the more distant Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. The juxtaposition of Dundas and Northfield and their disparate zoning policies and attitudes toward development have led to some unusual growth patterns. Dundas is home to a number of businesses, such as an off-sale liquor store and two bars that would be unable to get licenses to operate in Northfield. Another attraction is the recently opened bistro, Fermentations '''Goodsell Observatory''' is a building on the campus of Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. It was constructed in 1887 and was, at the time, the largest observatory in the state of Minnesota. It was named for Charles Goodsell, who donated much of the land on which Carleton was founded. Goodsell was built to replace Carleton's original observatory (built in 1877), which was razed in 1905 to make room for Laird Hall. Goodsell Observatory is on the National Register of Historic Places. Ordained as Congregationalist minister, he preached first in Brodhead, Wisconsin for two years, and then in Faribault, Minnesota beginning in 1865. The Congregational Church in Minnesota had established a college in the nearby town of Northfield (Northfield, Minnesota) in 1866, and in 1870, Strong was invited to become its first president. Initially, Strong declined the position, since the college's outlook seemed poor. Northfield College (Carleton College) had few students in its preparatory academy, and up until that fall, no students in its college department. It was operating out of an old hotel, the construction of its new building stalled due to inadequate materials and a lack of funds. The trustees were convinced Strong was the man to provide the leadership to improve the college's reputation and financial status, so they made him a more generous offer and this time he accepted.

San Anselmo, California

* Gary Fisher (born 1950), inventor of the mountain bike, opened first store MountianBikes in San Anselmo. http: mountainbikecom featured-stories gary-fisher-knows-how-dance * George Lucas (born 1944), Film director, screenwriter, producer, and entrepreneur. http: 2010 dirt real-estalker george-lucas-scoops-up-oceanfront-contemporary-in-carpinteria-1201230928 * Mary Ann Shaffer (1934-2008), American writer, lived and died in San Anselmo. Schools San Anselmo is home to a variety of schools: * Brookside Elementary School (Brookside Elementary School (California)) of the Ross Valley School District, grades K-5

Tehachapi, California

. The Los Angeles City Council voted in 2004 to direct the LADWP to generate 20% of its energy (excluding Hoover Dam) from clean sources by 2010 The prison held both male


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Independence, Missouri

, broadcasting at 1510 kHz (kilohertz) from two towers in Independence, Missouri. In 1994, KCTE became the Kansas City metropolitan area's first station devoted to sports, and despite the current "Hot Talk" branding, is still principally a sports station, although secondary to sister station, Sportsradio WHB . As early as 1831, Smith had stated that the City of Zion (City of Zion (Mormonism)) would be built in Jackson County, Missouri Jackson County


current "miserable" condition. He described it as a large, but ruined village administratively dependent on Damascus. The Ottomans did little to revitalize Homs or ensure its security against Bedouin raids. Tribal unrest throughout the 17th and 18th centuries resulted in the sacking of its markets on several occasions. Security was even more hampered, when in the 18th-century, the Ottomans tore down the gates of the city's walls. The countryside

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Laboratory School was ranked 205 in ''Newsweek''’s 2005 list of the Best High Schools in the United States The current student body president is Camille Beste, current "student of notability" is Chisanim Egbelu and the current "teacher of the year" is Jennifer Bevill birth_date , and as of the end of 2007, had 12,718 interments. '''William F. "Bill" Cotton Sr.''' (October 23, 1897 – April 23, 2006) was a prominent central Louisiana businessman who acquired or built five bakeries (bakery) in Alexandria (Alexandria, Louisiana), Shreveport (Shreveport, Louisiana), Baton Rouge (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), Monroe (Monroe, Louisiana) and Natchez, Mississippi. At the time of his death at the age of 108, he was also the nation's oldest living Shriner (Shriners) and one of the last remaining American (United States) veterans of the First World War (World War I). birth_date Birth date missing birth_place Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States death_date DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States DATE OF DEATH thumb right 160px Thad Allen (Image:Thad Allen.jpg) The U.S. (w:United States) Secretary of Homeland Security (w: United States Department of Homeland Security), Michael Chertoff (w: Michael Chertoff), announced from Baton Rouge (w:Baton Rouge, Louisiana), Louisiana (w:Louisiana) on Friday that Coast Guard (w: United States Coast Guard) Vice Admiral Thad W. Allen (w:Thad W. Allen) will replace the Federal Emergency Management Agency (w:FEMA) (FEMA) director Michael D. Brown (w:Michael D. Brown) as the Principal Federal Official (PFO) for the recovery effort; however, Mr. Brown will continue as the Director of FEMA. The inauguration ceremony was held at the state capitol in Baton Rouge (w:Baton Rouge, Louisiana). In a speech, Jindal vowed to put an end to political corruption in the state and speed up recovery from the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season (w:2005 Atlantic hurricane season).


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