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of whom have remained for many years. The choir's current musical director is Kate Shipway, and like all the others, Kate brings something new and vibrant to the table, and it is from this diversity that the choir has continued to draw great benefit. Over the years, and from different competitions, trophies and silverware have been held aloft and brought back to the valley. Whilst these are a good yard-stick of the choir's abilities, they have never been the most important aspect of what the choir does, and why they do it. Friendships between the members are integral to the choir, and sharing a love of singing and music-making drives all members to do their very best, at any concert or festival. These friendships extend well beyond the valley, and the choir has an active twinning association with two German (Germany) choirs; a ladies choir from Monchengladbach, and a male voice choir from Bocholt. The choir has been heavily involved is charity fundraising work, and recently appeared alongside the Black Dyke Band, raising £30,000 for the Christie Hospital. Settlements Other locations were Selkirk (Selkirk, Scottish Borders), a town in the Scottish Borders, BBC Press Office (30 April 2004). "BBC ONE explores love across the social divide in an adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South". Press release (News release). Retrieved on 26 April 2008. Burnley in Lancashire, and the Bluebell Railway in Sussex, where the final and the beginning scenes were shot. Additional railway sequences were filmed in Yorkshire, using carriages provided by the Vintage Carriages Trust '''Andrew Houston''' (Born March 23, 1846 – ?? ) was born in Doonbreeda, Nephin, County Mayo; later moving to Rossendale, credited as the Rossendale Bard. A case is currently being tried in England over the alleged assault of a 'Goth' (w:Goth subculture) couple, resulting in the death of the female victim. A fifteen-year-old youth, who was one of a gang of five, is charged with having kicked and stamped the 20-year-old woman to death in Stubby Lee Park, Bacup (w:Bacup), Rossendale (w:Rossendale) in Lancashire (w:Lancashire) on the 11 August 2007.


Variety Performance and three television series for BBC TV. She represented the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1965, and came second with the song "I Belong". Author and historian John Kennedy O'Connor describes Kirby's "I Belong" as being far more representative of current musical tastes than other songs from the contest, O'Connor, John Kennedy. The Eurovision Song Contest - The Official History. Carlton Books, UK. 2007. ISBN 978-1


composer of soundtracks for modern dance, film and theater, as well as a songwriter and music improviser. Often called an unclassifiable ''avant-garde'' jazz musician, she is also deeply inspired by world music. She is probably best known as a vocalist, accordionist and saxophone-player. Among her current musical involvements are The Tiptons Sax Quartet (The Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet) (formerly The Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet) and Die Resonanz Stanonczi, a radical folk group based in Salzburg, Austria. She has also collaborated repeatedly with the Pat Graney Dance Company, David Dorfman Dance Company, Victoria Marks, and with many other choreographers. DATE OF BIRTH June 9, 1961 PLACE OF BIRTH Seattle, United States DATE OF DEATH The reason behind the cities chosen in the song Greenwood says, "I'm from California, and I don't know anybody from Virginia or New York, so when I wrote it—and my producer and I had talked about it -- we talked about the four cities I wanted to mention, the four corners of the United States. It could have been Seattle or Miami but we chose New York (New York City) and L.A. (Los Angeles), and he suggested Detroit and Houston because they both were economically part of the basis of our economy – Motown and the oil industry, so I just poetically wrote that in the bridge."


Finck was born in Mecklenburg-Strelitz. He first saw active service in 1734 on the Rhine, as a member of the suite of Anton Ulrich, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. Soon after this he transferred to the Austrian service, and thence went to Russia, where he served until the fall of his patron Marshal Munnich put an end to his prospects of advancement. In 1742 he went to Berlin, and Frederick the Great made him his ''aide-de-camp'', with the rank of major. Good service brought him rapid promotion in the Seven Years' War. After the Battle of Kolin (June 18, 1757) he was made colonel, and at the end of 1757 major-general. At the beginning of 1759 Finck became lieutenant-general, and in this rank commanded a corps at the disastrous battle of Kunersdorf, where he did good service both on the field of battle and (Frederick having in despair handed over to him the command) in the rallying of the beaten Prussians. '''''Noli Me Tangere''''' is a novel by Filipino (Filipino people) polymath and national hero (National hero of the Philippines) José Rizal first published in 1887 in Berlin. Early English translations used titles like '''''An Eagle Flight''''' (1900) and '''''The Social Cancer''''' (1912), but more recent translations have been published using the original Latin (Noli Me Tangere) title. - SXF EDDB Berlin-Schönefeld International Airport Berlin, Germany - In 1920, he moved to Berlin and worked as an assistant to Wilhelm Furtwängler. During the 1920s he conducted the Vienna Symphony Orchestra (Vienna Symphony) and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (Berlin Philharmonic). He became principal conductor of the Düsseldorf Opera in 1928, and then the company's ''Generalmusikdirektor'' in 1929. He had to resign his post in March 1933 after the rise of the Nazi Party. His Düsseldorf tenure was the only permanent musical directorship in his career. Forced as a Jew to flee the Nazis (Nazism), he moved to the United States of America (United States) in 1940, and eventually became an American citizen. He taught at the New School for Social Research while in New York City. Career Sergiu Celibidache studied in Berlin and, from 1945 to 1952, he was principal conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic. He later worked with radio orchestras in Stockholm (Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra), Stuttgart (Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra) and Paris (Orchestre National de France). He also worked in Britain in the late 1940s and 1950s, due partly to the promotional efforts of the pianist Eileen Joyce and her partner, an artists' agent. Joyce said that Celibidache was the greatest conductor she had ever worked with - "he was the only one who got inside my soul". Richard Davis, ''Eileen Joyce: A Portrait'' In 1970 he


; The group sings a variety of secular and sacred Slavic choral pieces, from the 12th century onward, including folk songs of Russia and Eastern Europe. The current musical director is Mark Bailey (Mark Bailey (Composer and Conductor)). The chorus has performed at many venues in Russia and Ukraine, and also many places in the United States, most notably: "Yale Russian Chorus - About Us." ''Yale Russian Chorus''. 10 Nov. 2006. 21 Dec. 2006 . *Carnegie Hall in New York City thumb left 170px Trakai Peninsula castle (Image:Trakai old castle.jpg) Trakai was an area holding great significance in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The Trakai region began to decline politically and economically in the 16th century. During the wars with Russia, Trakai was continually attacked and razed. It has been rebuilt and many celebrations are held there annually once again. The city is often portrayed on Lithuanian stamps (postage stamps) because of its beauty and illustrious history. It has become an important district in Lithuania once again. '''Yuri Vladimirovich Matiyasevich''', ( Commons:Category:Russia WikiPedia:Russia Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia


most of their contemporaries, they began as a cover band, playing accomplished renditions of hits by popular overseas bands of the era such as The Beatles, The Who and The Small Faces, and their early hits in Australia were all cover versions. The Twilights were noted for being on top of current musical trends, and their early repertoire was regularly updated with the latest British and American rock hits, which were regularly sent to them on record and tape by family and friends in the UK. Later in their career guitarist Terry Britten began to write original material but the group did not last long enough for this to have a significant impact on their career. '''Wynnum''' is a suburb located on the shores of Moreton Bay in Brisbane, Australia, about 16 kilometres east of the CBD (Brisbane CBD). The area was sparsely settled until the arrival of the railway in the late 1880s, but then grew fairly rapidly. The former Wynnum Shire Council was created in 1902, and twelve years later Wynnum became a municipality with its own town council and the right to elect a mayor. The Town Council was absorbed into the enlarged City of Brisbane in 1925. Mangroves to Moorings Revisited, Myrtle Beitz, 2005 The concept of the band was to find inspiration from the numerous cultures in Australia. When Sirocco started, the music scene in Australia was classical (Australian classical music), rock (Australian rock), jazz (Australian jazz) and a little folk (folk music). However the numerous migrant cultures, such as Chilean (Culture of Chile), Turkish (Culture of Turkey), Arabic and Irish (Culture of Ireland), had a vibrant music culture. Sirocco tapped into this and brought many of these expert musicians into the band for guest performances. (1982–1993) Australian child, forced to migrate to New Zealand due to ostracism from her local community in Australia. Commons:Category:Australia Wikipedia:Australia Dmoz:Regional Oceania Australia


on the current generation of international star DJs" Commons:Category:France WikiPedia:France Dmoz:Regional Europe France

United States

by the U.S. government for more details. '''The Rich-Tone Chorus''' is an all-female, barbershop (barbershop music) chorus, located in northern Texas in the United States. The group was founded in 1968 and currently has over 150 members. The current musical director is Dale Syverson who has held that position since 1976. !-- Deleted image removed: Image:Lamancha.gif thumb 300px The Rich-Tones Chorus, 2006

players, home audio amplifiers, public address systems and musical instrument amplifiers. (At the time, most of these were just variations on a few simple vacuum-tube circuits.) All designs were based on research developed and released to the public domain by Western Electric in the '30s, and used vacuum tubes for amplification. The business also sidelined in carrying records for sale and the rental of self-designed-and-built PA systems. Leo became intrigued by design flaws in current

musical instrument amplifiers, and he began custom-building a few amplifiers based on his own designs or modifications to designs. American (United States) composer and commentator Deems Taylor wrote a cantata entitled ''The Chambered Nautilus'' in 1916. '''Peter Gardner Ostrum''' ( ; born November 1957) is an American (United States) large animal veterinary

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