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Fergus, Ontario

Stanley Cups. * Jamie McGinn, current member of the NHL's Colorado Avalanche. * Tye McGinn, OHL Player of the Ottawa 67's, Gatineau Olympiques of the QMJHL, and current member of the Adirondack Phantoms AHL * Brock McGinn, OHL player of the Guelph Storm *Mason Hambly, Canadian Snowboarder *Ariel Waller, actress (''Life with Derek''). * Arthur Black (Arthur Black (humorist)), writer radio host (CBC Radio). *J.M. Frey, science fiction fantasy author and fanthropologist. Twin cities * Fox has a wife, Carol, and daughter, Sarah. He and his wife live in Fergus, Ontario, just outside of Toronto, in an 1860s farmhouse.

Flin Flon

) Flin Flon is in the southwest corner of the Manitoba provincial electoral district of the same name (Flin Flon (electoral district)), and is the only urban centre within the district. The current Member of the Legislative Assembly is NDP (New Democratic Party of Manitoba) Clarence Pettersen, who was elected in the 2011 election (Manitoba general election, 2011). The Saskatchewan portion of Flin Flon is in the electoral district of Cumberland (Cumberland (Saskatchewan provincial electoral district)). It is represented by Doyle Vermette of the NDP (Saskatchewan New Democratic Party). Federal wikipedia:Flin Flon, Manitoba

Barrhead, Alberta

of the House, MLA and former deputy Premier (past resident) *Allan Measures, retired ice hockey player from the SM-liiga in Finland, drafted by Vancouver Canucks External links *


and Hay River. Buffalo Air Express Buffalo Air Express at Buffalo Airways It is one of seven districts that represent Yellowknife Map of the Yellowknife constituencies and the current Member of the Legislative Assembly is Wendy Bisaro. Members page Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) It is one of seven districts that represent Yellowknife and includes Detah (Dettah, Northwest Territories) and N'Dilo (N'Dilo, Northwest Territories). Map of the Yellowknife constituencies and the current Member of the Legislative Assembly is Bob Bromley. Members page It is one of seven districts that represent Yellowknife Map of the Yellowknife constituencies and the current Member of the Legislative Assembly is Bob McLeod (Bob McLeod (politician)). Members page It is one of seven districts that represent Yellowknife Map of the Yellowknife constituencies and the current Member of the Legislative Assembly is Dave Ramsay. Members page Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) It is one of seven districts that represent Yellowknife Map of the Yellowknife constituencies and the current Member of the Legislative Assembly is Robert Hawkins (Robert Hawkins (Northwest Territories politician)). Members page Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) '''CBC North''' is the name for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's radio and television service in the Canadian Arctic. Originally known as the CBC Northern Service, its first operations began in 1958 with radio broadcasts (including the takeover of CFYK (CFYK (AM))—originally a Royal Canadian Signal Corps-owned, community-run station in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, which began broadcasting in 1948). Around the same time, the CBC took over CHFC in Fort Churchill (then an army camp in northern Manitoba); the station had previously run a variety of programs, including American AFRS shows. Peter Mansbridge is its most distinguished alumnus. The station in Churchill was closed in the late 1970s and moved to Rankin Inlet as CBQR-FM. The primary CBC North television production centre is in Yellowknife (CFYK (CFYK-TV)), with smaller production centres in Whitehorse (Whitehorse, Yukon) (CFWH (CFWH-TV)) and Iqaluit (CFFB (CFFB-TV)). The CBC North television service is seen through a network of both CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)-owned and community-owned rebroadcasters in virtually all communities in the Northwest Territories, the Yukon, and Nunavut. CBC North is essentially a television system within a larger network, airing the same programming as CBC Television (with some exceptions). The station airs an hour-long evening news program known as ''CBC News: Northbeat (CBC Television local newscasts)'', anchored by Randy Henderson. It was the sole local newscast that was not merged into Canada Now from 2000 to 2006. The song appears on an album of the same name (Northwest Passage (album)) released by Rogers in 1981, and is considered one of the classic songs in Canadian music history. In the 2005 CBC Radio One series ''50 Tracks: The Canadian Version'', "Northwest Passage" ranked fourth, behind only Neil Young's "Heart of Gold (Heart of Gold (Neil Young song))", Barenaked Ladies' "If I Had $1,000,000" and Ian and Sylvia's "Four Strong Winds". It has been referred to as one of Canada's unofficial anthems by Prime Minister (Prime Minister of Canada) Stephen Harper, "''Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to end by leaving you with a line from Stan Rogers’ unofficial Canadian anthem – Northwest Passage.''" Address by the Prime Minister Stephen Harper, 17 August 2006 in Yellowknife. and former Governor General (Governor General of Canada) Adrienne Clarkson quoted the song both in her first official address Canadian Encyclopedia and in her speech at the dedication of the new Canadian embassy in Berlin. "Her Excellency the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson: Speech on the Occasion of the Official Opening of the Canadian Embassy" * Falls of Neuse Road is the first article is a series of articles I would like to do for Streets in Raleigh, NC. If I can get this to be an actual article, I will add photos and possibly a map. Please be kind and vote for this article. --Master Redyva (User:REDYVA) (talk (User talk:REDYVA)) 19:23, 23 November 2007 (UTC) * '''Do not delete.''' Please review the article. The road is notable. It has history, current and past. It is not just a road. I have tried to clean the article up to get rid of non-encyclopedic phrasing. With work, this could be a better article, even providing information for people in Yellowknife. Master Redyva (User:REDYVA) (talk (User talk:REDYVA)) 20:00, 29 November 2007 (UTC) *'''Keep or Merge''' SameDayService (User:SameDayService) 23:35, 30 November 2007 (UTC) thumb 250px Yellowknife River looking downstream near where it flows under the Ingraham Trail (File:Yellowknife River downstream.JPG) The '''Yellowknife River''' is a river in the Northwest Territories, Canada. It flows south and empties into Yellowknife Bay, part of Great Slave Lake, at the city of Yellowknife. The name of the river derives from the Yellowknife tribe (Yellowknife (tribe)), a First Nations people that formerly lived in the area. - Yellowknife (Regional Hospital) Heliport (List of heliports in Canada#294) CEH7 Yellowknife, Northwest Territories - - '''Yellowknife Airport''' CYZF YZF Yellowknife, Northwest Territories - - Yellowknife Water Aerodrome CEN9 Yellowknife, Northwest Territories - Wikipedia:Yellowknife,_Northwest_Territories Commons:Yellowknife, Northwest Territories


*Mińsk Mazowiecki, Poland *Chernyakhovsk, Russia *Petrozavodsk, Russia *Sävsjö, Sweden *Lebedin, Ukraine *Krnov, Czech Republic Famous people thumb right Former President and Prime Minister of Lithuania and current Member of the European Parliament Rolandas Paksas (File:Rolandas Paksas- horizontali foto.jpg) was born in Telšiai * Eliezer Gordon (1840–1910), Rabbi and Rosh Yeshiva * Ilya Fadeyevich Tsion (Elias von Cyon) (1843–1912), physiologist * Stanisław Narutowicz (1862–1932), politician, signatory of the Act of Independence of Lithuania * Gabriel Narutowicz (1865–1922), first President of Poland * Wilfrid Michael Voynich (1865–1930), revolutionary, eponym of the Voynich manuscript * Michael Noyk (1884–1966), Irish Republican (Irish Republicanism) and solicitor, born in Telšiai * Vladas Petronaitis (1888–1941), soldier and lawyer imprisoned in Telšiai prior to execution by the NKVD in the Rainiai massacre * Justas Paleckis (1899-1980), Lithuanian journalist and nominal head of state of the Lithuanian SSR * Rolandas Paksas (b. 1956), former President of Lithuania * Alfredas Bumblauskas (b. 1956), Lithuanian historian * Egidijus Aleksandravičius (b. 1956), Lithuanian historian * Nijolė Narmontaitė (b. 1959), Lithuanian actress * Jurga Šeduikytė (b. 1980), Lithuanian singer * Giedrius Arlauskis (b. 1987), Lithuanian footballer References WikiPedia:Telšiai

Puerto Cortés

'''Edgard Anthony Álvarez Reyes''' (born 9 January 1980 in Puerto Cortés) is a Honduran footballer (Association football). He currently plays for Palermo (U.S. Città di Palermo). He can play anywhere on the right flank. fullname Estadio Excelsior location Puerto Cortés, Honduras built 1930 '''Estadio Excelsior''' is a multi-purpose stadium in Puerto Cortés, Honduras. It is currently used mostly for football (Association football) matches and is the home stadium of Platense (C.D. Platense). The stadium holds 10,000 people. This stadium was rebuilt during Marlon Lara administration as Mayor of Puerto Cortés

Humboldt, Saskatchewan

birth_place Humboldt (Humboldt, Saskatchewan), SK (Saskatchewan), CAN (Canada) draft 52nd overall, 2001 (2001 NHL Entry Draft) Washington Capitals 202nd overall Personal Paetsch grew up on a farm in Leroy, Saskatchewan, but was born in Humboldt (Humboldt, Saskatchewan) since it was the nearest town with a hospital. Paetsch and his wife maintain a home in Spencerport, New York, a suburb of Rochester. DATE OF BIRTH March 30, 1983 PLACE OF BIRTH Humboldt (Humboldt, Saskatchewan), SK (Saskatchewan), CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH Hengen was born in Broadview (Broadview, Saskatchewan), Saskatchewan and raised in Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan) and Humboldt (Humboldt, Saskatchewan). He holds a Master of Arts (Master of Arts (postgraduate)) degree in school psychology from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and a PhD in education from the University of Regina. Murray Mandryk, "Liberal race revolves round Hengen", ''Saskatoon Star-Phoenix'', 25 October 1996, A4. Raised in a Liberal family, he purchased his first membership in the party in 1957. Murray Mandryk and Russ Wyatt, "Out of the wilderness", ''Saskatoon Star-Phoenix'', 2 November 1996, B2.

University Endowment Lands

into the Strait; recreational visitors can walk or cycle on the twin gravel trails atop and beside the large sewage pipe that stretches the length of the jetty. * '''North Arm Jetty''', the north jetty, while longer, is not as popular; it is a sandy bar (as opposed to the gravel and concrete structure of Iona Jetty) that stretches towards the northwest, running parallel to the Vancouver shoreline and terminating at the University Endowment Lands, almost directly across from the University of British Columbia campus. Summary A Translink (TransLink (Vancouver)) articulated bus getting ready to do the #480 Richmond route, from the UBC (University of British Columbia) bus loop in the University Endowment Lands, British Columbia. Geography Dunbar-Southlands is bordered on the north by West 16th Avenue and on the south by the Fraser River; it stretches from the University Endowment Lands on the west to Mackenzie and Blenheim Streets in the east. It is centered around Dunbar Street, a busy urban thoroughfare that is lined by a variety of retail stores. West 41st Avenue and Southwest Marine Drive also pass through the neighbourhood. Southlands lies south of Marine Drive in the floodplain of the Fraser River, and the Musqueam Indian Reserve is also encompassed by the region.

Brookfield, Wisconsin

Matthews , baseball player * Al McGuire, former NCAA basketball coach and commentator (lived in Brookfield toward the end of his life) * Fritz Mollwitz, MLB player * Brad Nortman, NFL punter (Punter (football)) * Leslie Osborne, Honda Sports Award (top NCAA women's soccer player) winner (2004) and current member of the Women's Professional Soccer team, Boston Breakers (Boston Breakers (WPS)), and the United States women's national soccer team * Joe Panos, football player for the Philadelphia Eagles, and Buffalo Bills * Martin P. Robinson, puppeteer for Telly Monster, Mr. Snuffleupagus and Slimey who has performed on Sesame Street since 1980; graduate of Brookfield East High School * Richie Sexson, retired MLB player lived here when he played for the Milwaukee Brewers * Paul Spaeth, noted composer and musician * Joe Thomas (Joe Thomas (American football)), football player for the Cleveland Browns * Frank Urban, Wisconsin State Assembly * John M. Young, Wisconsin State Assembly Sister cities Brookfield has one sister city: * 20px France (Image:Flag of Germany.svg) Seligenstadt See also * 2012 Azana Spa shootings * 2005 Living Church of God shooting (Terry_Ratzmann#Shooting) * Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation References '''Matthew Charles Katula''' (born August 22, 1982 in Brookfield, Wisconsin) is an American football long snapper for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League. He was signed by the Baltimore Ravens as undrafted free agent in 2005. He played college football at Wisconsin (Wisconsin Badgers football). '''Brookfield Central High School''' is a comprehensive public secondary school located in the city of Brookfield (Brookfield, Wisconsin), Wisconsin. It is a sister school to Brookfield East High School, also located in Brookfield. The high school is administered by the Elmbrook School District, which operates nine schools in Brookfield and Elm Grove, Wisconsin. The band's sound has progressed over their several self-produced albums, but has deep roots in modern folk and indie rock. Many of A Hot Pneumonic's songs include acoustic guitar with barely any other instruments. Most were recorded at Nick Votto's Sun Setter Studios in Brookfield, Wisconsin, except ''apartment songs...'' which was recorded in Votto's apartment in Shorewood, Wisconsin, and the spattering of recordings Nick did while living in Phoenix, AZ. - 18 Brookfield (Brookfield, Wisconsin) 37,920 38,649 City (Political_subdivisions_of_Wisconsin#City) Waukesha (Waukesha County, Wisconsin) -

Dauphin, Manitoba

'''Gilbert Plains''' is a town in Manitoba, Canada. The town lies on Highway 5 (Manitoba Provincial Highway 5) and the CN (Canadian National Railway) railway line, between Dauphin (Dauphin, Manitoba) and Grandview (Grandview, Manitoba), or about 250 miles NW of Winnipeg. The current mayor of Gilbert Plains is Lyle Smith. Gilbert Plains railway station receives Via Rail service. Biography Goffman was born in 1922 in Mannville, Alberta, Canada to parents Max Goffman, and his wife, Ann (née Averbach).

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