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-3201-7 quote Historians have attributed the decline of the city to a series of raids by Muslim Albanian bandits,


;id 2xYzAAAAIAAJ&dq 1466+ohrid&q %22the+usually+well+informed+Tursun+Beg+%22#search_anchor accessdate 9 January 2012 year 1990 publisher Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture location Istanbul isbn 978-92-9063-330-3 oclc doi doi_inactivedate bibcode id page 39 quote ...states that Elbasan became a sandjak capital right after 1466 but the usually well informed Tursun Beg noted for 1466: "The sultan attached this fortress of Elbasan to the Sancak of Ohrid

San Cristóbal de las Casas

; Ruiz negotiated between the EZLN and authorities even though his leftist activism made him suspect to many authorities. This would undermine efforts and eventually the Catholic Church would split from the Zapatista movement. ref


;hl en&sa X&ei eAYOUdvLD4P_rAfC6ICwAw&ved 0CDAQ6AEwAA#v onepage&q praying%20in%20the%20shadow%20cave%20at%20jalalabad&f false The Silk Road Journey With Xuanzang By Sally Hovey Wriggins *


medina-of-fes Medina Of Fes * The Fez Festival: Sacred Music From Around The World – audio report by ''NPR'' * *


: morocco rabat.htm Entry in Lexicorient * Rabat photo gallery * Rabat Post * *


with Google Earth on Global Heritage Network * Indigenous Indian civilization prevailed in Balkh, Afghanistan till the second half of tenth century AD *


Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture location Istanbul (Category:Tangier) Category:Cities in Morocco Category:Former Portuguese colonies Category:Kingdom of the Algarve Category:Metropolitan areas


author John P. Schmal year 2004 publisher Houston Institute for Culture location Texas accessdate May 8, 2011 Twenty two municipalities have indigenous populations over 90 percent, and 36 municipalities have native populations exceeding 50 percent. However, despite population growth in indigenous villages, the percentage of indigenous to non indigenous continues to fall with less than 35% indigenous. Indian populations are concentrated in a few areas, with the largest

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