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Providensky District

groups, with one staying in the tundra and the other moving closer to the sea for food. Gradually, those who settled by the shore began to develop their own individual culture, including the construction of their homes and other buildings using whale bones as support, structures which would later develop into the yarangas. Excavations at many sites along the coast of the district, including present-day localities such as Enmelen, Nunligran


look novina article.tpl?IdLanguage 1&IdPublication 2&NrArticle 70219&NrIssue 363&NrSection 10 Dimitar Miladinov was born in Struga, Ottoman Empire, in 1810. His mother was Sultana and father Hristo Miladinov. With the assistance from friends, Dimitar was sent to Yanina, at that time, a prominent Greek educational center. He had absorbed much of the Greek culture including their classics, and became proficient in the Greek language. In 1829, he stayed in the Saint Naum


grain, flour and butter into central Russia and Western Europe. Commerce in the Siberian town of Berdsk, early 20th century. Khakassia is a region in Russia. The Khakas (Khakas people) people are Turkic (Turkic peoples), and their culture, including music, has some similarities to the culture of Tuva (Tuva#Culture), a neighboring region in Central Asia. Like Tuva, Overtone singing

San Anselmo, California

, his health improved and he enrolled at Redwood High School (Redwood High School (Larkspur, California)) as a freshman. He then transferred to Tamiscal High School in the Tamalpais Union High School District, an alternative school offering self-directed, individualized study programs. While there, he studied world culture, including Islam and the Middle East. Lindh subsequently left the school and eventually earned an equivalent of a high school diploma by passing

Rankin Inlet

sought to give the public an opportunity to offer input into the colours and symbolism of the flag as well as to give local artists an opportunity to participate. Led by the Chief Herald of Canada, a group developing the flag visited a number of communities to seek input and learn about local culture, including Rankin Inlet, Baker Lake (Baker Lake, Nunavut), Cape Dorset, Iqaluit, and Pangnirtung. *In Canada: **Rankin Inlet, Nunavut

Dera Ghazi Khan

and Urdu languages. The tradition of Mushaira is still very common in the city and villages. Famous Urdu poet Mohsin Naqvi and Javed Ahsan Khan belongs to Dera Ghazi Khan. Cuisine * Sohanjhnrran (Saraiki (Saraiki language): ) or the flowers of Moringa oleifera is very peculiar food of Saraiki culture including Dera Ghazi Khan. * Sohan Halwa is traditional sweet made by boiling a mixture of water, sugar, milk and wheatflour (coarse pieces) cornflour

until it becomes solid. * Sohbat is very peculiar food of Saraiki culture including Dera Ghazi Khan and Taunsa. * Sijji is very peculiar food of Saraiki culture including Dera Ghazi Khan and Fort Munro. Sports Dera Ghazi Khan has a cricket stadium

History of the Ryukyu Islands

; thumb left 80 pg. The last King Shō Tai (File:King Sho Tai.jpg) Hostility against mainland Japan increased in the Ryūkyūs immediately after its annexation to Japan in part because of the systematic attempt on the part of mainland Japan to eliminate the Ryukyuan culture, including the language, religion, and cultural practices. Japan introduced public education that permitted only the use of standard Japanese while shaming students who used their own language by forcing them to wear plaques

Tal Afar

”. Culture and society Many residents identify themselves as Iraqi Turkmen and share many similarities with Anatolian Turkish culture. Strong family ties exist between residents of the city and relatives in Turkey. Arab culture is also present and many residents don traditional Arab dishdashas and checkered headscarves. Western-style clothing is also common. Cuisine found in the city is similar to meals prepared in Arab Turkish culture including unseasoned grilled lamb and mutton


; is located on the eastern outskirts of the town, west of the old heliport site. Apart from the traditional curriculum, it provides specialized courses in Greenland history and culture including skin preparation and ski instruction. The school is also notable for its special unit, the ''Women's High School'' ( ) added in 1977, and focusing on traditional arts.

Saint-Louis, Senegal

were extended to those peoples who adopted French culture, including primary use of the French language in their lives, wearing Western clothes, and conversion to Christianity. Despite granting French citizenship to the residents of the "Four Communes" (Dakar, Saint-Louis (Saint-Louis, Senegal), Gorée, and Rufisque), most West Africans did not adopt French culture or Christianity. Following World War I, "association" replaced assimilation as the fundamental tenet of the colonial relationships. It was thought that French culture might exist in association with indigenous societies and that these autonomous colonies might freely associate with France in the French Union.

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