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''' as a tribute to Ivan Milutinović. In 1992, its original name was restored. Culture, education and science thumb 250px Monastery Đurđevi Stupovi. (File:Berane manastir.jpg) The main impact for the development of culture of this area historically, and up to recent times, came from the Serb Orthodox Church, or it monasteries in the area: Šudikova, Đurdjevi stupovi and other, as the cornerstones of spirituality of the Serb population, as previously mentioned. That part is later to a certain

Kingdom of Dambadeniya

of SriLanka.he also had to war against queen Sugala who had the Tooth relic in her possession. thus, we could clearly understand that there was many battles in thirst and hunger for power. Culture Education Parakramabahu IV the son of Bhuvanekabahu II was a very wise and intelligent king who was also known as Panditha Parakramabahu.He was responsible for writing 'Dalada sirita'. He renamed Mahanuwara as Senkadagale,the king was also responsible in translating pali books into sinhala * 1) Sinhala


because its existing code did not have enough numbers for all its residents' cars. File:Trolleybus in Togliatti.jpg Trolleybus File:Autobustlt.jpg MAZ-103 (Minsk Automobile Plant) bus Culture, education, and sports thumb ''Olimp'' Sport Palace (File:Olimp, sport palace, Togliatti, Russia.JPG) The creation of the Kuybyshev Reservoir in the 1950s destroyed much of the city's history, so almost all the city's cultural points


and , a coastline


construction has been carried out in the city. Over the past years hundreds of new multi-story blocks of apartments as well as detached and semi-detached houses were built in Cherepovets. Cherepovets is not only an industrial city; it is also a center of culture, education, and sport. Professional associations of local writers, poets, actors, painters, composers, journalists function there. Cherepovets is famous for its sport achievements. The joint-stock company "Severstal" regularly holds


center for the gas and oil industries in Russia. Due to its advantageous location at the crossing of the Motor, Rail, Water and Air way and its moderate climate Tyumen was an ideal base town for servicing the oil and gas industry of the West Siberia. As the result today Tyumen is the center of industry, science, culture, education and medicine. Many world level oil and gas companies such as Gazprom (the biggest is TyumenNIIgiprogas), LUKoil and Gazpromneft, TNK-BP, Royal

North Ossetia–Alania

Welcome to North Ossetia (by Toma Kulayeva) * Electronic version


http: weather weatherall.php3?s 284110&refer &cityname Novoye-Mart'yanovo-Central-Federal-District-Russia&units title Weatherbase: Historical Weather for Novoye Mart'Yanovo, Russia publisher Weatherbase accessdate December 15, 2012 date March 2012 Life and culture Education thumb Presidential Palace of the Udmurt Republic, located in Izhevsk (File:Izhevsk President Palace.jpg) Izhevsk is the scientific and cultural


-right governance extremely rejective towards industries. Instead they wanted to portray Östersund as a centre of out-door activities (outdoor activity), culture, education and tourism. Industries were not allowed to threaten the good environment, and the social history traditions. In 1917 when the Great War was fought on the continent and with the February revolution in Russia, starting the Russian Revolution (Russian Revolution (1917)) also affected Östersund. Rationing


– Orthodoxy (Eastern Orthodox Church), Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism. The Church is separated from the State (Separation of Church and State); but it is inseparable from the society, culture, education, and information. # It is a national party. In it the representatives of the national movements – first of all, Russian but also Tatar, Yakut (Yakuts), Tuva, Chechen (Chechen people), Kalmyk (Kalmyk people), Ingush (Ingush people), and Demographics of Russia all

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