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Arnat Ilinniarfiat language Kalaallisut accessdate 3 July 2010 During summer, the school building is used as a hostel. In autumn 2002, the school was responsible for erecting a series of stone sculptures around Sisimiut: near the airport, in the municipal building, at the Gertrud Rask Minde children's home, at Arnat Ilinniarfiat and around the school itself.

, with artifacts based on ten years of archaeological research and excavations of the ancient Saqqaq culture settlements near the town, offering an insight into the culture of the region of 4,000 years ago.

"Cultural" Arts and crafts The modern Taseralik Culture Center ( ref>

Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl

Neza: robo de arte sacro en la catedral first Juan last Lázaro url http: pls impreso noticia.html?id_nota 39735&tabla estados newspaper El Universal location Mexico City date 10 November 2001 accessdate January 18, 2010 language Spanish trans_title Neza: Theft of sacred art in the cathedral The main cultural center for the city is the '''Centro Cultural "Jaime Torres Bodet"''' ("Cultural Center Jaime Torres Bodet"

; Other cultural centers include the José Martín Cultural Center, which has the José Guadalupe Posadas gallery, and the Hortus Gallery, which is the first contemporary art

Oruro, Bolivia

: Fraternidad Artística y Cultural "La Diablada"'') ''La Diablada'' Carnival, takes place in the city of Oruro (Oruro, Bolivia) in central Bolivia. It is celebrated in honor of the patron saint of the miners, ''Vírgen de Socavon'' (the Virgin of the Tunnels). Over 50 parade groups dance, sing and play music over a five kilometre-long course. Participants dress up as demons, devils, angels, Incas and Spanish conquerors. There are various kinds of dances such as caporales and tinkus


accessdate 15 January 2012 - is a municipality located in the department of Chiquimula, in eastern Guatemala, the largest city and capital of the municipality is the city of Esquipulas. This city is known as the main point of Central Catholic pilgrimage, as it is the place where they worship the Black Christ of Esquipulas. It is also one of the most important cities of the country and one that has had the most economic and cultural growth. ref name "Centro Cultural

" In 2002 it was registered in the tentative list of World Heritage of UNESCO.


in Sisimiut. Home to the first shipyard of Greenland dating from 1931, the port also handles more than 50 cruise liners per year. The local kayak club operates at the bay harbor east of the port. thumb Map of North Greenland. (File:Greenland north.PNG) '''Avannaa''' '''Nordgrønland''' (North Greenland, also called ''Avannaarsua'' or ''Avanersuaq'') was one of the three Administrative

Loreto, Baja California Sur

centuries that were used in the Spanish missions in Baja California.


in Pátzcuaro and other towns in Michoacán is the Festival Cultural de la Muerte. Since 1993, this event has been held to exhibit paintings, photographs, film, dance, crafts and altars that are created for this day. Canoeing competitions on the lake are popular here as well as "torneos de calavaeras"(tournaments of skulls) which are satirical poetry contests with the theme of death and black humor. This festival takes place from 27 October to 2 November. ref name "cultural">

Canadian Wheat Board

and arbitration cases. Other notable disputes include the Canadian Wheat Board, and Canadian cultural "restrictions" on magazines and television (See CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission), CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), and National Film Board of Canada). Canadians have been criticized about such things as the ban on beef since a case of Mad Cow disease (Bovine spongiform encephalopathy) was discovered in 2003 in cows from

Nuevo Laredo

on forest park that overlooks the Rio Grande on the eastern side of Nuevo Laredo. The park features a zoo, 2 large swimming pools, walking trails, picnic areas with bar-b-que pits and playgrounds. history of Parque Viveros Theaters Nuevo Laredo has three main theaters the "Centro Cultural", "Teatro de la Ciudad", and "Casa de Cultura". The '''Centro Cultural''' (en:Cultural Center

San Miguel de Allende

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