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Novgorod Oblast

Особо охраняемые природные территории России language Russian accessdate 1 March 2011 These are Valdaysky National Park in the southeast of the oblast, protecting the lake district and related ecosystems and cultural landscapes, and Rdeysky Nature Reserve in the southwest of the oblast, which protects the Polist-Lovat Swamp System and is adjacent to Polistovsky Nature Reserve in Pskov Oblast. History File:Usobica.JPG thumb Battle between Novgorod and Suzdal

Safavid dynasty

was founded on being direct male descendants of the Ali, Kathryn Babayan, ''Mystics, Monarchs and Messiahs: Cultural Landscapes of Early Modern Iran'', Cambridge, Massachusetts ; London : Harvard University Press, 2002. p. 143: "It is true that during their revolutionary phase (1447-1501), Safavi guides had played on their descent from the family of the Prophet. The hagiography of the founder of the Safavi order, Shaykh Safi al-Din Safvat al-Safa written by Ibn Bazzaz in 1350


%20gdansk&f false title Cultural landscapes of post-socialist cities: representation of powers and needs first1 Mariusz last1 Czepczynski publisher Ashgate publ. year 2008 isbn 978-0-7546-7022-3 page 82 while Flemish-Dutch, Italian and French influences were emphasized.


title Destinations: Cultural Landscapes of Tourism url http: books?id SMuJSI7ClmEC&pg PA156 accessdate 17 July 2011 date 1 November 2002 publisher Routledge isbn 9780203441381 pages 156– Between 1815 and 1817, Turner cruised the Mediterranean in the frigate ''Java'' (USS Java (1815)) commanded by his old superior on the Great Lakes, Oliver Hazard Perry. During that deployment, ''Java'' visited Algiers and Tripoli in a show of American

Austin, Texas

in Austin, Texas location Austin publisher University of Texas Press isbn 978-0292722415 The slogan has been interpreted many ways since its inception, but remains an important symbol for many Austinites who wish to voice concerns over rapid growth and irresponsible development. Austin has a long history of vocal citizen resistance to development projects perceived to degrade the environment, or to threaten the natural and cultural landscapes. ref>


temples (Buddhist temples in Japan) associated with the Buddhist monk Kūkai (Kōbō Daishi) on the island of Shikoku, Japan. A popular and distinctive feature of the island's cultural landscape (Cultural Landscapes of Japan), and with a long history, large numbers of pilgrims (known as ) still undertake the journey for a variety of ascetic (Shugendō), pious (Religion in Japan), and tourism-related (Tourism in Japan) purposes. ref name "Tanabe

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