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of the Moldova-Ukraine border, then flows through Ukraine to the Black Sea, where its estuary forms the Dniester Liman. '''Bruno Schulz''' (July 12, 1892 – November 19, 1942) was a Polish (Poland) writer, fine artist, literary critic (Literary criticism) and art teacher (Art education) born to Jewish parents, Rabbi '''Yekusiel Yehuda Teitelbaum''' (1808–1883), known as the ''Yetev Lev'', was a Hasidic (Hasidic Judaism) ''Rebbe'' in Austria-Hungary. He was the son of Rabbi Eliezer Nison Teitelbaum, rabbi of Drubitsh (Drohobych), who was the son of the ''Yismach Moshe'' (Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum; famous Orthodox (Orthodox Judaism) rabbis are sometimes known by the titles of their religious works) of Ujhel (Sátoraljaújhely), Hungary. He was to become the grandfather of Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, the rebbe of Satmar (Satmar (Hasidic dynasty)) who migrated to the United States after the Holocaust. Born near Drohobych, Galicia (Galicia (Central Europe)) into a peasant family. Between 1912 and 1914 he studied at the Higher School of Agriculture in Vienna. With the outbreak of the First World War, Melnyk served as an officer in the Austro-Hungarian army as a volunteer with the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen where he commanded a company. Due to his kind demeanor, he was referred to affectionately as "Lord Melnyk" by fellow Ukrainian and Austrian officers, who felt that he embodied the English concept of a gentleman which at that time had been an ideal in Central Europe. John Armstrong (1963). ''Ukrainian Nationalism''. New York: Columbia University Press, pp. 36-39 Melnyk was taken prisoner by the Russians (Imperial Russia) in 1916. In captivity, Melnyk became a close associate of Yevhen Konovalets and joined the Ukrainian independence movement. The ''Pachad Yitzchok's'' youngest son, Rabbi Mordechai Shlomo (Mordechai Shlomo Friedman), remained in Vienna with his mother until the latter's death in 1922. Friedman, ''The Golden Dynasty'', p. 111. At that point he considered an offer to head the Hasidic community of Drohobych in Western Ukraine, and another offer to lead an organized ''chaburah'' (group) of Boyaner Hasidim on the Lower East Side of New York City. Brayer, ''The House of Rizhin'', p. 442. He embarked on an 11-month pilot trip to America in December 1925, and then spent another year weighing the pros and cons of moving to America before acceding to the request of the Boyaner Hasidim of New York to establish his court with them. He and his family arrived in New York in November 1927. Brayer, ''The House of Rizhin'', p. 443. There is a growing trend among some Israelis to visit Ukraine on a "roots trip" to follow the footsteps of Jewish life there. ''A mile in their shoes, By Moshe Gilad, RISU'' Among the place of interest are usually mentioned Kiev, where it is possible to trace the paths of Sholem Aleichem and Golda Meir; Zhytomyr and Korostyshiv, where one can follow the steps of Haim Nahman Bialik; Berdychiv, where one can trace the life of Mendele Mocher Sforim; Rivne, where one can follow the course of Amos Oz; Buchach - the path of S.Y. Agnon; Drohobych - the place of Maurycy Gottlieb and Bruno Schulz. - Drohobych Дрогобич (:uk:Дрогобич) Lviv Oblast align right O align right 79,119 - This site mentions three Josefbergs in Galicia. I havent got a detailed map to hand to check where they are in relation to Lviv. Presumably Josefsberg was a village in one of the three raions - Drohobych, Strochabiez or Stryi. Jameswilson (User:Jameswilson) 00:39, 22 March 2006 (UTC) '''Junak Drohobycz''' was a Polish (Poland) soccer team, located in Drohobycz (now Drohobych, Ukraine), on the historic territory of Kresy Wschodnie (Polish Eastern Borderlands). It was disbanded by the Soviet (Soviet Union) occupying authorities in the fall of 1939, following Soviet attack on Eastern Poland (Polish September Campaign). In early months of the war, members of Junak created the White Couriers, a boyscouting organization, which smuggled hundreds of persons from the area of Lwow to Hungary, across the Soviet-Hungarian border in the Carpathians. Oil industry According to the media, Privat Group owns significant shares in Ukrnafta and NPK Halychyna, controlling their business. Ukrnafta is the half-state-owned national oil company, dealing with extraction of petroleum and gas condensate (natural gas condensate), as well as retailing gasoline through its large gas station network. NPK Halychyna owns and operates an oil refinery in Drohobych, Lviv Oblast.

Râmnicu Vâlcea

; ; b. November 27, 1939, Râmnicu Vâlcea) is a Romanian literary critic (Literary criticism).


'' *Stanisław Jarmoliński ''(1944–current)'' ''(politician and physician)'' *Józef Rojek ''(1950

Winkler, Manitoba

*Di Brandt, poet and literary critic (literary criticism) *Arnold Brown (Arnold Brown (Manitoba politician)), politician *Benjamin De Fehr (List of Canadian soldiers executed during World War I#Benjamin De Fehr), soldier executed during World War I *Howard Dyck, conductor and broadcaster *Eric Fehr, NHL player for the Washington Capitals *Byron Froese, AHL (American Hockey League) player for the Rockford IceHogs *Jacob Froese, politician * Don


was fully implemented by the start of 1993. thumb 170px Constantin Dobrogeanu-Gherea (Image:Constantin Dobrogeanu Gherea - Foto01.jpg) '''Constantin Dobrogeanu-Gherea''' (born '''Solomon Katz'''; 1855, near Yekaterinoslav (Dnipropetrovsk) (modern Dnipropetrovsk), then in Imperial Russia—1920, Bucharest) was a Romanian Marxist (Marxism) theorist, politician, sociologist (Sociology), literary critic (literary criticism), and journalist. He was also an entrepreneur in the city of Ploieşti. Constantin Dobrogeanu-Gherea was a father of the communist (Communism) activist Alexandru Dobrogeanu-Gherea. DATE OF BIRTH October 18, 1923 PLACE OF BIRTH Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine (Ukrainian People's Republic) DATE OF DEATH May 22, 1981 Pksmart is an executable file compressor written by Alexandr Puchkov and Sergey Puchkov from Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. It allows compressing single and multiple executables both in executable and overlay formats. Program features simple Norton Commander-like interface, with only one panel. Crunching of directory trees is also possible. Biography Alexei Fyodorov was born near Dnipropetrovsk in a Ukrainian (Ukrainians) peasant family. In 1920 he joined the Red Army and fought in the Russian Civil War. birth_date Commons:Category:Dnipropetrovsk


: thumb Tudor Vianu (Image:Tudor Vianu.jpg) -- '''Tudor Vianu''' ( ; January 8, 1898 – May 21, 1964) was a Romanian literary critic (literary criticism), art critic, poet, philosopher, academic, and translator. Known for his left-wing (Left-wing politics) and anti-fascist (Anti-fascism) convictions, he had a major role on the reception and development of Modernism in Romanian literature (Literature of Romania) and art (Art of Romania). He was married

and Moldova. '''Nicolae Manolescu''' (

, Romania, about 25 kilometres from Craiova, the county seat. It has 8,000 inhabitants and it is famous for its white wines. '''Eugen Lovinescu''' ( ; 31 October 1881 – 1943) was a Romanian modernist (Modernism) literary historian, literary critic (Literary criticism), academic, and novelist, who in 1919 established the ''Sburătorul'' literary club. He was the father of Monica Lovinescu, and the uncle of Horia Lovinescu


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thumb right '''Mark Naumovich Lipovetsky''' (Mарк Наумович Липовецкий) (born June 2, 1964) is a Russian literary (literary criticism), film (film criticism), and cultural (culture) critic who advocates the position that postmodernism is replacing socialist realism as the dominant art movement in Russia. His major interests include 20th century Russian literature, Russian postmodernism, fairy-tales, Mikhail Bakhtin's carnival, totalitarian

and post-communist cultures. thumb right (Image:MarkLip.JPG) '''Mark Naumovich Lipovetsky''' (Mарк Наумович Липовецкий) (born June 2, 1964) is a Russian literary (literary criticism), film (film criticism), and cultural (culture) critic who advocates the position that postmodernism is replacing socialist realism as the dominant art movement in Russia. His major interests include 20th century Russian literature, Russian postmodernism, fairy-tales

20, 1943) was a famous Soviet (Soviet Union) Russian writer, literary critic (literary criticism), translator, scholar and screenwriter. He was an authority on Pushkin and an important member of the Russian Formalist (Russian Formalism) school. Further testimony for this device's success would be even simpler: the 6L6GC version was still being manufactured and used, primarily in guitar amplifiers. Manufacture continued in Russia (two


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—November 26, 2000, Florence) was an Italian (Italy) classical philologist (philology), essayist, and literary critic (Literary criticism). He was also a long-time Marxist (Marxism) who made important contributions to left-wing (left-wing politics) political causes. He was an atheist. Enrico Ghidetti, Alessandro Pagnini, ''Sebastiano Timpanaro e la cultura del secondo Novecento'', Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura, 2005, p. 364. With the outbreak

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