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San Anselmo, California

critically low on fuel and part of a larger training group that had gotten separated. They were under the wintertime marine layer of low clouds that are common in the Marin County area, searching for nearby Hamilton Field (Hamilton Air Force Base) to land.

Street, circled the Forbes Hill radio beacon (37°58'44.73"N,122°32'50.78"W), clipped a tree and then turned northeast, towards Hamilton Field. Unsure of what the oncoming terrain would be and critically low on fuel, he decided to climb up though the typically thin marine cloud layer to 2500 ft, trim the airplane for straight and level flight and bail out. According to USAAF accident reports, his left leg was broken when exiting the plane and he parachuted down, landing near

Tlacolula de Matamoros

elderly speakers of this Zapotecan language remain. Archeological sites and culture File:YagulBallCourt.jpg thumb


and have contributed critically to national development. The town is credited with an intimidating number of professors, top civil servants, professionals and wealthy men and women. Professor Pat Utomi has attributed the reason for the stupendous achievements of Igbuzo's indigenous and successes to the advent of catholic missionaries in the community in 1898, and Ibusa traditional hard work ethic that promotes hard work over indulgence and inculcated in the youths though various


Carlos Perez as its lead vocalist and frontman, releasing that very year the critically acclaimed album ''Itoiz'', which contained such poignant tracks as ''Hilzori'', ''Lau teilatu'' etc. Akin ensemble Haizea delivered a couple of good LPs in this period. Pierre de Marca, a Béarnese author, suggests that the attackers were


of an intensive-care unit, one critically, in a paramedics' dispatch station in Efrat. In the past 18 months, according to the Associated Press, 1262 people have been killed on the Palestinian side and on 401 on the Israeli side. Many students of Soloveitchik represent a centrist approach to Modern Orthodoxy (which Lamm has coined "Centrist Orthodoxy") such as Rabbis Aharon Lichtenstein, Shlomo Riskin, Lawrence Kaplan, and Lamm. This is the mainstream approach


is critically dependent upon investment from Denmark and relies heavily on Danish block funding. Of all exports produced in Qaqortoq, 70.1% are headed for the Danish market. Employment As with the rest of Greenland, unemployment in south Greenland &ndash

Saint-François-du-Lac, Quebec

impresses Major Robert Rogers with a discussion about the Northwest Passage and is chosen as one of Rogers' aides. Setting out with a force of Rangers, Stockbridge Indians (Mahican) and Mohawk Indians (Mohawk nation), the troops are not told their destination. The Mohawks, who are closely allied with Sir William Johnson (Sir William Johnson, 1st Baronet), are jealous of Rogers' preference for the Stockbridge Indians and decide to leave. Hunk and McNott, among others, are critically

King City, California

; at an elevation of 971 feet (296 m). Jolon is located in the Salinas Valley in a rural area located about 6 miles from Mission San Antonio de Padua, and is part of Fort Hunter Liggett. The three patients who were the first to arrive at the Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital (w:Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital) were all in a critical condition. Some of the injured were taken to the Lee Memorial Hospital in King City (w:King City, California), other critically injured were being sent to the Bay area. So far eight people have been reported in critical condition (w:Medical state). At least fifteen ambulances, and seven helicopter ambulances were dispatched to the scene.

Federal Emergency Relief Administration

Administration . Directed by Tugwell, the RA sought to create healthy communities for the rural unemployed with access to urban opportunities. Some of the RA's activities dealt with land conservation and rural aid, but the construction of new suburban satellite cities was the most prominent. In her book The Death and Life of Great American Cities, author Jane Jacobs critically quotes Tugswell on the program: "My idea is to go just outside centers of population, pick up cheap land, build

Fergus, Ontario

Fergusites * Craig Norris, lead singer of The Kramdens, Host of The Morning Edition on CBC Radio One. * Lori Bowden, professional triathlete, Ironman Triathlon World Champion. * Ed Chadwick, former National Hockey League goalie who played most notably with the Toronto Maple Leafs. * Ryan Joyce, critically acclaimed magician and illusionist. * Ryan Laird, country musician. * Bucko McDonald, former Member of Parliament and NHL defenceman who won three

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