out of work. Cookies (Kulucheh) Lahijan's cookies (Kulucheh) are well-known and sold all across the world. Culucheh is a traditional Persian-style filled cookie. It has a shell that encrusts a soft filling. The filling comes in different variety of flavors like cocoa, walnut, or coconut. For centuries, using traditional methods, these types of cookies have been produced in Gilan. Noosheen,Grand naderi, Naderi, Nadi and Peyman brands are four famous cookie producers in Lahijan


other popular local dishes of this city. Between the local cookies of Rasht, Reshte Xoshkar (Reshteh khoshkar) is a well-known one. Zeitoun Parvarde is a kind of delicacies prepared from olive and it is a popular seasoning in Rasht City. Sports The people of Rasht have always been regular fans of football which is the beloved sport in the city. Most of them are the fans of Damash Gilan F.C. which is a professional football club playing in the Iranian premier football league, Persian

wearing the scarf for long a breeze through the hair on a motorboat is most welcome! Buy Eat Rasht and the surrounding towns of the Caspian province are a great place to try still-warm, walnut-filled ''koloocheh'' cookies. Look for stores selling cookies with round patterns embossed on them. '''Bijan's''' (Gaz square) restaurant is a surprise. After having kebab for dinner all the time all over Iran this place will be welcome with wonderful italian dishes. Pasta, pizzas and meat

Semnan, Iran

in the central northern portion of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The city of Semnan is a beautiful and unique municipality filled with recreational activities, historical and religious sites, festivals, gardens and parks, colleges and universities, and Semnani culture. The city serves as the cultural and political capital of the Semnan Province. The city's main souvenirs are daffodil flowers (Narcissus (plant)), Shirmal (Sheermal) pastry, Kolucheh cookies, Glim rugs, and shortbread

سمنان - نوروز در استان سمنان Unique foods and dishes thumb Popular Koloocheh and Masgati Kolüçe (File:Kolooche.jpg) cookies (right) demonstrate the Caspian (Caspian Sea) region's culinary influence on Semnan The people of Semnan have many foods and dishes that are specific to Semnan. Some of the common ingredients used in Semnani dishes consist of pomegranate extracts, fresh walnuts from Shahmirzad (şômırzé), a variety of greens and herbs known in Persian


festivities, a pagan feast celebrating the end of winter and the coming of summer. ''Ballokume'', cookies made from butter and corn wheat is the traditional dish served in this day. Since 2004, it has become a national holiday being celebrated in Tirana on a Monday in mid-March. Economy Industrial development began during the Zog (Zog of Albania) regime with the production of tobacco and alcoholic beverages, and culminated during the communist regime

nowhere else in Albania. Smothered in butter and with a dash of salt, this roll is delicious but not the those watching their cholesterol. *Bollokume, another Elbasan specialty rarely found elsewhere in Albania. It is essentially a large sugar cookie. While sold in stores all over the city, the best are always the freshly baked warm cookies. *Try the traditional Tave Elbasani and other yummy specialties *Meg&Jons is a delicious restaurant just east of the mosque near the center of town. *Tre


symbols * Traditional Croatian schnaps Eat * Try Dalmatinski Prsut-Dalmatian smoked ham (ham smoked and dry on specific way) * Fritule and Krostule (home made cookies) * Jela ispod peke (meals prepared in the traditional way at the local restaurants) * Local sea-food specialties *Restaurant "Puljiz" old town: fresh fish, lobsters, steaks, not expensive, long tradition, terrace, always fresh food. Drink * Rakija: hard alcohol made either from grapes or plums * Prosek: sweet


. If it is just too hard to get off the beach, there are plenty of vendors that come along with homemade tamales and deep fried tacos. If you have a sensitive stomach practice caution in your choices. The boho residents also sell homemade bread and cookies and these treats are highly recommended. *

Tula Oblast

Russian . Get in Trains from Moscow's Kursky Station take 3 hours to arrive in Tula. Get around See Itineraries Do Eat The Tula region is famous for its pryaniki (PRYA-nee-kee)—honey gingerbread cookies best eaten with tea. Drink Tula is the historic capital of Russia's production of samovars and these can make excellent, if expensive, souvenirs. Be sure to have good documentation of any samovar purchases because they may face strict scrutiny

Richmond, Ontario

Citizen date August 11, 2013 people from all over North America, who had either come from the Ottawa area or visited over the years recounted their memories of driving out to Richmond on a Sunday to get chocolate doughnuts, cookies and other treats or their traditions of going to the bakery for cakes for family events since the 1960s. Notable residents * George Seymour Lyon (George Lyon (golfer)), won the gold medal in golf


economy. In the 1940s, the first modern factories were built, making powdered milk and cream, cookies pork cold cuts, fertilizer and mole. These were followed by various others producing clothing and other textiles. Telephone service was established

Piatra Neamț

are invited to taste the most delicious cookies: Central, Aluneta, Exotic, Select, And Tarta cu fructe de padure. Prices: Double Rooms: 53-58 Euros, Single Room: 38-43 Euros. *Grand Hotel Ceahlau *** Piatra Neamt, str. Stefan cel Mare nr.3, tel. +40 233 219990, +40 233 219991; fax. +40 233 215540, internet: e-mail: Capacity: 244 beds in 42 Single-Rooms, 94 Double-Rooms and 7 VIP apartments. Services: Room-service, Cable TV

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