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year 1999 title Encyclopedia of the archaeology of ancient Egypt editor-last Bard editor-first Kathryn A. volume pages place London publisher Routledge . *


.jpg سیکا بخشی از منظومه آبشار ها و آسیاب های آبی شوشتر See also * Sahl al-Tustari, a medieval Islamic scholar and early Sufi mystic born in Shushtar References Sources *

1987 volume 1 pages 221–274 isbn 3-87919-145-X * *

and Change in History volume 2 year 2000 publisher Brill location Leiden isbn 90-04-11123-9 pages 331–339 (337f.) * *

Agros, Cyprus

a new monastery naming it Monastery of Megalos Agros just like the prior monastery they used to live in. In 1692 A.C. death virus spread all over the island causing death to 2 3 of the population. The survivors left their houses and moved close to the monastery. So a new village was formed with the name of Agros. Finally in 1894 the monastery was ruined leaving the village a great historical inheritance. National Contribution The village of Agros was always present to all national fights

. The patriotism and strength of the people of Agros were recorded on the pages of the Greek and Cypriot history. Following there is a report on the contribution of the people of Agros to the national fights based on a relevant chapter of the book “Agros, I Eptalofi tis Pitsilias”*. Greek Revolution 1821 After the tragic events of the 9th of July 1821, the Exarch of the Metropolis of Kiti sought shelter in Agros. In particular, he undertook the managing of the property of the Monastery

people from Agros participated in the Balkan wars and then in World War I. Additionally, the people of Agros also contributed to the wars financially. In particular, according to the data of Papapolyviou’s research, the contribution of Agros was 7 pounds and 13 cents. World War I As we have already mentioned, the people of Agros who participated in World War I were the same fourteen who had fought in the Balkan wars. However, it is believed that there had been more people from

Coolgardie, Western Australia

. His former house in Gwalia is now a historical tourist attraction, and as of 2004, a bed and breakfast inn. Hoover is profiled as a mining pioneer in the Kalgoorlie Miners Hall of Fame, although his biography fails to mention his subsequent role as U.S. President. During his time at Gwalia, Hoover first met Fleury

James Lyster FJ (Jim) Lyster , a pioneering metallurgist (metallurgy). .

first George H contribution Hoover, Herbert Clark (1874–1964) title Australian Dictionary of Biography publisher National Centre of Biography, Australian National University url http: biography hoover-herbert-clark-6729 text11619 accessdate 19 February 2012 . Later gold rushes occurred at the Palmer River, Queensland, in the 1870s, and Coolgardie (Coolgardie, Western Australia) and Kalgoorlie (Kalgoorlie, Western Australia) in Western

Siwa Oasis

name EBsiwa

editor-first Kathryn A. editor2-last Shubert editor2-first Steven Blake contribution contribution-url title Encyclopedia of the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt year 1999 pages place publisher Routledge (UK) url http: ?id XNdgScxtirYC&pg PA738&lpg PA738&dq %22Siwa+Oasis%22 doi id ISBN 0-415-18589-0 isbn 978-0-415-18589-9

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Kingdom of Gwent

Wledig, stripped all of western and northern Britain of troops and senior administrators, to launch a successful bid for imperial power; continuing to rule Britain from Gaul as Emperor.

page 354 isbn 0-7102-1215-1 Gildas, writing in about 540, says that Maximus left Britain not only with all of its Roman troops, but also with all

editor-first Egerton contribution Pedigrees from Jesus College MS. 20 contribution-url http: books?id HlUrAAAAIAAJ&pg PA83 title Y Cymmrodor volume VIII publisher Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion publication-date 1887 pages 83–92

Bandar Lampung

(headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas) pledges a contribution of US$1 million, and offers rail transportation to aid in relief efforts for the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. The monetary contribution would come from the Bulington Northern Santa Fe Foundation as a donation to the American Red Cross relief efforts, while the transportation assistance is currently being organized by the Association of American Railroads, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Federal Railroad

Administration and the other railroads that serve the area. The letter also states that repairs to the Bayou Boeuf bridge are now complete and BNSF's mainline was reopened as originally planned at 6:00 PM Central Time (Central Standard Time Zone) on September 1.

Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission

with all the collaboration with CERN which continues till the present when he convinced CERN to give Pakistan stacks of nuclear emulsion exposed for further study of pions, kaons and antiprotons in the 1960s. http: wtf 2008 09 11 pakistans-contribution-to-the-large-hadron-collider-lhc Some theoretical physicists from Pakistan had the opportunity to work at CERN through short visits. ref name "" >

Asian country and second Muslim country after Turkey. PAEC contribution to Compact Muon Solenoid File:CMS Slice.png thumb right 200px PAEC contributed in the development of Compact Muon

Solenoid . In 1997, Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad— chair of the PAEC— reached to CERN to sign a contract between PAEC and CERN after elaborate discussions an in-kind contribution worth one million Swiss francs for the construction of eight magnet supports for the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) detector. For CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid), the PAEC built magnet feet and installed 320 Resistive Plate Chambers (RPC), as well as contributing to CMS computing. Several

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