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and Arcadia Streets * Orme Park, bounded by Brookridge Dr. and Elkmont Dr., through which Clear Creek (Clear Creek (Atlanta)) runs * New Highland Park, which the civic association bought in 2008 and were developed in 2012 as an eco-friendly park and rain gardenconstruction "New Highland Park construction", Virginia-Highland Civic Association site In 2014, residents cleaned up and beautified the unpaved alley


that the station "is under construction". You don't have to deal with them but the private company may be cheaper than the "officials". Taxis An "official" taxi to Siem Reap costs an offensive 2,400 baht. The police-enforced cartel takes USD25 per taxi per trip. Negotiation is very difficult but should be possible given that a taxi outside the cartel should cost about USD30. Negotiate the price in dollars, baht prices tend to be inflated. There are no rules


will pay close attention to the construction of the scientific city. The provincial committee party and government are presently drafting the "Opinions on Propelling China Scientific City Construction" report which is expected to come out soon. Mianyang Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone Education There are six universities and colleges in the city, and it is well known as a science and technology centre


as a former meeting place for top governmental officials. By May 2007, the construction of all 31 Beijing-based Olympic Games venues had begun. The Chinese government renovated and constructed six venues outside Beijing as well as 59 training centres

Moline, Illinois

for schools and parks, the design and development of residential areas, and the location of business and industrial areas. The customary ‘grid’ type subdivision planning so common to most Midwestern cities is impractical of adaptation when looking at a map of the present city. Some streets . . . have been dedicated but never improved because of the topography and the excessive cost of construction." ''A Comprehensive Plan for the City of Moline, Illinois, and its Environs'', Moline


company, the S.N.C.F.T. has a workable website that includes timetables and fares although you will need some rudimentary french to navigate it as the english language option was "under construction" at the time of writing. Wikipedia has an article on Tunisian railways which includes a map showing network coverage. By car Highway A1 connects Sousse with Tunis. A toll applies for using the highway. Additionally, Sousse is crossed by National Road 1 (RN1), connecting the city with the south of the country, and Libya. Roads are in very good condition. Additionally, a car ferry connects Sousse with Trapani in Italy once a week i the summer months. By bus Buses (''car'') connect the city with most other parts of Tunisia. Additionally, there is a ''louage'' (shared-taxi) service covering the entire country. The far bus station (Gare Routiere) is located in some distance to the west of the Medina at the Souk El Ahad ("Camel Market") - the City bus station is located next to the Medina in the town center). Prices are slightly lower than those of second class train tickets, but many buses do not have air conditioning. By boat Car ferries and express boats connect Sousse with Trapani (only in the summer months, once a week for cars and passengers) and Mazara del Vallo via Pantelleria 3 times a week, only for passengers. It takes up to 7-8 hours to Trapani and 5 hours to Mazara del Vallo. Private boats and yachts can use the marina at Port El Kantaoui (a resort about 12 km north of Sousse). Get around By taxi '''Taxis''' in Sousse have a bad reputation and the best advice is to agree a price before getting in and ensure that the price is not 'per person'. If you are unsure of what a reasonable price should be ask at your hotel reception. The taxis do have meters, but the drivers are often reluctant to use them; be firm and insist it is reset to the 0,310 Dinar (0.31 Dinar 310 Millim "Standing Charge" at the start of your journey. One favourite trick is to leave the previous fare on the meter so that it will be added to your fare before you even set off. ALWAYS check that the meter has been reset BEFORE setting off and that it is on the correct setting for the time of day. Between 9 PM and 5 AM rates are higher than daytime rates at 0,510 Dinar km. However, many drivers have altered their meters, and use "special rates" for tourists. A typical daytime fare between Sousse and Kantaoui, with a proper meter, is about 4,100 Dinar, but, in most cases, with a "special rate" on the meter, the fare will be about 7 Dinar. You can, however, agree the fare before getting in the taxi. Expect to pay about 5,000 to 6,000 Dinar if you do. Taxis are yellow, and have a taxi license sticker on the windshield. '''Shared taxis''' (Collection taxis, Louages) are large cars or minibuses people carriers which start their journey when they are full. Well used by the locals, expect to pay 10% of the price of a taxi. Shared taxis can take you further than regular taxis, connecting the city with most bigger towns in Tunisia. Shared taxis for destinations in the same or a closely adjacent city (eg. Hergla , Chott Mariem) are also yellow with a blue stripe on the middle of the taxi. Shared taxis between cities (far connections) are white with a red stripe. In Sousse, there are also white taxis with red, black, blue and yellow stripes serving destinations in the greater Sousse area (eg. Akouda, Hammam-Sousse, Kantaoui, Chott Mariem). They leave from the "Station Louage" which is best reached by normal taxi (see above). '''Tuk-Tuk's''' and '''Mini-trains''' can get you a fun ride to Port El Kantaoui, which is about 12 km away. They are open, shared transports and start their journey when they're full (or almost). Expect to pay 2 dinars per journey at the first and 2,5 at the latter. Tuk-tuks are bright purple. '''Horse-drawn carriages''' provide another option for a fun ride to Port El Kantaoui at no more than double the price of a taxi (if you bargain). See thumb 250px The Grand Mosque as seen from the tower of Sousse's Ribat. (Image:Sousse_Grosse_Moschee.JPG) All of Sousse's main sights are located within the labyrinthine medina in the heart of the city. * Dmoz:Regional Africa Tunisia Localities Sousse Commons:Category:Sousse


for completion. Due to the world economic crisis (Global financial crisis of 2008–2009), building start date is prolonged to an yet undefined date. The project plans have been drawn, however. A major reason for the motorway construction "mania" of the 2000s is a previous political halt of the major Croatian highway project, today's A1, in the 1970s and 1980s under former Yugoslavia (SFRY). When Croatia declared independence in 1991, the only true motorways in the country were Zagreb

Parkersburg, West Virginia

Parkersburg. The highway continues over the Ohio River on the Blennerhassett Island Bridge. Completion into Ohio Construction began in 2000 with the start of the Godbey Fields complex in Parkersburg, West Virginia. The $6.5 million athletic complex was finished in 2001. "New Godbey Fields under construction." Appalachian Corridor D. 25 Apr. 2000. West Virginia Department of Highways. 18 June 2006


of Brampton, Ontario, Canada. With over a million square feet of retail space and more than 280 outlets, it is one of Canada's largest shopping malls. Regarded as a super regional mall (Shopping mall#Regional), the Bramalea City Centre has a market of more than 500,000 residents and attracts 12 million visitors annually.

Siem Reap

of Wat Bo Rd, on the terminating street phone +855 9 225 5241 tollfree fax hours price USD2-6 content Some say it's not the most authentic Khmer or Asian food, though still tasty and well prepared. That it supports the Green Gecko Project might be enough to convince your tastebuds to compromise just this once. *

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