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South Norfolk

: leader_name2 Richard Bacon (Richard Bacon (politician)) (C (Conservative Party (UK))), George Freeman (George Freeman (politician)) (C), Simon Wright (Simon Wright (politician)) (LD (Liberal Democrats)) leader_title3 leader_name3 established_title Formed established_date 1 April 1974 Local Government Act 1972 founder area_rank List of English districts by area

.asp title South Norfolk District Council Election Statistics publisher South Norfolk Council accessdate 11 June 2010 class "wikitable" - ! Year !style "background-color: ; width: 3px;" '''Lib Dems (Liberal Democrats)''' !style "background-color:

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North West Leicestershire

: leader_name Leader & Cabinet leader_title1 Executive: leader_name1 leader_title2 MP (MPs elected in the United Kingdom general election, 2010): leader_name2 Andrew Bridgen (Con (Conservative Party (UK))) leader_title3 leader_name3 established_title Founded established_date founder area_rank List of English districts by area

local elections elected every four years; the last election (North West Leicestershire District Council election, 2011) took place in May 2011 North West Leicestershire District Council election, 2011 results, North West Leicestershire District Council website and saw the Conservatives (Conservative Party (UK)) hold onto control after North West Leicestershire District Council election, 2007

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South Ribble

Parliament constituency) Parliamentary Constituency of South Ribble includes the West Lancashire communities of Tarleton, Hesketh Bank and Meols (North Meols). Council affiliation In the 2007 local elections (United Kingdom local elections, 2007), South Ribble witnessed a landslide Conservative victory (South Ribble Council election, 2007), gaining 24 seats to hold 44 of 55 on the borough council.

html 30un.stm title South Ribble accessdate 2007-05-17 format work publisher BBC News As of April 2011, the council stood as a Conservative (Conservative Party (UK)) majority run borough., http: Section.asp?sectiontype listseparate&catid 200033 and the Conservatives, despite losing a handful of seats, were relatively comfortably re-elected in May of that year. Parishes

of Councillors Mrs. Kath Beattie and Mr. Donald Parkinson, both of the Conservative Party (Conservative Party (UK)). However, the main Ribble Valley Constituency, parliament member is Mr. Nigel Evans, also of the Conservative Party (UK) Conservative


every four years on the first Thursday in May. All 55 councillors are elected from 26 wards. Since the formation of the council in 1973 it has been under the control of the Conservative Party (Conservative Party (UK)) with the exception of one term from 1995 to 1999 when the Labour Party (Labour Party (UK)) held control of the council. Following the most recent election held on 5 May 2011 (Wyre Council election, 2011) the composition of the council is as follows: class "wikitable

" - !colspan "2" Party!!Seats!!  ±   - style "background-color: " Liberal Democrat (Liberal Democrats) 0 –1 - style "backgrouns-color

, Highcross and Tithebarn. All four wards elect two councillors each to Wyre Borough Council. Poulton-le-Fylde is also a county division for the Lancashire County Council elections (Lancashire local elections) which is made up of the majority of the four wards and elects one councilor to the county council. At the most recent borough election in 2011 (Wyre Council election, 2011) the town's four wards each elected two Conservative Party (Conservative Party (UK)) councillors

Canadian Wheat Board

currently attempts to offer producers more options in recent years - for example, farmers can now purchase binding futures contracts from the Wheat Board that attempt to pay them the same price that they would get for their grain in the U.S. Challenges and successes Since 2006 when the Conservative Party came to power, Chuck Strahl, then minister of Agriculture worked towards the end of the Wheat Board's monopsony, including the replacement of government appointees to the board of directors

% of farmers vote to end the wheat board's barley monopoly. Legislation to amend the act dies on order paper when the September 2008 election is called. * February 26, 2008: Conservative government loses

on lobbying. * December 7, 2011: Federal Court judge Douglas Campbell rules the Conservative government broke the law in introducing legislation to end the Wheat Board.

Pictou County, Nova Scotia

20.8% - French (French Canadian) 7,480 16.3% - German (Canadians of German ethnicity) 3,115 6.8% - North American Indian (First Nations) 1,585 3.5% - Dutch (Netherlands) (Canadians of Dutch descent) 1,555 3.4% Politics Pictou County is wholly within the federal electoral district of Central Nova. The county has been represented federally (Parliament of Canada) by Conservative (Conservative Party of Canada) MPs since 1957

, with the exception of 1993-1997 when a Liberal (Liberal Party of Canada) MP was elected. Pictou County is divided into three provincial electoral districts, namely Pictou Centre, Pictou East and Pictou West. All three are currently held by PC (Progressive Conservative Association of Nova Scotia) MLAs in the Nova Scotia Legislature (Nova Scotia House of Assembly). The towns of New Glasgow (New Glasgow, Nova Scotia), Stellarton, Pictou, Westville, Nova Scotia Westville

in 1973 *Peter MacKay, federal Conservative (Conservative Party of Canada) politician, currently serves as Minister of Justice. *Thomas McCulloch, educator *Charlie Parker (Charlie Parker (Nova Scotia politician)), politician, NDP MLA for Pictou West, Minister of Natural Resources and Minister of Energy in the Executive Council of Nova Scotia. http: index.php people members Charlie_Parker1 *Frank H. Sobey, businessman and entrepreneur


in the west end of Montreal, where the School remains to this day on what is commonly referred to as the Loyola Campus of Concordia University (Concordia University (Montreal)). Map of Loyola Campus provided by Concordia University - http: loyola He was elected to parliament in the 1953 election (Canadian federal election, 1953) as a Progressive Conservative (Progressive Conservative Party of Canada) for the riding of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

. In his maiden speech to Parliament in November he accused the very conservative Liberal (Liberal Party of Canada) government led by Louis St. Laurent of being socialists. His criticisms were based on the government being corporatistic and taking an interest in private business activities. * William Henry Allison b. 1838 first elected in 1878 as Conservative (Conservative Party of Canada (historical)) member for Hants (Hants (electoral district)), Nova Scotia. * Warren Allmand

b. 1932 first elected in 1965 as Liberal (Liberal Party of Canada) member for Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Quebec. * Benjamin Graydon Allmark b. 1911 first elected in 1958 as Progressive Conservative (Progressive Conservative Party of Canada) member for Kingston (Kingston (electoral district)), Ontario. * Sarkis Assadourian b. 1948 first elected in 1993 as Liberal (Liberal Party of Canada) member for Don Valley North, Ontario. * Edmund Tobin Asselin b. 1920


was elected for three years and the candidate with the third highest number of votes was elected for two years; their seat therefore being up for re-election in 2006. Political groupings and control All three of the United Kingdom's main political parties: the Labour Party (Labour Party (UK)), the Conservatives (Conservative Party (UK)) and Liberal Democrats have strong representation on the council. Each of the parties has formed the largest group on the council at some point you-kmc kmc-howcouncilworks election result11.shtml title Results for the 01 May 2008 District Council Election accessdate 2009-02-15 work publisher Kirklees Council date *The Conservative Party: Birstall & Birkenshaw, Holme Valley South, Liversedge & Gomersal and Mirfield. *The Labour Party: Ashbrow, Batley East and Greenhead wards. *The Liberal Democrats: Almondbury, Cleckheaton and Colne Valley. The Green Party (Green Party of England and Wales) has

with colour Labour Party (UK) 32 5 0 +5 46.4 42.9 46,006 - 0 0 0 0 0 1.5 1,581

Greater Vancouver

subdivision_name4 Vancouver leader_title Senators (Senate of Canada) leader_name

;Conservative ) leader_title2 MP (Canadian House of Commons)s leader_name2

Nina Grewal ( Conservative ) 9 Russ Hiebert ( Conservative ) 10 Peter Julian ( New Democrat ) 11 Randy Kamp ( Conservative ) 12 James Moore (James Moore (Canadian politician)) ( span style "color

North Tyneside

; - bgcolor "CCCCCC" ! Party No. of 2007 Councillors No. of 2008 Councillors % ±% - bgcolor "FF6868" Labour 23 21 35 -3.3 from 2007 - bgcolor #007FFF Conservative 28 31 52 +5 from 2007 - bgcolor "FFD800" Liberal Democrats 9 8 13 -1.6 from 2007 2007 Results (North Tyneside Council election 2007) A third of the councillors were elected as part of the UK local elections, 2007 English local elections of 2007

. border "1" cellpadding "4" cellspacing "0" style "margin: 1em 1em 1em 0; background: #f9f9f9; border: 1px #aaa solid; border-collapse: collapse; font-size: 95%;" - bgcolor "CCCCCC" ! Party No. of 2006 Councillors No. of 2007 Councillors % ±% - bgcolor "FF6868" Labour 23 23 38.3 0 from 2006 - bgcolor #007FFF Conservative 28 28 46.6 0 from 2006 - bgcolor "FFD800" Liberal Democrats 8

38.3 -5 from 2004 - bgcolor #007FFF Conservative 27 28 46.6 +1.6 from 2004 - bgcolor "FFD800" Liberal Democrats 7 8 13.3 +1.6 from 2004 - Independent 0 1 1.6 +1.6 from 2004 2005 Mayoral Results (North Tyneside Council mayoral election 2005) border "1" cellpadding "4" cellspacing "0" style "margin: 1em 1em 1em 0; background: #f9f9f9; border: 1px #aaa solid; border-collapse: collapse; font-size

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