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Port Moody

Ioco townsite also offers trails and grassy fields to residents and is especially popular with dog walkers. Finishing construction in 2008, Port Moody has renovated its recreation complex. Home to an Olympic size ice rink, this new facility has an indoor running track, a state-of-the-art gym, a curling rink and an athlete’s lounge. The Port Moody Happening, a quarterly publication, features all recreation programs offered at this new facility. Chinese name The traditional phonetic rendering of Port Moody was roughly translated as "dilapidated graveyard" in Chinese (Chinese language). In 1998, the City of Port Moody adopted a new phonetic spelling of Port Moody in Chinese which translates as ''Land Full of Treasures''. See also Wikipedia:Port Moody Commons:Category:Category:Port Moody, British Columbia

Jerome, Arizona

is the large building high on the hill to the left. A dusting of snow is visible at higher elevations in the Black Hills (Black Hills (Yavapai County)). Education and government thumb right Former high school complex, home in the 21st century to artists' galleries, light industry, and private business. On September 16, 2008, Keenan updated the blog, revealing that the first ever Puscifer store would be opening "hopefully" by October 1 in Jerome, Arizona Jerome (File:Former high school complex (Jerome, Arizona).jpg), Arizona. Occupying a small space above a tattoo parlor, the store opened on October 3, 2008. Major, Laura (October 3, 2008). "Puscifer store grand opening". ''ReGen magazine''. Retrieved on November 5, 2008. In addition to the merchandise available on the band's online store, Keenan has also made available locally-roasted coffee, art, and an ever-changing list of limited edition collectibles. (October 29, 2008). "Puscifer Opens Store, Visits Others". Retrieved on November 5, 2008.

North Nicosia

: print.php?news 140194 publisher Kıbrıs Postası accessdate 4 January 2015 North Nicosia is home to several sports venues. The center of sports in the city is considered to be the Atatürk Sports Complex, home of the Nicosia Atatürk Stadium, which is the biggest stadium in the island with a capacity of 28,000 people. The stadium is the home of Çetinkaya and Yenicami.


operating from the premises of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture's station in Cotonou. The center runs regional research stations in Saint-Louis (Saint-Louis, Senegal), Senegal, in Ibadan, Nigeria and in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. AfricaRice aims to contribute to poverty alleviation and food security in Africa through research for development. The center has therefore close links to agricultural research organizations in the African member states, to agricultural universities and research institutes in Europe, Japan and the United States, and to the development sector, which include Non Governmental Organizations, farmers organizations and donors. AfricaRice, being part of the CGIAR system, shares resources with several of the other CGIAR organizations, including the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in Los Baños, Philippines, and the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture in Ibadan, Nigeria. In the course of reforms at the CGIAR, AfricaRice developed together with IRRI and International Center for Tropical Agriculture

Moline, Illinois

on July 21, 2008 around 6:00A.M. '''Heritage:''' This neighborhood lies to the south of the big box retail of John Deere Road between 41st Street and 53rd Street. It is bounded to the south by the Rock River. A mile to the east of Heritage lies the Green Valley Sports Complex, home to the city's largest complex of baseball, softball, and soccer fields. Just south of the neighborhood on the north bank of the Rock River is Old Green Valley Park with a scenic view of the river and two boat ramps. Heritage homes were built between 1960 and 1980 and consist of ranch, split, and trilevel homes. With its position on the southern fringe of the city it is among the quieter neighborhoods in the city. In this neighborhood there is a grade school, several churches, and a dental office. '''Deerview Walton Hills:''' Deerview is one of the newest neighborhoods in the city, with a majority of homes built in the 1980s or later. Many of the homes in the Walton Hills addition have been built in the first decade of the 21st century and have typically adopted traditional suburban styles. Next to Walton Hills lies Millennium Park, the city's newest park, which is jointly maintained with East Moline. Landmarks . Quad Cities to LaSalle–Peru U.S. Route 6 crosses the I-74 Bridge from Bettendorf, Iowa south into Moline (Moline, Illinois), concurrent (Concurrency (road)) with Interstate 74. It remains with Interstate 74 for 5 miles (8 km) until the intersection with Interstate 280 (Interstate 280 (Illinois-Iowa)) south of the Rock River (Rock River (Mississippi River)). U.S. 6 then turns east at the Quad Cities International Airport. It intersects Interstate 80 as it leaves the Quad Cities area, and closely parallels I-80 for the rest of its length in Illinois.

Burlington, Vermont

of Art, and the Gutterson Patrick athletic complex, home to UVM's Division I athletic teams. The largest hospital complex in Vermont, Fletcher Allen Health Care, has its primary facility adjacent to the UVM campus and is affiliated with the UVM College of Medicine. *Regans' Orange Bitters No.6 (Gary Regan's recipe) *Urban Moonshine citrus and maple bitters from Burlington (Burlington, Vermont), Vermont, United States *Scrappy's Bitters (United States

Port of Spain

.) On the southern side of Independence Square are the twin towers of the Eric Williams Financial Complex (home of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance) and the new Nicholas Tower, a commercial office building. Recently completed was the Richmond street Government Campus Plaza and the International Waterfront Centre Towers including the Hyatt Regency Hotel, with Towers C and D standing as the tallest buildings in Trinidad and Tobago and seventh and eighth tallest in the entire Caribbean region. Frederick Street, which runs north through the city to the Queen's Park Savannah, is Port of Spain's major avenue, connecting the two downtown squares with the uptown park, and very approximately dividing downtown into retail (east) and office (west) districts. One block east, lower Henry Street is the location of a number of shops selling cloth, mostly owned by members of Trinidad's Syrian (Demographics of Syria)-Lebanese (Lebanese people) community. Another block over, Charlotte Street at its lower end is Port of Spain's Chinatown in all but name, home to dozens of general emporia known for bargain shopping. Laventille WikiPedia:Port of Spain Commons:Port of Spain zh:西班牙港

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

for the commonwealth (Commonwealth (United States)) and home to the state capitol building (Pennsylvania State Capitol), state archives (Pennsylvania State Archives), and state library (State Library of Pennsylvania) * Reservoir Park (Reservoir Park (Harrisburg)), the largest public park in the city * State Museum of Pennsylvania * Strawberry Square, across the street from the Capitol Complex, home of many state offices and a small shopping center * Susquehanna art museum, formerly


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, 1.665 square miles (4.312 km 2 ) of it is land and 0.013 square miles (0.033 km 2 ) of it (0.76%) is water. Commons:Category:Manhattan, New York City WikiPedia:Manhattan Dmoz:Regional North America United States New York Localities N New York City Manhattan

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