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;ref Willow Bunch Museum Website Palace Theater Closes thumb Palace Theater (File:Palace Theater 2.jpg) In 1973 the town inherited the historic Palace Theatre, which was the town's community social centre until its doors closed in 1969. The Knights of Columbus constructed the building in 1925. The building was first used for public meetings in 1928 until it officially


as an hotel. * '''Indian club'''. Omdurman. The center of the capital's large Indian community social life, it organizes events for all important Indian's festivals. * A wander around Tuti island is highly recommended if you want to see green rather than the brown of Khartoum. If you are heading to Omdurman, a good way of unwinding after the chaos of the souq is to catch the ferry across to Tuti from Omdurman (except Fridays) or take the newly opened Tuti Suspension Bridge. Aim for around 5-6PM to enjoy Tuti in the early 7evening. * A Nile cruise, several boats moored by Tuti Bridge are available for cruises. A cruise on some of the smaller boats can cost you as little as 15 SDG. Cultural centers * '''Centre Culturel Français'''. Downtown, Ali Dinar St. Offers French courses, Sudanese Arabic courses, a library and cultural events (music, art, literature, conferences, movies). Ask for the program at: * '''Goethe Institute'''. Downtown, Al Mak Nimir St. Offers German courses, cultural events (music, art, literature, conferences, movies). Ask for the program at: or http: khartum. * '''British Council'''. Downtown, Abu Sinn St. Offers English courses, cultural events (music, art, literature, conferences, movies). Ask for the program at: or http: africa-sd-contact-us.htm. * '''Iranian Cultural Center'''. Al Amarat, corner of Airport Rd and St 27. In the evening * '''Evening tea on Nile Avenue'''. With the extension of Nile Avenue to Manshia complete, the stretch of road between Mak Nimir and Manshia bridges has become the place to be of Khartoum's evening life. Innumerable tea ladies cater to the needs of the crowd enjoying the grass while watching the road and the river. Music * '''Concerts'''. The Sudanese music scene is active. Artists of the moment play live in clubs, mostly on week end evenings. Look for the Arabic posters that dot the city or ask the locals. * '''Weddings'''. It is common for Sudanese to hire star musicians to perform one or two of their favourite piece at wedding ceremonies. The footage of the performance usually ends up as an unofficial video clip on the Sudanese TV channels. *'''Creative events'''. Khartoum youth and amateur scene can be spotted at one of the numerous and often changing cultural events. Whether Wapi (British Council), Makaan, Space or Khartoum Open Mic', they offer a scene for young musicians, hip hoppers, dancers, slammers and poets. Most accurate information is to be found on Facebook. * '''Khartoum International Music Festival'''. First tenure announced for the end of 2011. Movies * '''Cinemas'''. The last commercial cinemas have closed in 2009 but the open air buildings of the Coliseum (Souk al Arabi), Halfaya and Watania(Khartoum North) or Watania (Omdurman) can still be spotted. Afra Mall movie theaters still shows movies, mainly Bollywood or Egyptian. * '''Film festivals'''. The European Union and the Embassy of Venezuela organize yearly film festivals. The French Cultural Center offers free weekly projections as does occasionnally the Goethe Institute. Buy Most shopping is still done in street markets or souqs. The souqs here are not as attractive those in other Middle Eastern countries but are still interesting enough for a glimpse of Sudanese economics. And you can certainly buy everything you need, including handicrafts if you are a tourist, from these markets. Prices are not amazingly low due to transport costs for imported (mainly Chinese) goods, but cheaper than in Afra Mall or proper shops. Upmarket, Khartoum has only one shopping mall with a supermarket, several shops and food outlets. Khartoum *'''Souq Arabi:''' Located smack in the city centre, this is your classical chaotic market teeming with people. The market is divided in to several sections, each focussing on a certain product. There is even one block devoted to gold, although it certainly looks less sophisticated and organised than its counterpart in Dubai. However, this souq is a bit lacking in term of handicrafts and fresh foodstuff. You are better off going to Souq Omdurman (see below) for handicrafts. *'''Afra Mall:''' Located on Africa Road in the southern suburb of Arkawet. Afra is Khartoum's and Sudan's only mall but don't expect too much. Afra is already starting to lose it new shininess - it is more like a small neighbourhood mall rather than those you would find in Hong Kong, Singapore or Dubai. It has a supermarket and retail outlets selling clothes and other things you would expect to find in a mall. You can find money changers and pre-paid mobile telephone kiosks too. Afra Mall is certainly not a must-see attraction, nor a place to head for a night out. (15°33'33.57"N, 32°33'17.90"E) *'''Al-Amarat Centre:''' For visitors this is probably your best bet for tracking down imported foodstuffs and household items. Prices are high of course, but you are paying for convenience. (15°35'6.89"N, 32°32'39.63"E) Omdurman *'''Souq Omdurman:''': Very large Sudanese market. Most of the commodities are cheaper and vegetables and fruits are fresher than '''Souq Arabi'''. You can get handicrafts here. The handicraft street is quite difficult to find - its towards the northern end of the market, near the gold section (not on the western side, at stated in the Bradt guide). The street is actually a covered lane between two buildings with gates at either end. Its not very busy (in comparison with the rest of the market) and they can lock up and go home in the evenings, and sometimes on Fridays also. There are many local buses between '''Souq arabi''' and here. Bus fare are 1 SDG from here to Souq Arabi. The GPS coordinates are somewhere near 15°38'57.04"N, 32°28'56.75"E. Khartoum North (Bahri) *'''Saad Gishra:'''This is a covered market place, it is bahris main shopping market. Prices here can be a little higher than those in souq omdurman however it is much more easily navigable for tourists. Eat Khartoum has a good sprinkling of restaurants, with new ones popping up every couple of months – other than restaurants attached to hotels there is little quality eating to be had in Khartoum’s city centre. Amarat hosts the majority of the better eateries, although Ridyah and Khartoum 2 also have some places. Omdurman and Barhi have a light sprinkling of simple restaurants. All restaurants have about 15% government tax and 3-14% service charge. Amarat *'''Universal''' Amarat St. 27. Italian flavoured, offering pleasant al fresco dining, priced with the expat wallet in mind. (15°34'33.97"N, 32°32'42.82"E) *'''Solitaire''' Amarat St. 15. Decent ‘international’ cuisine, air conditioned, wifi and low ceilings. Has a bit of a café feel to it, but the food is good. (15°34'48.47"N, 32°32'48.08"E) *'''Korean Restaurant'''. Africa Street (next to Hotel Africa). Unfortunately closed, but still famous for having served the only kimchi for 1,000 km! Pretty good Korean food, including cook-your-own bulgolgi and other favourites. (15°34'34.39"N, 32°33'0.70"E) *'''Mat'am 15 Cha'abi - Popular Restaurant 15'''. Al-Amarat, St 15 (on the square off Macro Supermarket Syrian Fresh Food 2, facing Kanon Hotel). Serves north of Sudan traditional gurasa (a large thick wheat pancake) or kisra (large thin pancake) with your choice of sauce (bamya based with lamb or chicken) or yoghurt with sugar (gha'ib). Also has a juice bar. Very cheap (all dishes under 5 SDG), it is a favourite of local workers and touk touk drivers. *'''Amwaj Restaurant'''. Airport Road, Al-Amarat (on the corner with Street 15 or "Shari'a Khamsa ta-Ashaara"). Big, airy and spotless, and really good food. Extremely popular with locals and visitors. Menu offers shawarmas, kebabs, grilled chicken, lamb stews and others, all accompanied by bread, soup and salad. Delicious fruit juices and shakes too. Dishes cost between 20 and 60 pounds. *'''Royal Broast'''. Airport Road, Al-Amarat. Another popular place a few doors from Amwaj. *'''Laziz Delicious Restaurant'''. Al-Amarat Street 1. Nice place to eat in. They have another branch in Ryad area. *'''Afra Mall Chinese restaurant''' and '''food court'''. Afra Mall, Africa Street, Arkawet. Located on the first floor of Khartoum's only shopping mall Khartoum 2 *'''Assaha Restaurant'''. Would be considered an excellent restaurant in any city, and a Jewel in Khartoum. Good atmosphere with professional and knowledgeable wait staff. They have lots on the menu including luncheons, light meals and full dinners. A large selection of appetizers, mains, dessert and a "hubble bubble" cost about 90 SDG (~US $37) per person with everything included. They charge 12% government tax and 14% service charge.(15°35'44.70"N, 32°32'14.04"E) Tourist Restaurant'''. Khartoum 2 St 47 (east of Souk Khartoum 2). A renowned table for spicy grilled chicken and broast. Mains cost 15-20 SDG. *'''Hadramawt Restaurant'''. Khartoum 2 St 47 (west Souk Khartoum 2). Yemeni restaurant offering the traditional salta, fahsa, mandi, lahm hanith and fatah for desert. Mains cost around 15 SDG. East of the airport *'''Habesha Ethiopian restaurant'''. Arkaweet Area, east of Afra Mall. +249 912302410. Good atmosphere, good food and very affordable. The restaurant is on two floors (there is a pleasant internet cafe on the 3rd floor), upstairs is more lively with Ethiopian pop on the plasma screen. About 25SP each for a big meal and coffee. A good choice if you are looking for somewhere with music playing and a bit of atmosphere. 15°33'41.47"N, 32°33'45.27"E *'''Salt n Peeper'''. Buri area, north end of Obeid Khatim Street - Next to Buri family park. +249 918678748. Only Pakistani restaurant in Sudan. Speciality in Pakistani spicy tasty dishes. Bahri *'''Asian Biryani Restaurant'''. Khartoum North - As the name suggests this place specialises in Biryanis - and very tasty they are too. More of a cafe than a restaurant this is a good choice for lunch rather than a slap-up dinner. Lamb Biryani and a some salad for 8SP. The restaurant, and the supermarket next door, sells excellent mango juice for 1SP a bottle (Maaza). Easy to get to, head over the Burri Bridge, take the first right, and its on your left. GPS 15°37'25.35"N, 32°33'25.69"E Downtown *'''Papa Costa'''. Located in the center of Khartoum, and reasonably priced. Service charges are minimal, food is reasonably good, but service level is so-so. You can choose food from steak to pasta. They charge 3% service charge and 10% government tax. Omdurman *'''Kandahar, souq Libya''' Eating at Kandahar in souq Libya is probably the most unique and authentic culinary experience in khartoum. The format there is rather different firstly you choose the meat that you want cooked usually a choice between camel meat and lamb, you then hand over the meat you have chosen to be cooked and prepared as part of a meal. Kandahar is one of the few places in khartoum where you can find camel meat. It is located in Souq Libya in the peripheries of Omdurman. Drink File:Khartoum and the Nile.jpg thumb 300px Sunset in Khartoum. It's best to prepare yourself to be alcohol-free for your stay: there are places serving 'special tea' dotted around and non-alcoholic beers are available, but in general it's more hassle than it's worth to track down alcohol during a short visit. For long-termers, however, the market does exist - via diplomatic bags and other routes... apparently. Sleep Note that a 5% tourism tax and 15% VAT may well be added to your bill - Khartoum's hotels are inconsistent in telling you about these taxes in advance, and (especially for cheaper hotels) inconsistent in paying this money to the tax authorities. Remember to ask if there are any hidden extras before booking. Budget *'''Blue Nile Sailing Club'''. An alternative to Khartoum's hotels, on the river's southern bank just east of the confluence, the club often accommodates overlanders and accommodates tent camping on its grounds. The club is fenced, monitored, inexpensive and offers expansive river views. It is also home to a river gunboat that once belonged to Horatio Kitchener and now houses the club's offices. *'''Hotel Africa'''. A cheap and not-so-cheerful hotel for those on a budget. No hot water, dubious cleanliness but only $40 per night. Africa Road - the Korean Restaurant is attached. (GPS Google Earth co-ordinates 15°34'32.92"N, 32°33'1.01"E) *'''Khartoum Youth Hostel'''. House no 66 Street 47, Khartoum 2, +249 183480385 or 0912500322 (mobile) Opened in 2007 and part of Hostelling International this is the best option for non-camping travellers on a budget. Beds from 35SDG (March 2012). Mid range * WikiPedia:Khartoum Commons:Category:Khartoum Dmoz:Regional Africa Sudan Localities Khartoum


to the east. foundation 2005, United Kingdom location Nottingham, United Kingdom industry Community, Environmental (Social environment), Social Justice '''The Mischief Makers''' are a group of activists and artists based in Nottingham (UK) who formed early 2005 as a creative response to the G8 Summit, held at Gleneagles Hotel, Scotland in July that year. The collective uses creativity to support community, Social environment

Russian Empire

grew to 3,800 employees. thumb left 220px Maria Skobtsova Commemorative Plaque in Saint Petersburg (File:Maria Skobtsova Commemorative Plaque (Saint Petersburg) 19Jun10.JPG) Born to an aristocratic family in 1891


the Name and Honor of a Portuguese Diplomat Who Rescued Jews During World War II: Community Social Work Strategies'' ". Journal of Jewish Communal Service. Jewish Communal Service Association of North America. Spring 2008 and two members of the California delegation of the United States House of Representatives, Portuguese-American Rep. Tony Coelho and Rep. Henry Waxman, who had a family member saved by Sousa Mendes' signature, who introduced a resolution


and St. Petersburg, among them local Baltic German merchants F. Meyer, K. Amelung, and Chr. Schroeder, as well as Schaje Berlin, a relative of Isaiah Berlin. The company eventually grew to 3,800 employees. Commons:Category:Germany Wikipedia:Germany Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany


after the capital Darwin, Palmerston (Palmerston, Northern Territory) and Alice Springs. Katherine had an urban population of 5,849 on the 2006 Census night. '''Boorowa''' is a farming town in the South West Slopes (South West Slopes (New South Wales)) of New South Wales, Australia.

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upper_mount_royal.pdf title Upper Mount Royal - Community Social Statistics author City of Calgary year 2006 accessdate 2007-05-04 This informal name eventually gave way to the more Canadian name of Mount Royal. These neighbourhoods are concentrated in the Elbow River valley. The area of both neighbourhoods is bounded on the north by 17th Avenue SW and on the west by 14th Street SW. Additionally, six suites are named for and designed by six former First lady First

(Oakland, CA), to start and run the "International Committee to Commemorate Dr. Aristides de Sousa Mendes." They were able to gain the support of various political actors, including: Colette Avital, the Israeli Ambassador to Portugal who liaised with the Portuguese government; Jacobvitz, Robert. " ''Reinstating the Name and Honor of a Portuguese Diplomat Who Rescued Jews During World War II: Community

Social Work Strategies'' ". Journal of Jewish Communal Service. Jewish Communal Service Association of North America. Spring 2008 and two members of the California delegation of the United States House of Representatives, Portuguese-American Rep. Tony Coelho and Rep. Henry Waxman, who had a family member saved by Sousa Mendes' signature, who introduced a resolution in Congress to recognize his humanitarian action (passed in 1987). The '''Wisconsin Woodchucks

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