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Franklin, Pennsylvania

Venango County , which operates the airport. The airport covers '''Fort Venango''' was a small British (Kingdom of Great Britain) fort built in 1760 near the site of present Franklin, Pennsylvania. The fort replaced Fort Machault, a French (France) fort burned by the French in 1759 after they left the area near the end of the French and Indian War. On June 16, 1763, during Pontiac's Rebellion, the fort was captured by Seneca (Seneca tribe) Mingo warriors. The 12 to 15 soldiers of the fort were killed outright, except for the commander, Lieutenant Francis Gordon, who was forced to write a letter detailing the Indians' grievances against the British. He was then slowly tortured and roasted to death at the stake, and the fort was burnt to the ground. When the Sherman Antitrust Act broke up Standard Oil Trust in 1911, John Van Dyke became president of the Atlantic Refining Company. Without the huge integrated operation of the former parent company, Atlantic Refining faced many challenges. The company owned three refinieries in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), and Franklin, Pennsylvania. Its domestic markets were confined to the states of Delaware and Pennsylvania. The company did not own or lease any oil wells, pipe lines (Pipeline transport), or oil tankers, and though sixty per cent of its business was foreign, it had no foreign sales force; it was several million dollars in debt to its former associates. '''Fort Machault''' was a fort built by the French (French colonization of the Americas) in 1754 near the confluence of French Creek (French Creek (Allegheny River)) with the Allegheny River, at present-day Franklin (Franklin, Pennsylvania), in northwest Pennsylvania. The fort was part of a line that included Fort Presque Isle, Fort Le Boeuf, and Fort Duquesne.


principally by means of land or sea transport. The Borongan Airport is already minimally serviceable. As of late 2014 it has been announced that a weekly flight shall be run from the airport. Operating once every Wednesday this will be the first commercial service at the airport for a number of years. Sea The Port of Borongan is classified as a national port and can accommodate medium-draft sea vessels, linking the town with the other coastal and riverine towns of the province as well as major coastal cities of Eastern Visayas, Central Visayas and Bicol regions. Access to and from the outlying inhabited offshore islands of Borongan Bay is either through motorized as well as sail- or oar-driven outrigger bancas. Land Bus transport, airconditioned and ordinary, is the dominant means of public land conveyance to Borongan City from Manila (and vice versa) passing overland through the Pan-Philippine Highway (Maharlika Highway) through southern Luzon, a short roll on, roll off 1-hour boat ride across the San Bernardino Strait from Matnog, Sorsogon to Allen, Northern Samar, then southwards to Catbalogan City, Western Samar, east across the mountainous and forested geographical spine of the island, then southwards again from the town of Taft until finally entry into the city on the eastern coast of Samar. There are also ordinary mini-buses and air-conditioned shuttle vans from Tacloban City going to Borongan City (and vice versa). Another route from Tacloban City is through the Pan-Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway on a west-to-east-to-north course that traverses the southern coastal fringe of the island of Samar crossing the San Juanico Bridge from Tacloban City turning right at the junction southwards to Basey and then Marabut, Samar then eastward across the provincial boundary to Lawa-an in Eastern Samar passing by the famous municipality of Balangiga, turning left at the junction past Quinapondan town northward to the municipality of Gen. MacArthur and onwards to Borongan City itself. The main forms of public mass transport in and around the city are motorized tricycles, motorcycles, passenger jeepneys, multicabs and bicycles. There is no taxicab service available within the city. Air Flights to and from the capital Manila are currently being served weekly by South East Asian Airlines International at Borongan City Airport. Communications Landline telephone, cellular phone as well as internet (both landline and wireless) connections are available within the city limits and up to a certain limited distance from the city proper. Cable television is also available to city subscribers as well as to inhabitants up to a certain limited distance from the city proper. The city has a government-run FM radio station although it operates only on limited broadcast time at certain hours of the day. Electric power Main electric power supply to the city is through an interconnection with the Leyte electric power grid that comes from the electricity generated by the Tongonan geothermal power plant located in the adjacent island of Leyte. The distribution of the power supply within the city and the entire province of Eastern Samar is operated and managed by the local electric cooperative. Education Borongan City has many elementary schools, high schools, colleges and a lone university. It has the highest literacy rate among the municipalities in the whole province of Eastern Samar. Elementary schools birth_place Borongan, Philippines occupation Actress, Comedienne :*0600 UTC - The JMA upgrades Tropical Storm Roke (02W) to a severe tropical storm. :*1200 UTC - Typhoon Roke (Auring) approaching landfall south of Borongan, Philippines. :*1800 UTC - The JMA downgrades Severe Tropical Storm Roke (02W) to a tropical storm. ;August 10 :*0000 UTC - Low pressure system 93W designated Tropical Depression Huaning by PAGASA 320 nautical miles (590 km) east-northeast of Borongan Samar Island, Philippines. :*1200 UTC - Joint Typhoon Warning Center reclassifies Low pressure system 93W as Tropical Depression 10W (Huaning).

Federal Aviation Administration

. Originally planned to enter service in May 2008, the project has suffered from multiple delays. The airliner's maiden flight took place on December 15, 2009, and completed flight testing in mid-2011. Final Federal Aviation Administration and European Aviation Safety Agency certification (type certificate) was received in late August 2011 and the first model was delivered in late September 2011. It entered commercial service on October 26, 2011. stat3-data 2,533,834 footnotes

;FAA Passenger Boarding and All-Cargo Data: 2006 According to the FAA's National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2007–2011, Scottsdale was designated as a ''reliever airport'', which is a general aviation airport that may be used to relieve congestion at a large commercial service airport. FAA National Plan of Integrated

. As per Federal Aviation Administration records, the airport had 1,947 passenger boardings (enplanements) in calendar year 2005. FAA Passenger Boarding and All-Cargo Data: 2005 According to the FAA's National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2007-2011, Worland Municipal is a ''general aviation'' airport because a ''commercial service'' classification requires at least


were not valuable. It later survived in an underground bank vault when Sarajevo was under constant siege by Bosnian Serb forces (Siege of Sarajevo – the longest siege in the history of modern warfare). To quell rumors that the government had sold the Haggadah in order to buy weapons, the president of Bosnia presented the manuscript at a community Seder in 1995. Continuing commercial use A small number of former JŽ 62's remain in commercial service, more than 65 years after they were

Pitt Meadows

directions phone +1-604-465-8977 tollfree fax +1-604-465-4512 hours 24h, daily price No landing fee content Has no scheduled commercial service, but the 4700' main and shorter secondary runways make a pleasant destination for the general aviation pilot flying a small plane. Get around See * '''Pitt Lake''' is a short ways north of town, reaching into a steep valley where BC's mountains meet the Fraser Valley. Rent kayaks to explore the lake. Do * Wikipedia:Pitt Meadows

Pittsburgh metropolitan area

. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Convention and Visitors Bureau. The smaller but less crowded '''Arnold Palmer Regional Airport''' service_area New York (New York metropolitan area), Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh metropolitan area), and Chicago (Chicago metropolitan area) metropolitan areas, Southern Tier of New York, southern Wisconsin service_type Local, commuter, charter, contract, and yellow school bus service, Megabus

Camarillo, California

Buses CAT operates one scheduled bus line on Monday through Friday within Camarillo, and Dial-A-Ride services for the disabled on Monday through Saturday. VISTA (Ventura Intercity Service Transit Authority) operates buses between Camarillo and several nearby cities, including the Conejo Express to the Warner Center area in western Los Angeles County. Camrosa, or Santa Rosa, area A rural region northeast of Camarillo, California may be referred to as ''Santa Rosa'' or ''Camrosa''. Camrosa is believed to be a contraction of '''Cam'''arillo and Santa '''Rosa'''. The area includes just over a five-mile (8 km) distance along Santa Rosa Road from the city limit east to Moorpark Road. The area is unincorporated as of 2007. Wired telephone service to the area appears comes from the Camarillo telephone exchange, while homes on the hillside overlooking the valley (from the south) are from Thousand Oaks. Santa Rosa Road is misidentified as ''Camarillo Road'' on the 1967 edition of the USGS ''Newbury Park, California 7.5-minute quadrangle'' (map). Regulatory filings show addresses along this street on Santa Rosa Road. Geographic features supporting these names include: * Santa Rosa Valley, USGS feature ID 249122. US Geological Survey, National Geographic Names Database, 1998. * Camrosa Water Treatment Plane, part of the Calleguas Water District, 7385 Santa Rosa Road. Foust, Charlotte, "Water User Organization Roster – Mid-Pacific Region," US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, August 16, 2006. * Santa Rosa Elementary, 13282 Santa Rosa Rd., Pleasant Valley Elementary School Dist., USGS feature ID 249119. * Arroyo Santa Rosa, a stream with USGS feature ID 238765. This Santa Rosa is not the same as the Sonoma County city (Santa Rosa, California) of the same name. Notable residents Notable current and former residents of Camarillo include, in alphabetical order: *DJ Babu, from Dilated Peoples * Bob

Barbara, CA although it is inland. The airport has one runway and exclusively serves privately-operated general aviation and executive (Executive jet) aircraft with no scheduled commercial service (Scheduled air carriers). Released 1982 Recorded Poiema Studios Camarillo, California The Gold Mine Los Angeles, California Genre Folk (Folk music) rock (Rock music) *Engineered by Mark Heard, Bill Cobb, Janet Sue

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, 1920-1929; Windsor, Nova Scotia 1929-c. 1932 Ship identification Code Letters TQDK In commercial service The three-masted schooner ''MacLean Clan'' was built in 1920 by MacLean Construction Company, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia for H.W. Adams of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Built at the end of the era of three masted merchant schooners, she was one of two schooners built by MacLean construction

Merced, California

, Santa Rosa (Santa Rosa, California), Merced (Merced, California), Modesto (Modesto, California), Monterey (Monterey, California), San Jose (San Jose, California), Stockton (Stockton, California) and other smaller airports—many of which no longer have commercial service—such as Van Nuys Airport, Fullerton Municipal Airport, and the Airport in the Sky (Catalina Airport) on Santa Catalina Island (Santa Catalina Island, California). In 1971 it attempted to acquire Los Angeles Airways, a local helicopter commuter line, but the deal fell through. High school The third of five children, Ray Allen was born at Castle Air Force Base near Merced (Merced, California), California, the son of Flora and Walter Allen. The '''''Merced Sun-Star''''' is a daily broadsheet newspaper printed in Merced, California, in the United States. It has an estimated circulation of 20,000 copies. The newspaper is published every day except for Sundays.

Altoona, Pennsylvania

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