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?typeSearch collection&SearchableText Bou-Nouh&SearchWhere they exploit several kinds of clay which they steal from open fields, usually on the day of the market which men attend in Boghni on Sundays. Women are very entrepreneurial; they make soap using spent cooking oil and marinate olives, tomatoes and peppers. During shortages of candles, they light the afegags using again spent oil. They embraced Recycle, Reduce and Reuse from an early age; in hardship

Kirov, Kirov Oblast

*Kirov Regional Art Museum in honor V.M. and A.M. Vasnetsov Vyatka Museum of Art, one of the oldest museums in Russia, was founded in 1910 by local artists. The idea of creation belongs to natives of Vyatka land, brothers artists Viktor Vasnetsov and Apollinary Vasnetsov. At the core of the collection — works that received the most part in the 1910-1920s from the State Museum Fund, private collections and as gifts — from patrons and artists. Today the museum has


. Plovdiv has settlement traces dating from the Neolithic, roughly 6000 BC. Archaeologists have discovered fine potterycollection&prm prehist Pre-historic Art Archaeological Museum Plovdiv . "Plovdiv: New ventures for Europe's oldest inhabited city

sections "Prehistory",collection&prm prehist Archaeological Museum Plovdiv – Prehistoric art. and "Middle Ages"

collection&prm medieval Archaeological Museum Plovdiv – Middle Ages art . contain precious artifacts from the Paleolithic to the early Ottoman period (15th–16th centuries). Museums of Plovdiv. The famous Panagyurishte treasure is part of the museum's collection. collection&prm


: servlet Front?pagename OpenMarket Xcelerate ShowPage&c Page&cid 1007029395231&a Collection&aid 1013618515233 Guinea Bissaus main hospital is '''Hospital Nacional Simão Mendes''' ... But if you really need to go to the hospital, probably you should try and get your insurance company to pay for you at least going to Dakar. Pharmacies are on every street corner in Bissau, pharmacies '''Rama''' (there are three), '''Rina''' and '''Amilcar Cabral''' are usually well-stocked

Metro Vancouver

-and-supply.htm Metro Vancouver Water Sources & Supply Liquid waste Metro Vancouver operates and maintains the liquid waste facility, which includes managing "the network of trunk sewers, pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants that connect with municipal sewer systems". Wastewater Collection & Treatment. Retrieved on 2013


Xcelerate ShowPage&c Page&cid 1007029395231&a Collection&aid 1013618514358 British Mission Resides in Accra, Ghana - War work Like many performers, Eddy was active in "war work" during World War II, even before the United States entered the war. He did his first "war effort" concert on October 19, 1939 with Leopold Stokowski for Polish war relief. In 1942, he became an air raid warden and also put in long hours at the Hollywood Canteen


. The Museum's collections of South and South-East Asian art are the most comprehensive and important in the West comprising nearly 60,000 objects, including about 10,000 textiles and 6000 paintings, the range of the collection

Saint Petersburg

collection&limit 125 The next few years, however, in Saint Petersburg, ''Esclarmonde'' was presented also at Mariinsky Theater, sang in Russian, where natable stars were Eduard Krushevsky (Eduard Andreevitch Krushevsky) (who debuted at conducting with great success that opera without prior preparation), and tenors Ivan Yershov and Mikhail Mikhaylov (Mikhail Ivanovich Mikhaylov) who shared the role of Roland). **Moscow (Sheremyetyevo International Airport) ** Saint

White House

, historic building on Pennsylvania Avenue across the street from the White House. The building originally housed the collection of the Corcoran Gallery of Art. In addition to displaying a large collection of American contemporary craft, several hundred paintings from the museum’s permanent collection — hung salon style: one-atop-another and side-by-side — are featured in special installations in the Grand Salon. * President's House

Puerto Rico

. "The first ''repartimiento'' in Puerto Rico is established, allowing colonists fixed numbers of Tainos for wage-free and forced labor in the gold mines. When several priests protest, the crown requires Spaniards to pay native laborers and to teach them the Christian religion; the colonists continue to treat the natives as slaves."

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