University City, Philadelphia

; ref The University of Pennsylvania has long been the dominant institution in the area and was instrumental in coining the name "University City" as part of a 1950s urban-renewal and gentrification effort. UCHS account of the origin of the name University City Lois Bye Funderburg's account of the origin of name "

Novosibirsk Oblast

studies. * Karasuk — a town on the Karasuk River near the border with Altai Krai and Kazakhstan. * Suzun - a town in the south-east with nice churches and a museum with a Peter Simon Pallas book. It was a coining mint in the 18th century. * Koltsovo - a science-city, business incubator close to the capital. Other destinations * Kolyvansky Monastery, 45km north of Novosibirsk. * Novosibirsk reservoir ''Ob Sea'' and other large lakes. Understand Talk Russian phrasebook


Academy , a non-profit education organization. Professor Badrul Khan, has the credit of first coining the phrase Web based instruction and popularizing the concept through his 1997 best-selling Web-Based Instruction book which paved the way for the new field of e-learning. Ishfer is a Bangladeshi-American who became First place SECME


and virile opposition and dogged federalistic convictions.His party was the first to move the motion for Nigeria's independence in the federal parliament and he obtained internal self-government for the Western Region in 1957.He is credited with coining the name 'naira' for the Nigerian standard monetary unit and helped to finance the Civil War and preserve the federation without borrowing.He built the Liberty Stadium in Ibadan, the first of its kind in Africa;established the WNTV, the first

Kingdom of Sicily

did maintain its own coinage (Coining (mint)) until as late as 1229, after the Normans had been superseded by the centralising Hohenstaufen. thumb left 220px Ghazi Mustapha Fort, Djerba, Tunisia (Image:Djerba Fort.jpg) During the Middle Ages, it was occupied by members of the Kharejite sect, known as the Ibadites. The Christians of Sicily and Aragon disputed its possession with the Ibadites of the island. Remains from this period include numerous small mosques dating as early


;CNT 25&HIST 1 Artists Books Collection of the Museum of Modern Art. His books and calligraphic journals were exhibited at Franklin Furnace in 1978. Ample material on his life and works can be found in the links below. thumb 240 px left Chac Mool (Image:Chac Mool1.jpg) statue from the Chichen Itza site At Chichen Itza they excavated a curiously-formed statue or altar figurine, coining (neologism) the name "Chaacmol" (later


Inachim, ''Die Geschichte Pommerns'', Hinstorff Rostock, 2008, p.62, ISBN 978-3-356-01044-2 Nevertheless, a Landtag that had met in Stettin in 1563 introduced a sixfold rise of real estate taxes to finance the raising of a mercenary army for the duchy's defense. Johann Friedrich also succeeded in elevating Stettin to one of only three places allowed to coin money (coining (metalworking)) in the Upper Saxon Circle of the Holy Roman Empire, the other two


to Brandenburg, and in 1828 to Crossen, near Frankfurt. He was imprisoned from 1825 to 1828 for coining, though apparently on insufficient evidence, and in 1833 came to push his claims in Paris, where he was recognised as the dauphin by many persons formerly connected with the court of Louis XVI. Expelled from France in 1836, the day after bringing a suit against the duchess of Angoulême for the restitution of the dauphin's private property, he lived in exile until his death

Works Progress Administration

Party (United States) Democratic presidential nominee Franklin D. Roosevelt promised "a New Deal for the American people", coining the enduring label for his domestic policies. The desperate economic situation, along with the substantial Democratic victories in the 1932 elections, gave Roosevelt unusual influence over Congress in the "First Hundred Days" of his administration. He used his leverage to win rapid passage of a series of measures to create welfare

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