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Greenville, South Carolina

article History and structure Founded in Boston in 1969, '''André Goodman''' (born August 11, 1978 in Greenville, South Carolina) is an American football cornerback for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League. He was drafted by the Detroit Lions in the third round 3rd pick of the 2002 NFL Draft. He played college football at South Carolina (South Carolina Gamecocks football). Goodman has also played for the Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions. condition ownership Greenville, South Carolina Greenville County, South Carolina About Donaldson Center controlledby United States Air Force 36. Greenville (Greenville, South Carolina) - Spartanburg (Spartanburg, South Carolina) - Asheville (Asheville, North Carolina) '''WFBC-TV''' ** (now '''WYFF''') History KPTM was the third broadcasting property owned by Pappas Telecasting when it began broadcasting on April 6, 1986 (1986 in television) (after flagship KMPH-TV in Fresno, California and WHNS in Greenville, South Carolina). It was the second independent (Independent station (North America)) station in Nebraska, and the first new commercial station to sign on in Omaha in 29 years. At the time, Omaha was one of the few top-100 markets (media market) that did not have an independent station of its own. After a few months as an independent, it became a charter Fox affiliate in October. Today, the station is a typical Fox affiliate carrying nearly the entire programming lineup of the network. Only ''Weekend Marketplace'' is preempted (KPTM airs syndicated children's programming instead) and aired on sister station KXVO. Seidel's first full-time broadcasting position was at WYFF-TV in Greenville, South Carolina, where he worked from 1983 through 1989. He next returned to Salisbury in 1989 to work as the meteorologist for WBOC-TV. Seidel remained there until March 1992, when he left for The Weather Channel. '''Dorothy Allison (w:Dorothy Allison)''' (born April 11, 1949) is an American (United States) lesbian writer (w:Lesbian literature), speaker, and member of the Fellowship of Southern Writers (w:Fellowship of Southern Writers). She was raised in Greenville, South Carolina (w:Greenville, South Carolina). She is legally blind (w:Blindness) in her right eye. Former Republican (w:Republican Party (United States)) governor Carroll Campbell (w:Carroll A. Campbell, Jr.) will lie in state today on the second floor of the Statehouse in Columbia (w:Columbia, South Carolina), SC (w:South Carolina). He suffered from a fatal heart attack on Wednesday. He was 65. He was a native of Greenville (w:Greenville, South Carolina). There will be a funeral at Trinity Episcopal Church in Columbia at 10:30 a.m. local time on Saturday, and there will be an additional funeral service and burial at All Saints Episcopal Church in Pawleys Island (w:Pawleys Island, South Carolina).


relationship with the United States is complicated. Although the two nations have a close working relationship regarding the on-going war on terror, there has been a growing tension in other areas. Eritrea's relationship with Italy and the EU (European Union) has become equally strained in many areas in the last three years. Eritrea also has very tense relations with all of its neighbors: Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen, Somalia and Djibouti. In 2007 Ethiopia expelled seven Norway Norwegian


26102 The building was built for the Royal Institution of South Wales in 1841 in the neo-classical (Neoclassical architecture) style.

Kansas City, Missouri

at anarchist groups and settlements, but became a close working associate with Jay Fox, an anarchist with roots in the Chicago labor movement, and married Ester Abramowitz, who had belonged to an anarchist collective in Washington. Among the other members of the SLNA were Tom Mooney (Thomas Mooney), who became a labor martyr while in prison for allegedly throwing a bomb at a Preparedness Day parade in 1916, Earl Browder, an accountant and union activist in Kansas City (Kansas City, Missouri) and Foster's rival for the Presidency of the Communist Party twenty years later, and James P. Cannon, a member of the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) and one of Foster's allies in the internal warfare within the CPUSA until he was expelled for Trotskyism. The SLNA, however, was never an effective force and folded in 1914. Those choosing to remain regular to the Workers (Communist) Party of America saw matters through different eyes. Over the next six weeks a series of about 60 expulsions of party members for their support of Cannon and the Trotskyist movement, including key activists Arne Swabeck and Albert Glotzer in Chicago, Ray Dunne (Vincent R. Dunne) in Minneapolis, and others in Kansas City (Kansas City, Missouri), Philadelphia, and Cleveland. The Communist Party of Canada acted similarly in expelling Maurice Spector, who became a participant-by-correspondence in the fledgling American organization. This action paralleled even more severe reprisals in the Soviet Union, in which as many as 300 of Trotsky's former aides and political associates were arrested by the Soviet secret police (State Political Directorate). It was at this time that the Bolshevik-Leninist Opposition was completely smashed in an organizational sense in the Soviet Union, in the estimation of CLA leader Jim Cannon. Cannon, ''The History of American Trotskyism,'' pg. 60. Baldwin announced on April 10, two weeks before the national convention was held in Kansas City, Missouri, that he would make himself available for the party's nomination at the convention, while "not 'running,'" but continuing to seek God's will. *St. Paul (w:Saint Paul, Minnesota), Minnesota (w:Minnesota) *Kansas City Assembly (w:Kansas City Assembly) of Kansas City (w:Kansas City, Missouri), Missouri (w:Missouri) *Norfolk Assembly of Norfolk (w:Norfolk, Virginia), Virginia (w:Virginia) Still, Harlan was in attendance at Yankee Stadium (w:Yankee Stadium) during the team's Opening Day series this year. He also drove down to Kansas City (w:Kansas City, Missouri), only three hours away from Lincoln, when the Yankees visited the Kansas City Royals (w:Kansas City Royals). He made the same trips last year when Joba made his much-anticipated Major League debut.


August 2009 England, and his family moved to Brooklyn (Brooklyn, New York), New York, when he was young. He grew up in New York City, and his career as a comedian began after he had worked for a number of years at a print shop, where he penned and published a large number of “comedy cards”—cards containing one-line gags that were sold at the shop. The comedy cards were discovered by up-and-coming professional comedian Milton Berle, who encouraged Youngman and formed a close working friendship with him. Berle quipped about his friend, "The only thing funnier than Henny's jokes is his violin playing." Early life Myers was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, the son of British-born parents Eric Myers (1922–1991), an insurance man and World War II veteran of the Royal Engineers (Corps of Royal Engineers), and his wife Alice E. Hind (born 1926), an office supervisor and veteran of the Royal Air Force. Commons:category:Liverpool Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Merseyside Liverpool Wikipedia:Liverpool


community of Russia and the old Soviet Union. He was appointed Ambassador to Moscow and played a crucial role in German-Soviet relations (Soviet-German relations before 1941) until his death from throat cancer (Esophageal cancer) in 1928. He developed a close working relationship with Georgy Chicherin, the Soviet People's Commissar of Foreign Affairs from March 1918 to 1930. birth_date October 1, 1950 birth_place Moscow, Russia occupation Medical Doctor '''Boris Vladimirovich Morukov''' ( Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia Administrative Regions Moscow Commons:Category:Moscow Wikipedia:Moscow


, Belgium, Israel, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Through the 1980s, she continued to tour and to write songs, her album "Seule" was one of France's top grossing releases of 1981. The next year she was awarded the prestigious Grand Prix du Disque (L'Académie Charles Cros) in recognition of her contribution to French culture. She developed a close working relationship with rising film star, Gérard Depardieu and his wife Élisabeth, collaborating on songs for film and records. In 1986 she went to New York City to perform on piano at the Metropolitan Opera with Mikhail Baryshnikov in a song and dance ballet presentation. She co-wrote the music for the stage play "''Lily Passion''" with Luc Plamondon in which she co-starred with Gérard Depardieu. This told the story of David, a killer, who murders someone each time he hears her sing. An extremely dramatic piece, she achieves her goal at the end by having him stab her so that she can die in his arms. Barbara said that she chose the name David in honour of her friend, the biographer David Bret. Reacting to the pressure of the Protestant Reformation, Borromeo encouraged the Golden League (Golden League (Switzerland)) formed in 1586 by Ludwig Pfyffer in Switzerland. Based in Lucerne, the organization (also called the Borromean League) linked activities of several Swiss Catholic cantons of Switzerland, which became the centre of Catholic Counter-Reformation efforts. This Inquisition-type organization was determined to expel heretics and burned some people at the stake. It created severe strains in the civil administration of the confederation, and it caused the break-up of Appenzell canton along religious lines. On 19 May 2004, the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Investigation (BFU) published its determination that the accident had been caused by shortcomings in the Swiss (Switzerland) air traffic control system supervising the flights at the time of the accident and by ambiguities in the use of TCAS, the on-board aircraft collision avoidance system. commons:Confoederatio Helvetica




Commons:Category:Iraq WikiPedia:Iraq Dmoz:Regional Middle East Iraq


'''Candido Portinari''' (December 29, 1903 - February 6, 1962) was one of the most important Brazilian painters (painting) and also a prominent and influential practitioner of the neo-realism (neorealism (art)) style in painting. The '''Xavante language''' is a Ge language spoken by the Xavante people in about 170 villages in the area surrounding Eastern Mato Grosso, Brazil. The Xavante language is unusual in its phonology, its object–subject–verb word order, and its use of honorary and endearment terms in its morphology. *Belgium – Geosite Goudberg near Hoegaarden.

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