Dos Pilas

Central America country Guatemala era Late Classic status City government_type Monarchy year_start 629 year_end 761 event_end Site abandoned year_exile_start 672 year_exile_end 677 event1 Conquered by Calakmul date_event1 648 event2 Subjugated Seibal date_event2 735 capital

the department (Departments of Guatemala) of Petén (Petén Department), Guatemala. It dates to the Late Classic Period (Mesoamerican chronology), being founded by an offshoot of the dynasty of the great city of Tikal in AD 629 in order to control trade routes (Trade in Maya civilization) in the Petexbatún region, particularly the Pasión River. Salisbury, Koumenalis & Barbara Moffett 2002. In AD 648 Dos&

the twin capitals of a single ruling dynasty. The kingdom as a whole has been named as the Petexbatun Kingdom, after Lake Petexbatún, a body of water draining into the Pasión River. Dos Pilas gives an important glimpse into the great rivalries and political strife that characterised the Late Classic. Much of the history of Dos Pilas can now be reconstructed, with a level of detail which is almost


;saenz" Another version of the story has Malinalxóchil as the leader of a dissident Mexica tribe, who left to settle in what is now Malinalco and intermarried with the people already there.

in this part of Mexico State date back to the early post-Classic and the beginning of the late post-Classic. This was a time when many populations were on the move in the highlands of Mexico, with new peoples moving south from what is now northern Mexico. The first people to arrive here were probably the Culhuas, led by a chief named Cuauhtepexpetlatzin, after this group had already settled in the Valley of Mexico. Other peoples to arrive here include the Matlazincas, the Ocuiltecos

and Tepoxtepec showing Olmec influence. During the Pre-classic and Classic periods (Mesoamerica) the area was dominated by the Tarascan. During the Aztec invasion of the area, the Tenancingo chief Tezozomoctli, collaborated with Axayacatl to subdue the rival chief Chicaquiauh of Malinalco and to conquer Calpulli de Coapipitzoatepec (Xochiaca). In return, he remained an independent chieftain within the Aztec Empire. In 1535, after the Conquest, the area was given to Juan

Ashburton, New Zealand

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'', at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. Kieren Linda O’Grady The Moeraki peninsula terminates to the south in Kartigi Point ('Katiki' in modern standard Māori) where there was a pā (Pā (Māori)) (fortified settlement) of the Classic period of Māori culture. Its traditional name was Te Raka-a-hineatua. According to tradition it was built by Taoka, a well known

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Old Forge, New York

Kent, Maine Fort Kent in Maine. It is also the basis of the route of the Adirondack Canoe Classic, a three-day, 90-mile canoe race from Old Forge (Old Forge, New York) to Saranac Lake (Saranac Lake, New York). Historically, the river was a part of the "Highway of the Adirondacks", by which it was possible to travel hundreds of miles by canoe or guideboat with short stretches of portage connecting various waterways. This route is still followed

by the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, a canoe trail from Old Forge (Old Forge, New York) to Fort Kent (Fort Kent, Maine) in Maine. It is also the basis of the route of the Adirondack Canoe Classic, a three-day, 90-mile canoe race from Old Forge (Old Forge, New York) to Saranac Lake (Saranac Lake, New York). Since 1962 the annual Willard Hanmer Guideboat & Canoe Race has been held in July in Saranac Lake, New York; it is a 10-mile canoe and kayak

race on Lake Flower and down the Saranac River. Willard Hanmer was a master guideboat builder. There is also a Guideboat class in the Adirondack Canoe Classic, the three day 90-Miler from Old Forge (Old Forge, New York) to Saranac Lake (Saranac Lake, New York). During the operating season, passenger trains operate from Utica (Utica, New York) to Thendara (Old Forge, New York) and six miles further north to site of the former Carter Station, and from Saranac Lake, New

Watertown, South Dakota

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Petén Department

21stC issue-2.1 broecker.htm Moran, E.F., "Deforestation and Land Use in the Brazilian Amazon," Human Ecology, Vol 21, No. 1, 1993" '''Dos Pilas''' is a Pre-Columbian site of the Maya civilization located in what is now the department (Departments of Guatemala) of Petén (Petén Department), Guatemala. It dates to the Late Classic Period (Mesoamerican chronology), being

as Guatemala's first National Park. Edwin Shook at ObitCentral. The Lacandon seem to have originated in the Campeche and Petén (Petén Department) regions of what is now Mexico and Guatemala and moved into the Lacandon rainforest at the end of the 18th century, a thousand years after the Classic Maya civilization collapsed. Unlike other indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica, though, they were

as '''El Ceibal''' in Spanish (Spanish language), is a Classic Period (Mesoamerican chronology) archaeological site of the Maya civilization located in the northern Petén Department of Guatemala. It was the largest city in the Pasión River region. Sharer & Traxler 2006 p. 520. Departmental history The department was created by a governmental decree on 8 May 1866, together with Huehuetenango (Huehuetenango Department), Izabal Department Izabal

Normal, Illinois

and Conference Center, restaurants, and a variety of stores. The district is also home to the historic and non-profit Normal Theater, a restored Art Deco theater owned by the Town of Normal that runs classic and independent films. Awards * November 19, 2014: Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community Award, League of American Bicyclists ref>

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Championships, NCAA Regional Championships and Intercollegiate Tournaments as well as annually hosting the COUNTRY Youth Classic. * '''Golf Learning Center:''' Located at All Seasons, the Golf Learning Center is a synthetic turf facility, named one


negotiations and finally closed in 2011. Blenheim is home to RM Auctions, the world's largest vintage automobile auction house and RM Restorations, the world's largest vintage automobile restoration company. The nickname "The Classic Car Capital of Canada" comes from the company's position

in the industry and abundance of classic car events in the community. At the outskirts of Chatham city is the headquarters for Pioneer Hi-Bred Limited (a division of DuPont), a major agricultural seed breeding and biotechnology company. In 1996, Chatham became the home of Commercial Alcohols, which is the largest ethanol plant in Canada, and one of the largest in the world. It produces ethanol for industrial, medical, and beverage uses. In January 2005, the plant was named as one of Canada's 50

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on Mark Morris' Ted M. Natt court. Lower Columbia College (LCC), based in Longview, was established in 1934. Media Radio * KBAM AM 1270 (Classic Country) * KEDO (KEDO (AM)) AM 1400 (Talk radio) * KLOG AM 1490 (Classic Hits) * KJVH FM 89.5 (Christian radio) * KLWO FM 90.3 (Contemporary Christian (Contemporary Christian music)) * KLYK FM 94.5 (Hot Adult Contemporary) * KPPK FM 98.3 "The Peak" (Adult hits) * KRQT FM

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