Higher Education Funding Council for England

for the distribution of funding to universities and Colleges of Higher and Further Education (Higher Education) in England since 1992. Most universities are charities and HEFCE (rather than the Charity Commission for England and Wales) is their principal regulator. HEFCE has therefore the duty to promote compliance with charity law by the universities for which they are responsible. History It was created by the Further and Higher Education Act 1992, which also created the Further

; It only funds the institutions and does not give grants or loans to individual students. It also helps develop and implement higher education policy, based on research and consultation. Charitable regulator HEFCE is the legal 'principal regulator' for the many UK universities and colleges who are classed as exempt charities (Exempt charity). HEFCE describes its role as being "to promote compliance by charity trustees with their legal obligations in exercising control

and management of the administration of the charity" and has a memorandum of understanding with the Charity Commission that details how the two will work together. Industry-academia links In addition to distributing both teaching and research funding to higher education institutions HEFCE is also involved with: widening participation; developing links between higher education institutions and business and the community; and enhancing leadership, governance and management within the sector


, but the city itself was not founded until the early colonial period, in the 1530s. It is mostly agricultural but it is best known for its annual homage to an image of the Virgin Mary called Our Lady of Charity. This includes a month of festivities, the best known of which are the “night no one sleeps” when residents create six km of “carpets” on the streets made from colored sawdust, flowers and other materials. The other is the “Huamantlada” a running of the bulls similar to that in Pamplona

many historic buildings from the colonial period up through the Porfirio Diáz era, with simple facades and iron-railed balconies. For this reason and the celebrations related to Our Lady of Charity in August, the city has been named a “Pueblo Mágico.” The main colonial era constructions are the parish of San Luis Obispo and the former monastery of the same name, both of which were begun in the 16th century and named after Huamantla’s patron saint, Louis of Toulouse

, the Franciscans built a hermitage to Our Lady of the Assumption. The image found here today has unknown origins but has since become associated with miracles. The feria attracts thousands of visitors from both Mexico and abroad. This image is better known as Our Lady of Charity (Virgen de la Caridad

Springhill, Nova Scotia

Surrette and Benjamin Heating Products Benjamin Heating Products, Springhill, NS, Canada continue to operate in the town. Chalice, a charity (Charitable organization) affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, is headquartered in the town. With over 46,000 children sponsored it is the largest Catholic child sponsorship program in Canada. ref>

doctor and her mother, Marion Margaret Murray, was a registered nurse who focused her life on raising her family and community charity work. Murray was raised as the only girl in a family of five brothers - David, Daniel, Harold, Stewart and Bruce. Murray has always kept strong ties with her hometown, Springhill, Nova Scotia, located about

an hour south of Moncton, New Brunswick (Moncton), and two hours north of Halifax, Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality). The Anne Murray Centre, located in Springhill, houses a vast collection of memorabilia from both her personal life and professional career in a series of award winning, three-dimensional displays. The Anne Murray Centre, which opened on July 28, 1989, is a registered Canadian charity. As a non-profit association, all the revenue generated from its operation

Cheboygan, Michigan

to connect through several small communities of Northern Michigan. *A ferry for tours of Charity Island (Charity Island (Michigan)) in the middle of Saginaw Bay and the Charity Island Light (and even dinner cruises) are available. It leaves from Au Gres (Au Gres, Michigan) on the mainland, south of Tawas (Tawas City, Michigan). *The ''Kristen D'' is a ferry which


.) he showed how the person who does not work during the six week-days will soon find himself compelled to work on the Sabbath (Shabbat). One of Dosetai's sermons praises almsgiving, interpreting Ps. xvii. 15 thus: "Through charity (Charity (virtue)) shall I see thy face, and enjoy thy sight on awakening" (B. B. 10a). The '''Talmudic Academies in Babylonia''', also known as the Geonic (Geonim) Academies, were the center for Jewish scholarship


, England on 10 August 1803. DATE OF DEATH August 10, 1803 PLACE OF DEATH Watford, Hertfordshire, England founder Mike Pilavachi location '''Soul Survivor''' is a global Christian charity based in Watford, Hertfordshire. It oversees several Christian summer festivals

. He scored his 9th goal of the season against Swansea City on April Fool's Day. Its national headquarters is in Watford and it is a registered charity (Charitable organization) under English and Scottish law. In 2010 11 it had a gross income of £200 million, making it one of the 20 largest charities in the UK.

Andrews, Chorleywood, moving to help start up Soul Survivor (Soul Survivor (charity)) alongside Mike Pilavachi and was the worship leader for the Soul Survivor (Soul Survivor (charity)) Church in Watford. According to founder Mike Pilavachi, the Soul Survivor (Soul Survivor (charity)) festivals (which began in 1993) grew out of worship sessions with him and the then 15-year-old Redman.

Brighton and Hove

keeping the grade II (listed building) façade intact and built 69 flats for the homeless, using £1,250,000 of his own money. The building was leased to the charity Sanctuary Housing Association with the lowest rents in the country. thumb The A259 running through the town (Image:PeacehavenMainStreet.jpg) Although an independent town, Peacehaven relies heavily on the bordering city of Brighton and Hove. Many local residents commute into work via

Brighton Pride carnival event, in 2007 '''Brighton Pride''' is a registered charity from Brighton and Hove in England promoting equality and diversity, and advances education to eliminate discrimination against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. It raises awareness of issues by promoting and staging a series of events including Winter Pride and the annual summer festival and making grants and or donations to other charitable and voluntary

organisations. Its key objective is to develop an environment in favour of LGBT equality by providing information, advice and support. The charity decided to charge entry to Preston Park in 2011, due to safety advice from Statutory bodies. Pride remains an established Charity (Pride (South East), a charity registered in England and Wales. No: 1105892) and this year organised a successful event consisting of the Summer Festival week, Parade, Street Party and the party in Preston Park.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

deputyminister2_pfo chief1_name Simon Milne chief1_position Regius Keeper (Regius Keeper of the Royal Botanic Garden), Chief Executive Officer and Accountable Officer chief2_name chief2_position agency_type Executive Non Departmental Public Body (Non-departmental public bodies of the Scottish Government) Registered charity (Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator) (number SC007983) parent_department


and several major mosques. Banjul is the destination of the Plymouth-Banjul Challenge, a charity road rally. Economy Banjul is the country's economic and administrative centre and includes the Central Bank of the Gambia. Peanut processing is the country's principal industry

, is an annual car event for charity (Charitable organization). Dakar Challenge: Official Site It is not a race or a competition as its website states. It was first run in 2003 http: www.bbc.co.uk devon news_features 2003 dakar_rally.shtml "Wacky racers head for Sahara", ''BBC News'' to Dakar and since 2005 to Banjul. It very roughly follows the route of the more

famous Dakar Rally, visiting many of the same countries. Once the cars make it to Banjul in Gambia they are auctioned for, or donated to, charity. thumb right The terminal of Baghdad International Airport (Image:Baghdad International Airport (October 2003).jpg), Iraq thumb right The terminal of Banjul International Airport (Image:Banjul-aeroport.jpg), Banjul, The Gambia He was succeeded by his second but eldest

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