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Union Square, San Francisco

. Grand hotels and small inns, as well as repertory, off-Broadway, and single-act theaters also contribute to the area's dynamic, 24-hour character. History Union Square was originally a tall sand dune, and the square was later set aside to be made into a public park in 1850. Union Square got its name from the pro-Union rallies held there on the eve of the Civil War. The monument itself is also a tribute to the sailors of the United States Navy. ref


, as taught by Rabbi Yoel Barantchik. The young Chodakov excelled in his devotion to Torah study, and in his piety and refined character. History The village's earliest known name is Mieciany. At some later point, the name was changed, and it became known to its Polish inhabitants as Zułów, and to its Lithuanian ones, as Zalavas. The village was first mentioned in the late 17th century as the private property of Aleksander Wojna-Jasieniecki, a Castellan

Chinatown, San Francisco

, and Swan are carrying out a "dead pool" game in which participants try to predict celebrity deaths, either by natural causes or for those who work in dangerous professions. In a turn of events, another celebrity on Swan's list, movie critic Molly Fisher, is stabbed and killed in her condominium. Character history When the Seventh Doctor lands on December 30, 1999 in San Francisco, he is gunned down by a gang on the streets of Chinatown (Chinatown, San Francisco). Unaware of his alien (extraterrestrial life) physiology, Grace accidentally kills him when she attempts to operate. He subsequently regenerates (Doctor (Doctor Who)#Changing faces) into his eighth incarnation, and involves Grace in his fight to prevent the Master from opening the Eye of Harmony and destroying the Earth at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Day, 2000. At the end, the Doctor offers to take Grace along with him in the TARDIS, but Grace declines, preferring to stay behind and apply the lessons she has learned from him. publisher San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency a combined surface and subway line running from Caltrain Depot (San Francisco 4th and King Street Station) to Chinatown (Chinatown, San Francisco), with stops at Moscone Center and Union Square (Union Square (San Francisco)), with the option of a future extension to North Beach (North Beach, San Francisco, California) and Fisherman's Wharf (Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, California). Ground was broken for the expansion on 2010. The population boom included many workers from China who came to work in the gold mines and later on the Transcontinental Railroad. The Chinatown (Chinatown, San Francisco) district of the city became and is still one of the largest in the country; today as a result of that legacy, the city as a whole is roughly one-fifth Chinese (Chinese American), one of the largest concentrations outside of China. Many businesses founded to service the growing population exist today, notably Levi Strauss & Co. clothing, Ghirardelli (Ghirardelli Chocolate Company) chocolate, and Wells Fargo bank. Many famous railroad, banking, and mining tycoons or "robber barons" such as Charles Crocker, Mark Hopkins (Mark Hopkins, Jr.), Collis P. Huntington, and Leland Stanford settled in the city in its Nob Hill neighborhood. The sites of their mansions are now famous and expensive San Francisco hotels (Mark Hopkins Hotel and the Huntington Hotel (Huntington Hotel (San Francisco))). When compared to the more well-known Chinatowns of Oakland (Chinatown, Oakland) and San Francisco (Chinatown, San Francisco) in California and Vancouver, British Columbia (Chinatown, Vancouver), Portland's Chinatown is smaller and less active. It has more than two dozen Chinese-owned businesses, including restaurants such as Good Taste which serves Cantonese (Cantonese cuisine) noodle soups and barbecued meats, gift and import shops, club houses, an herbal medicine store and an Asian food market. thumb right Telegraph Hill and the Coit Tower (Image:TelegraphHillByJuliusReque.jpg) after sunset as seen from the East Bay The ''San Francisco Chronicle'' defines the Chinatown (Chinatown, San Francisco), North Beach (North Beach, San Francisco), and Telegraph Hill areas as bounded by Sacramento Street, Taylor Street, Bay Street, and the water. "North Beach Chinatown Telegraph Hill." ''San Francisco Chronicle''. Retrieved on February 1, 2009.


Walking Near to Kőszeg start the Countrywide Blue Tour (in Hungarian: Országos Kéktúra, Kéktúra or simply OKT) is a part of the Hungarian section of the European Long Distance Walking Route E4. The route starts atop the Irottkő Mountain (884 m) on the Austrian-Hungarian

South Beach

within the Alaskan Coast and protect them. Zagars, Julie, ed., ''Preservation Yellow Pages, Revised Edition''. (New York, New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1997), 38 & 39. ISBN 978-0-471-19120-9. Therefore, it is important to not only contact your SHPO but also find out about other organizations that contribute to preservation in your state. Character history Kimber is a one-time model, pornographic actress, and pornography director and producer. She is one of six series regulars, The restaurants featured a distinctive exterior design with South Beach-inspired pastels trimmed with pink and blue neon lights and interiors decorated in a tropical motif. The '''Winter Music Conference''' is a weeklong electronic music conference, held every March since the mid-1980s in Miami, Florida, United States. Venues are hosted primarily in Downtown Miami and Miami's South Beach. It is aimed at professionals such as artists, DJs, record label representatives (A&R) (A&R), producer (music producer)s, promoter (Promoter (entertainment))s, radio and the media (News media). * ''Ol' One Tooth'', 1978, Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs (Palm Springs, California) * ''Sea Change'', 1978, South Beach Park, Pier 40, San Francisco * ''Isis'', 1978, North Harbor Drive & Laurel Street, San Diego Posner was fired for expressing her opinion on a YouTube (w:YouTube) video about regulations affecting her South Beach (w:South Beach) neighborhood. Like many rejuvenated (w:urban renewal) communities in the United States, Posner's historic south Fifth Street (w:Ocean Drive) has become the Tribeca (w:Tribeca) of Miami, a fashionable, trendy nightspot with a maelstrom of growth in hotels, restaurants and boutiques that have out-priced many long-term residents.

Kansas City, Kansas

role as Bob Hunter (Bob Hunter (Desperate Housewives)) on ''Desperate Housewives'' (2007–2012). - ). His once promising baseball career ended at age 26 because of arm injuries.


, Sweden, 1742–1743. He was a highly learned man and one of Sweden's important Enlightenment (Age of Enlightenment) figures. Character history Christine Daaé is born just outside the Swedish town of Uppsala. Her mother dies when Christine is six years old, and she is brought up by her father, traveling to fairs where he plays the violin and she sings. They are discovered at one of these fairs by Professor Valérius, who takes them to Gothenburg and then to Paris


was educated under the charge of his pietistic Lutheran grandmother, Henriette Catharina von Gersdorff, who did much to shape his character. History Minden-Lübbecke is roughly identical with the medieval Bishopric of Minden. At its biggest extent in the 13th century, it later lost territory until it came finally to be around the size of today's district. In the 17th century the principality came into the possession of Brandenburg and thus Prussia. Lost for a time to Napoleon


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