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-Lithuania , and finally by the Grand Duchy of Moscow. thumb View of Rzhev before the October Revolution (File:Rzhev.jpg) In the 18th century, local merchants, mainly of Old Believer confession, brought a great measure of prosperity to the town. This was disrupted by the October Revolution of 1917 and the bloody and inconclusive Battles of Rzhev in 1942, which all but wiped out the town. During World War II, Rzhev was occupied by German troops (Wehrmacht) from 14

Amherst, Nova Scotia

to be closer to work. During the 19th century, Amherst became an important regional centre for shipbuilding and other services to outlying communities. An indication of the town's importance in Canadian history is seen with its four Fathers of Confederation: Edward B. Chandler, Robert B. Dickey, Jonathan McCully, and Sir Charles Tupper. During the late 19th century, local industrialists and entrepreneurs constructed many fine Victorian and Edwardian homes along Victoria Street East, leading toward the farming hamlet of East Amherst (East Amherst, Nova Scotia). Many notable residents have lived in this district, including Tupper, Senator Thomas R. Black, the Barker Family, the Lamy Family, the Pugsley Family and Mary (Molly) Simmons Critchley. Amherst gained brief notoriety in the late 19th century as the location of alleged poltergeist phenomena afflicting Amherst resident Esther Cox in 1878 and 1879, which became known as the Great Amherst Mystery after the publication of a popular book on the affair. birth_place Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada death_date Goss was born in Amherst, Nova Scotia in 1968., Olympic Sports, Sandy Goss. Retrieved July 12, 2010. He attended the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, where he swam for the Florida Gators swimming and diving team in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) competition under coach Randy Reese from 1987 to 1990. Goss received twenty-three All-American honors during his college swimming career. He graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor's degree in marketing in 1991. Life and work He was born in Amherst, Nova Scotia, son of the Rev. Canon Townshend, rector of Amherst, and Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of the late honourable Alexander Stewart (Alexander Stewart (Nova Scotian politician)), C.B., formerly master of the Rolls of the Province of Nova Scotia and judge of the Vice-Admiralty Court (vice admiralty court). Canon Townshend was the son of the late Honourable William Townshend (William Townshend (colonial governor)) of Wrexham, England. The family were descended from the Townshends of Norfolk, England. counties Hants (Hants County, Nova Scotia), Colchester (Colchester County, Nova Scotia), Cumberland (Cumberland County, Nova Scotia), Halifax Regional Municipality, East Hants (East Hants, Nova Scotia) towns Amherst (Amherst, Nova Scotia), Springhill (Springhill, Nova Scotia), Stewiacke (Stewiacke, Nova Scotia), Truro (Truro, Nova Scotia) cities From Glenholme, Trunk 2 continues west along the north shore of the Minas Basin through Great Village (Great Village, Nova Scotia), Bass River (Bass River, Nova Scotia), Economy (Economy, Nova Scotia), and Five Islands (Five Islands, Nova Scotia) forming parts of the Glooscap Trail and Fundy Shore Ecotour. At the town of Parrsboro (Parrsboro, Nova Scotia), Trunk 2 turns north through the Cobequid Hills to Newville Lake (Newville Lake (Cumberland County)) before turning northeast to reach the Southampton River (Southampton River (Nova Scotia)), which Trunk 2 follows to the town of Springhill (Springhill, Nova Scotia). Trunk 2 turns northwest from Springhill and runs a further 30 km to the town of Amherst (Amherst, Nova Scotia) which it passes through until it reaches the rural community of Fort Lawrence (Fort Lawrence, Nova Scotia) on the interprovincial boundary with New Brunswick.



name "Finlay 158" A large portion of these blue-and-white wares was then shipped to Southwest-Asian markets through the Muslim traders based in Guangzhou. Chinese blue and white porcelain was ''once-fired'': after the porcelain body was dried, decorated with refined cobalt-blue pigment mixed with water and applied using a brush, coated with a clear glaze and fired at high temperature. From the 16th century, local sources of cobalt blue started to be developed, although Persian cobalt remained the most expensive. Production of blue and white wares has continued at Jingdezhen to this day. Blue and white porcelain made at Jingdezhen probably reached the height of its technical excellence during the reign of the Kangxi emperor of the Qing Dynasty (reigned 1661 to 1722). Wikipedia:Jingdezhen


, especially in Zhetysu (Semirechye). Modern Urgench is a Soviet-style city with cotton motifs adorning many objects, from street lights to apartment houses. Of note is a monument to the twenty Komsomol members killed by Tekke basmachi (Basmachi Revolt) on the banks of the Syr Darya in 1922, and a large statue to Muhammed al-Khwarizmi, the 9th century local mathematician who revolutionised algebra, outside the Hotel Urgench. A flat, dry place, this hotel is the main


+Schools+in+the+city+for+the+dissemination+of+Greek+Letters+and+enlightenment%22&dq %22In+the+Regulations+the+harmonious+and+honest+management+of+this+fund+is+presented+as+a+basic+duty+of+the+community.+The+lasso+was+established+for+%22the+upkeep+of+the+common+Schools+in+the+city+for+the+dissemination+of+Greek+Letters+and+enlightenment%22 At the end of the 19th century local Albanians expressed a growing need to be educated in their native language. The question

Cossack Hetmanate

Apostol . Throughout the 18th century, local autonomy was gradually eroded within the Hetmanate. After the Baturyn's tragedy the autonomy was abolished, incorporating it into the Kiev Governorate. After the Battle of Poltava, hetmans elected by the Council of Officers were to be confirmed by the tsar. They served more as a military administrators and have little influence over the domestic policies. The tsar also frequently appointed the colonels of each regimental district. First Little Russian Collegiate #...that the Ancient Greeks credited '''Broteas''', the ugly son of Tantalus, with an ancient rock-cut cliff-face carving of the Great Mother of the Gods in modern Turkey? (March 13, 2006) Wikipedia:Recent additions 57 #...that the Cossack Hetman and the later Muscovite (Muscovy) voyevoda (Voivod) '''Petro Doroshenko''' signed a treaty with Sultan Mehmed IV recognizing the Cossack Hetmanate as a vassal of the Ottoman Empire? (March 8, 2006) Wikipedia:Recent additions 56 #...that '''the Hood Event (Hood event)''' was an incident following the US invasion of Iraq (2003 Invasion of Iraq) where a group of Turkish (Turkish Armed Forces) special forces operating in northern Iraq (Iraqi Kurdistan) was captured and interrogated by the US military (Military of the United States), later becoming the basis for the 2006 (2006 in film) film ''Valley of the Wolves Iraq''? (February 24, 2006) Wikipedia:Recent additions 55

Puebla, Puebla

'''Karla Verónica Jiménez Amezcua''' (born December 15, 1982 in Puebla (Puebla, Puebla), Puebla, Mexico) is a Mexican beauty pageant titleholder who represented her country in the 2006 Miss World (Miss World 2006) pageant, held in Warsaw, Poland on September 30, 2006.


was elevated to the status of a ''ju'' (zhou (political division)), Mil-ju, by King Seongjong (Seongjong of Goryeo). In 1194, Miryang was the site of a massive battle between royal forces and a massive rebel army led by Kim Sami of Cheongdo and Hyosim of Ulsan. More than 7000 rebels were slain. Lee (1984), p. 143. Under King Chungnyeol (Chungnyeol of Goryeo) in the late 13th century, local residents led by Jo Cheon rose up against the government


:File:Serbia-ahu2.jpg. Part of the map Serbia under Habsburg rule :File:Srbah2.jpg part of the map Carte de l'Empire autrichien au XVIIIe siècle jusqu'au troisième partage de la Pologne (1795) (Vojvodina, Mačva (Macva), northern Belgrade (Belgrade) regions

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