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Dresden, Ontario

, Ontario Dresden , Ontario, Canada. Uncle Tom's Cabin Historic Site Located near Dresden, Ontario in Canada, Uncle Tom's Cabin Historic Site includes the cabin that was home to Josiah Henson during much of his time in the area, from 1841 until his death in 1883. The five acre complex includes Henson's cabin, an interpretive center about Henson and the Dawn settlement, an exhibit gallery about the Underground Railroad, outbuildings, a 19th century historic house, a cemetery and a gift shop. DATE OF DEATH 1883-05-05 PLACE OF DEATH Dresden, Ontario, Canada Other notable Black settlements include North Preston (North Preston, Nova Scotia) in Nova Scotia, Priceville (Priceville, Ontario), Shanty Bay (Shanty Bay, Ontario) and parts of Chatham-Kent in Ontario such as South Buxton (South Buxton, Ontario) and Dresden (Dresden, Ontario), the Maidstone (Maidstone, Saskatchewan) Eldon (Eldon No. 471, Saskatchewan) area in Saskatchewan The '''British-American Institute''' was a school started in 1842 by Josiah Henson near Dresden (Dresden, Ontario), Western District (Western District, Upper Canada), Canada West (Upper_Canada#Canada_West), Province of Canada, as part of the Dawn Settlement, a community of fugitive slaves who had escaped to Canada. The institute was a school for all ages designed to provide a general education and teacher training. It was taken over by the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society in 1849. The school closed down in 1868. The site of the school is encompassed today by the Uncle Tom's Cabin Historic Site. From the 1987 election until its abolishment in 1999 the riding included the (now former) municipalities of Dover Township (Dover Township, Ontario), Chatham Township (Chatham Township, Ontario), Camden Township (Camden Township, Ontario), Zone Township (Zone Township, Ontario), the towns of Wallaceburg (Wallaceburg, Ontario), Dresden (Dresden, Ontario) and Bothwell (Bothwell, Ontario) plus the city of Chatham (Chatham, Ontario).

Muang Sing


Simcoe County

municipalities therein, Province of Ontario, Canada year 1906 location Toronto publisher Briggs pages 436–437 oclc 16836409 ol 14002209M lccn 09010340 url http: stream countybruce00robeuoft#page n473 mode 2up accessdate 2011-09-08 For a 19th century historic map showing the route through Kincardine Township (the present day municipality of Kincardine), see


province de Languedoc, de l'époque romaine à nos jours , by Élie Pélaquier, CNRS. under vines and is the single biggest wine-producing region (List of wine-producing regions) in the world, being responsible for more than a third of France's total wine production. K. MacNeil ''The Wine Bible'' pg 293 Workman Publishing 2001 ISBN 1563054345 As recently as 2001, the region produced more wine than the entire United States (American wine). K. MacNeil ''The Wine Bible'' pg 294 Workman Publishing 2001 ISBN 1563054345 Nicetas then went on to Languedoc. In 1167 in the presence of Mark and other representatives of Cathar churches in Languedoc, France and Catalonia, Nicetas presided over the Council of Saint-Félix at which he renewed the ''consolamenta'' and confirmed the episcopal office of six Cathar bishops: Most well known as a painter, his bold, arguably brutal depictions of the South Wales valleys are his most powerful legacy. ‘Pithead Funeral’, a response to the Aberfan disaster that affected him so deeply, stands out amongst his work together with 'Fallen Figure' (opposite). Also the series of miner’s paintings produced following the week he spent sketching underground in a Welsh (Wales) coal mine. In sharp contrast are the paintings and drawings produced as a result of the considerable time he spent in the Languedoc region of France.

Fredericksburg, Virginia

was established in 1720. Within the historic district, four 18th-century historic sites have been managed by Preservation Virginia but, following a full, statewide reorganization by that organization, the newly created "Washington Heritage Museums" group will acquire the sites by 2014: the Mary Washington House, where George Washington's mother (Mary Ball Washington) spent her final years; the late 18th century Rising Sun Tavern (Fredericksburg, Virginia) Rising Sun Tavern

United States

. thumb right 19th century historic town hall (File:GibraltarWisconsinTownHallFishCreekWisconsin.jpg) '''Gibraltar''' is a town in Door County (Door County, Wisconsin), Wisconsin, United States. The population was 1,063 at the 2000 census. The unincorporated communities of Fish Creek (Fish Creek, Wisconsin) and Juddville (Juddville, Wisconsin) are located in the town, '''Jacksonport''' is a town in Door County (Door County, Wisconsin), Wisconsin, United States. The population was 738 at the 2000 census

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