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areas; however it is not odd for Lahijan to experience periods of near blizzard conditions during the winter. The amount of rainfall in Lahijan depends on the winds bearing vapor that blow from the North West in winter, from the East in spring and from the West in summer and autumn. These winds carry the vapor and humidity towards the plains causing heavy and prolonged rainfalls. Tea Tea in Iran File:MY FRIEND IN TEA.JPG thumb The real colour


, the column bombarded the royal palace with heavy artillery, causing heavy casualties and leading Queen Ranavalona III to surrender. Oliver (1985), p. 529 France annexed Madagascar in 1896 and dissolved the 103-year-old Merina monarchy, sending the royal family into exile on Reunion Island (Réunion) and in Algeria. Oliver (1985), p. 532 Antananarivo is the administrative capital and largest city of Madagascar. It is located in the highlands region, near the geographic center of the island. King Andrianjaka founded Antananarivo as the capital of his Imerina Kingdom around 1610 or 1625 upon the site of a captured Vazimba capital on the hilltop of Analamanga (Twelve sacred hills of Imerina#Hill of Analamanga). As Merina dominance expanded over neighboring Malagasy peoples in the early 19th century to establish the Kingdom of Madagascar, Antananarivo became the center of administration for virtually the entire island. In 1896 the French colonizers of Madagascar adopted the Merina capital as their center of colonial administration. The city remained the capital of Madagascar after independence, in 1960. In 2011, the capital's population was estimated at 1,300,000 inhabitants. By comparison, the next largest cities are Antsirabe (500,000), Toamasina (450,000) and Mahajanga (400,000). thumb right alt Students working in groups in classroom as teacher observes Education in Madagascar Education (File:Diego Suarez Antsiranana urban public primary school (EPP) Madagascar.jpg) access and quality were prioritized under Ravalomanana (Marc Ravalomanana) Prior to the 19th century, all learning in Madagascar was informal and typically served to teach practical skills as well as social and cultural values, including respect for ancestors and elders. The first formal European-style school was established in 1818 at Toamasina by members of the London Missionary Society (LMS), who were invited by King Radama I (1810–1828) to expand their schools throughout Imerina to teach basic literacy and numeracy to aristocratic children. The schools were closed by Ranavalona I in 1835 Ralibera (1993), p. 196 but reopened and expanded in the decades after her death. By the end of the 19th century Madagascar could boast the most developed and modern school system in pre-colonial Sub-Saharan Africa. Access to schooling was expanded in coastal areas during the colonial period, when French language and basic work skills were the focus of the curriculum. During the post-colonial First Republic, a continued reliance on French nationals as teachers, and French as the language of instruction, created tension among those desiring a complete separation from the former colonial power. Consequently, under the socialist Second Republic, French instructors and other nationals were expelled, Malagasy was declared the language of instruction and a large cadre of young Malagasy were rapidly trained to teach at remote rural schools under the mandatory two-year national service policy. wikipedia:Toamasina


-- birth_place Zahlé, Lebanon origin '''Isabel Bayrakdarian''' (born 1974 in Zahlé, Lebanon) is a Grammy Award-nominated Armenian Canadian (Canadians of Armenian descent) opera singer. *Tripoli: Rue El Mina *Zahlé: Rue Brazil Rose Bouziane was born in Zahlé, Lebanon, to a sheep broker and a teacher. She taught high school French (French language) and Arabic (Arabic language), as the first woman teacher to teach outside of her hometown, before she married Nathra Nader in 1925. They immigrated to the United States, and soon settled in Winsted, Connecticut, where Nathra's Main Street bakery restaurant general store became a place for residents bemoaning actions or inactions at town hall. With her husband, she authored ''It Happened in the Kitchen: Recipes for Food and Thought'' ISBN 0-936758-29-5 In the Bekaa, there are Armenians living in Zahlé and most notably Anjar (Anjar, Lebanon).


nmi km 0 from its launch point. On a 27 April 1972, a flight of eight Air Force (United States Air Force) fighters, two carrying 2000-pound laser-guided bombs and two carrying Walleye IIs, attacked the Thanh Hoa Bridge. Cloud cover prevented the LGBs from being used, but five of the Walleyes locked on, causing heavy damage to the bridge, even though failing to bring down a span. On 13 May, the Air Force finally brought down the bridge with 3,000 and 2,000-pound LGBs. The Vietnamese, however, soon repaired the bridge, compelling the Navy and Air Force to fly 13 more missions against the target. On one such mission on 23 October, four A-7 Corsair pilots from the carrier USS ''America'' (USS America (CV-66)) took down the bridge with a combination of Walleye IIs and conventional 2000-pound bombs. During the war in Vietnam (First Indochina War), General Jean Etienne Valluy was the French commander who replaced Philippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque and attempted to wipe out the Vietminh in one stroke, but failed. The French colonial government had co-existed uneasily with the Japanese occupying force during the Second World War but had been swept aside by Japanese military action in March 1945, leading to the Vietnamese declaration of independence in August 1945. By 1947, the French had re-occupied the south of Viêt-nam and Valluy in temporary command there sent troops north to re-establish control of Tonkin. Phillippe Devillers, Histoire du Viêt-Nam de 1940 à 1952. Editions du Seuil, Paris. Third edition,1952, pp. 331-340 His French infantry with armored units went through Haiphong fighting house to house (house-to-house fighting) against Vietminh squads. French aircraft zoomed in to bomb and strafe while the cruiser Suffren (French cruiser Suffren), in the harbor, lobbed shells into the city, demolishing whole neighborhoods of flimsy structures. Refugees streamed into nearby provinces with their belongings in baskets and on bicycles, and the naval guns shelled them as well. Days passed before the French finally overcame the last Vietminh snipers. The Vietnamese claimed that the French actions caused twenty thousand deaths. A French admiral later estimated that no more than six thousand Vietnamese had been killed. Vu Quoc Uy, then chairman of the Haiphong municipal committee, said in an interview in 1981 that the toll had been between five hundred and a thousand. Actively acting in the field of culture and art, Vu Quoc Uy was suddenly arrested and put under house arrest by the French in 1944. In April 1945, he escaped from house arrest and intended to go to the liberation area in Viet Bac but was reassigned to Haiphong. After participation in a uprising in Hanoi, Vu Quoc Uy was once again assigned to Haiphong and gathered the forced and raised in army to seize power on August 23, 1945. As a title of a Chairman of Interim revolutionary people's committee of Haiphong, Vu Quoc Uy declared that the old authority was overthrown and then established the Interim revolutionary people's committee of Haiphong. Then he held concurrently Chairman of City defending committee. In precarious situation, Vu Quoc Uy and other member of Haiphong Party committees made the best of great solidarity though of Ho Chi Minh in daily directing and constantly determined "our top task is to built a whole people's solidarity block to advance revolutionary cause successful". Vu Quoc Uy was interested in building Haiphong Democratic Party committee as a member of it. After Haiphong-Kien An entered the resistance against the French (France) colonialists, Vu Quoc Uy participated in inter-province Hai-Kien as a standing member, Head of disseminating and training department, and Director of To Hieu school. As these above positions, Vu Quoc Uy and the whole school staff overcame hard period in its Deo Voi branch in Dong Trieu district, Quang Yen province and other branches opened many training classes for 1000 staff, Party members to serve struggling task and seizing the city. After the South was absolutely liberated, Vu Quoc Uy was appointed Vice chairman and Chairman of Foreign affairs committee until his retirement. Michel Henry was born in Haiphong, French Indochina (now Vietnam), and he lived in French Indochina until he was seven years old. Following the death of his father, who was an officer in the French Navy, his mother and he settled in metropolitan France. While studying in Paris, he discovered a true passion for philosophy, which led to the desire to make it his profession. From June 1943 onwards, he was committed to the French Resistance where he joined the maquis of the Haut Jura (Jura mountains) under the code name of Kant. He often had to come down from the mountains in order to accomplish missions in Nazi-occupied Lyon, an experience of clandestinity that deeply marked his philosophy. Background After the declaration of war on 19 December 1946, the French Union forces had made significant progress by capturing the major cities Haiphong, Hanoi, Lang Son, Cao Bang as well as nearly the western and southern region of Tonkin, which was the stronghold of the Viet Minh movement. The reasons for the fast advance were due to the superior firepower, naval and air support, also by then, the Vietnamese army has exhausted their resources trying to recapture major cities before French reinforcements could arrive. The major forces of the Viet Minh were dug in the eastern part of Tonkin, which know as Việt Bắc, or "An toàn khu" (Safe Base). There remained only a greater gap between the towns Cao Bang in the north and Yên Bái in the south. During April 1947 Ho Chi Minh made a last attempt to achieve a ceasefire and to continue the negotiations with the French government about Vietnamese independence from 1946. But the French only demanded his surrender, because the position of the Vietnamese forces seemed to be desperate. But on 26 April he refused the French, offering: ''"In the French Union is no place for cowards. I would be one, if I would accept."'' During the rest of the spring and the summer, the French made assaults to the bases of the Viet Minh troops in Tonkin but could not force them to a conventional battle. Instead the Viet Minh returned when the French moved on. The following summer, ''Alden'', in company with her sister ships and WikiPedia:Hai Phong

Gaza City

World ap20030906_709.html * Natural disaster: Hurricane Fabian lashes Bermuda, causing heavy damage. It is the most powerful storm to hit the island in fifty years. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict : ** An Israeli helicopter gunship attacks a car in Gaza City, killing Islamic Jihad (Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine) commander Mekled Hameid and two fellow militants, together with two bystanders. A suicide-bomber strikes a bus stop Tel Aviv , killing four civilians and himself. Suwaydan''' ( Israel has launched with at least 30 simultaneous missiles strikes on Hamas (w:Hamas) installations in Gaza City (w:Gaza City), causing heavy damage. F-16 fighters (w:F-16 Fighting Falcon) targeted security compounds in the city’s centre. Palestinian (Palestine) medical officials report that a United Nations school in Gaza City (w:Gaza City), which was being used as a shelter for civilians, took a direct hit from an Israeli (Israel) tank, killing more than 30 Palestinians on the 11 th day of the assault (w:2008–2009_Israel–Gaza_conflict). Israeli officials have stated that rocket fire had emerged from within the school. Doctors of the Kamal Adwan Hospital in Jabaliya report that an additional 10 people died at the hospital and they expect an increase in the casualties as more people may be on the way to the hospital.

Gulfport, Mississippi

half of the Mississippi coastline, causing heavy damage in Bay St. Louis (Bay St. Louis, Mississippi) (which received a He was the second of four children and attended Hancock North Central High School where he played baseball and football. Favre started for the Hancock North Central baseball team as an eighth-grader and earned five varsity letters. He played quarterback, lineman (lineman (football)), strong safety (Defensive back), placekicker and punter (punter (football position)) in a primarily option (option offense), run-oriented offense coached by his father, Irvin Favre, who was the head coach of the team. '''Brett Lorenzo Favre (w:Brett Favre)''' (born October 10, 1969, in Gulfport, Mississippi (w:Gulfport, Mississippi)) has been the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers (w:Green Bay Packers) in the National Football League (w:National Football League) since 1992.


Prescott, Arizona

, and as of the end of 2005 it had 3,153 interments. It is currently closed to new interments.

West Palm Beach, Florida

Tampa (Tampa, Florida) as a tropical storm. After a short trip over the Gulf of Mexico, Frances made a second landfall near St. Marks, Florida. Frances headed inland, weakening to a tropical depression and causing heavy rainfall over the southern (U.S. Southern states) and eastern United States. As Tropical Depression Frances turned northeast, United States meteorologists at the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center continued issuing advisories

Saint Lucia

the eastern portion of the Dominican Republic, causing heavy damage near the coastlines, and ultimately turned to the northeast before being last observed on October 20 southeast of Cape Race, Newfoundland (Newfoundland (island)). '''Saint Lucia''' competed at the '''2000 Summer Olympics''' in Sydney, Australia. source http: westindies content ground 59518.html Cricinfo '''Beausejour Stadium''' is a cricket ground located near Gros

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