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Presidente Prudente

to build a career. History Presidente Prudente was founded in 1917. Demographics *Total Population: 207,625 (IBGE 2010) *Literacy rate: 98% *Human Development Index: 0.846 *Regional Population: 806,954 inhabitants. Climate The city is known as much for its hot temperatures in summer, when the heat index sometimes exceeds 40°C (104°F, in the months of October through February (from spring to summer). However, cold weather prevails in winter, as -1.8°C


Abdel Hakim Shelmani (Libya (Libyan Football Federation)) * Songo – La Maya, Cuba, a municipality in Santiago de Cuba Province, Cuba * Songo, Mali, a village in the provincial district of Mopti, in central Mali * The town of Songo next to '''Cahora Bassa''' lake in Tete Province in central Mozambique Career history In 1968, at the age of thirteen, he joined the group of guitarist Ali Farka Toure and singer Harber Maiga as an apprentice. It was Maiga who

Campbell River, British Columbia

River, British Columbia Campbell River on Vancouver Island, to find peace and to be able to spend more time with his family. He has been doing weekend musical theatre workshops with as many as 32 children. His sister, Sandra Bailey, manages his career. History The Unicorns formed in Campbell River, British Columbia <

Duchy of Prussia

the Duchy of Prussia; previously they had held the territory as a fief of Poland. In case of an end to the Hohenzollern dynasty in Prussia, the territory was to revert to the Polish crown. The treaty was achieved by Brandenburg's diplomat, Christoph Caspar von Blumenthal, on the first diplomatic mission of his career. History About 1348 the Teutonic Knights (State of the Teutonic Order) constructed a wooden fortress near present-day Mrągowo named ''Sensburg'', derived from Old


Cynon Taf , within the historic county boundaries (Historic counties of Wales) of Glamorgan, Wales, lying in the Rhondda Fawr Valley. A former industrial coal mining town, today Tonypandy is best known as the site of the Tonypandy Riots. Career history Davies was born in Treorchy in the Rhondda Valley, Wales. His father, a clerk at a coalmine, died a few months later, and his mother took Donald and his twin sister back to her home town of Portsmouth, where he went to school. The History of Computing Project - Donald Davies Biography *'''Gladys Pugh''' (Ruth Madoc) '''''Chief Yellowcoat Sports Organiser''''' - Gladys was born in 1933 in Pontypridd, but she spent her youth living in the Rhondda Valley. She joined Maplins Holiday Camp in 1955 and rose through the ranks to become Sports Organiser and later Chief Yellowcoat. She won the competition for being the most popular girl Yellowcoat every year since she joined, until 1959, when she was beaten by Sylvia Garnsy. Upon Jeffrey Fairbrother's arrival at the camp at the start of the 1959 season, she fell passionately in love with him, although he did not reciprocate this. On one occasion, she found herself in a situation where Fairbrother had become drunk unintentionally, and she helped him back to his chalet. The following morning he awoke naked with no memory of the previous night, and found Gladys's bra in his bed. It was left ambiguous as to what actually happened. Gladys disliked all of the other female Yellowcoats, Sylvia Garnsy in particular, whom she saw as competition in her fight for Fairbrother's affections. Like Fairbrother, she also disapproved of Ted's schemes to scam the campers, even though she secretly had her own scheme selling reconditioned tennis balls. Gladys was left heartbroken when Fairbrother departed for Wisconsin without telling anyone at the end of the season, but she quickly recovered upon meeting Squadron Leader Clive Dempster, who arrived to take over Fairbrother's job. She immediately became attracted to Clive, and the two had an on-off relationship throughout the 1960 season. She eventually married Clive and moved to Australia with him at the end of the season. Venables is also the Chairman of Welsh League side Cambrian Sky Blues who are based in the Rhondda, South Wales. Cambrian & Clydach Vale Welsh Football League Before the Rhondda (w:Rhondda) Magistrates' Court (w:Magistrates' Court) Wiosna admitted breaching the noise abatement (w:noise pollution) notice (w:summons), with which he was served. He was ordered to pay a £ (w:Pound sterling)200 fine. He was also ordered to pay £50 in costs, £15 in victim surcharge, and to destroy his music collection.


) Regional name Africa Cup of Nations Career history In 1968, at the age of thirteen, he joined the group of guitarist Ali Farka Toure and singer Harber Maiga as an apprentice. It was Maiga who taught Bocoum to sing and to write songs until his death on 23 March 1983. Bocoum's first solo performance came in 1968 at a musical competition in Mopti. He was well received by the public. In 1972 he performed in front of 3000 people at Mali's second wikt:biennale Biennale

Gary, Indiana

was renamed after him in his honor.) He earned seven letters playing football and baseball and joined the Sigma Chi Fraternity at Purdue in the 1940s, playing in 1942 and again in 1946 and 1947. Stram served in the US military during World War II interrupting his university career. History Vee-Jay was founded in Gary, Indiana, in 1953 (1953 in music) by Vivian Carter and James C. Bracken (James Bracken), a husband-and-wife team who used their initials for the label’s

Windsor, Ontario

Windsor and Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls, Ontario) before returning northward to Ottawa. Subsequently, he was involved in creating constituency contact lists throughout the province. Personal, education, and career history Born in Istanbul, Turkey, to Greek parents (specifically Pontic (Pontic Greek)), Lazaridis was five years old when his family moved to Canada in 1966, settling in Windsor (Windsor, Ontario), Ontario. At age 12, he won a prize at the Windsor Public Library for reading every science book in the library. Article on Mihalis Lazaridis In 1979, he enrolled at the University of Waterloo in electrical engineering with an option in computer science. In 1984, Lazaridis responded to a request for proposal from General Motors to develop a network computer control display system. Lazaridis, Mike, How I got started, The BlackBerry Boss, Fortune Magazine, April 27, 2009, p.20 GM awarded him a $600,000 contract. He dropped out of university that year, just two months before he was scheduled to graduate. The GM contract, a small government grant, and a $15,000 loan from Lazaridis's parents enabled Lazaridis, Mike Barnstijn, and Douglas Fregin to launch Research In Motion. One of the company's first achievements was the development of barcode technology for film. RIM plowed the profits from that into wireless data transmission research, eventually leading to the introduction of the BlackBerry wireless mobile device in 1999, and its more well-known version in 2002. Early life Platt was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada to American parents Sheila Maynard, a clinical social worker who worked in Islamabad, '''Patrick Michael Boutette''' (born March 1, 1952 in Windsor (Windsor, Ontario), Ontario) is a retired Canadian (Canada) professional ice hockey centre (centre (ice hockey)). DATE OF BIRTH March 1, 1952 PLACE OF BIRTH Windsor (Windsor, Ontario), ON (Ontario), CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH The temple serves church members in the lower peninsula of Michigan, north-west Ohio and the London Ontario Stake, which as well as London includes the border towns of Sarnia and Windsor (Windsor, Ontario) in Ontario. Sault St. Marie, Michigan and the eastern third of the Upper Peninsula is also in the Temple district. South-west Michigan around Benton Harbor, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek and Niles is currently assigned to the Chicago Illinois Temple. He was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1789. He came to Canada as a member of the British Army in 1814 and later settled at Sandwich (Windsor (Windsor, Ontario)). He was named judge in the Surrogate Court for the Western District (Western District, Ontario) in 1836. He represented Essex (Essex County, Ontario) in the 9th (9th Parliament of Upper Canada), 10th (10th Parliament of Upper Canada) and 12th parliament (12th Parliament of Upper Canada)s. Smoggy air is expected to move into the Toronto-area on Tuesday from the Windsor (w:Windsor, Ontario) to London (w:London, Ontario) corridor, where a smog alert was also in place on Monday. 22-year-old Jesse Imeson, a native of the Windsor (w:Windsor, Ontario), Ontario area, is already wanted for the first-degree murder of Carlos Rivera, 26, a bartender at a gay strip club in Windsor, last week. Now Ontario Provincial Police (w:Ontario Provincial Police) are issuing a Canada-wide warrant for him in connection of the slaying of an elderly couple in their rural home near Grand Bend (w:Grand Bend), on the shore of Lake Huron (w:Lake Huron).


. He is a former goalkeeper (Goalkeeper (association football)) and captain (Captain (association football)) of the Iranian Premier League (Iran's Premier Football League) side Sepahan Esfahan (Sepahan F.C.). He was also a former goalkeeper of the Armenia national team (Armenia national football team). Career history at National Football Teams DATE OF BIRTH 13 November 1973 PLACE OF BIRTH


in the country by population--United States metropolitan areas. The Greater Cincinnati area is home to over 685 law firms. Notably, Cincinnati's downtown is the site for the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit courthouse, and also the courthouse for the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio. Career history Day graduated from La Salle High School (La Salle High School (Cincinnati, Ohio)) in Cincinnati in 1996, where he played basketball

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