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campaign called

Jilin City

. During the Cultural Revolution, Jilin was expanded again to include a part of Inner Mongolia, giving it a border with the independent state of Mongolia, though this was later reversed. In recent times Jilin has, together with the rest of heavy industry-based Northeast China, been facing economic difficulties with privatization. This has prompted the central government to undertake a campaign called “Revitalize the Northeast”. Major cities in this province include


and multi-partitism grew; between May and December 1991, Douala was at the center of the civil disobedience campaign called the ghost town operation (''ville morte'') during which economic activities shut down to make the country ungovernable and to force the government to allow multi-partitiesm and freedom of expression. Edmond Kamguia Koumchou (2003) ''Le Journalisme du Carton Rouge''. Douala: Editions l'Etincelle d'Afrique. Name With the arrival


Railways broad gauge. http: wiki Railway_Gazette_International Pakistan (Transportation in Pakistan) - Different trains operate in Pakistan - the Jafar Express between Quetta and Rawalpindi etc. Musharraf's moves sparked protests among Pakistani lawyers. On 12 March 2007, lawyers started a campaign called Judicial Activism across Pakistan and began boycotting all court procedures in protest against the suspension

Serbia and Montenegro

began an air campaign called Operation Allied Force against Yugoslav military forces and positions and suspected Serbian paramilitaries. The air attacks against Belgrade by NATO were the first attacks on the city since World War II. Some of the worst massacres against civilian Albanians by Serbian forces occurred after NATO started its bombing of Yugoslavia. Cuska massacre

Federal Aviation Administration

campaign called "brown bailout" (Brown Bailout). FedEx claims that signing the Federal Aviation Administration re-authorization bill, which would let some of its workers unionize (Trade union) more easily (and, according to the Memphis-based company, "could expose its customers at any time to local work stoppages that interrupt the flow of their time-sensitive, high-value shipments”), 'Brown

anniversary. * June 2009: United Parcel Service lobbies to have language added to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Reauthorization Act. FedEx runs a negative ad campaign called Brown Bailout. * March 19, 2012: UPS announces that it intends to acquire TNT Express for $6.8billion, in a move to help expand its presence in European and Asian markets. http: news 2012-03-18 ups-said-to-reach-deal-to-buy-tnt-express Family and early life


among Pakistani lawyers. On 12 March 2007, lawyers started a campaign called Judicial Activism across Pakistan and began boycotting all court procedures in protest against the suspension. In Islamabad, as well as other cities such as Lahore, Karachi, and Quetta hundreds of lawyers dressed in black suits attended rallies, condemning the suspension as unconstitutional. Slowly the expressions of support for the ousted Chief Justice gathered momentum and by May, protesters

Regina, Saskatchewan

individual donations, but also receives research grants, and has institutional support from trade unions. The CCPA has recently launched a new research and public awareness campaign called the Growing Gap. Its research claims to demonstrate the growth of income inequality in Canada and offer solutions. Irvine was involved with the events of the North-West Rebellion of 1885. On March 17, 1885, Irvine received a telegraph from Superintendent Leif Crozier

Vatican City

Hotel and Casino , Ocean Spray Cranberry World Museum and Ron Lee's World of Clowns Museum; and initiating a campaign called “Preserving America’s Cultural Heritage”—a federal bill that would establish a benefit fund for all living visual artists in the United States. In 2004, Vallance curated the first art-world exhibition of the Painter of Light, entitled “Thomas Kinkade: Heaven on Earth,” at CalState Fullerton (California State University, Fullerton)’s CSUF Grand Central Art Center


of the distantly related Bantu languages. Some languages are tonal (tone (linguistics)), while others such as Wolof have pitch-accent systems. The basic word order tends to be SVO (subject–verb–object). Firestone The Firestone Tire and Rubber Company operate a metal plantation in Liberia which is the focus of a global campaign called Stop Firestone. Workers on the plantation are expected to fulfil a high production quota or their wages will be halved, so many

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