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French protectorate of Tunisia

monarchy life_span 1881–1956 event_start Treaty of Bardo year_start 1881 date_start May 12 event_end Independence (Tunisian Independence) year_end 1956 date_end March 20 event1 Battle of Tunisia (Tunisia Campaign) date_event1 1942–1943 event2 date_event2 p1 Beylik of Tunis flag_p1 Flag of Tunis Bey-fr.svg s1 Kingdom of Tunisia flag_s1 Pre-1999 Flag of Tunisia.svg image_flag Pre-1999 Flag


. The forces of Chu and Han then engaged in a power struggle for supremacy over China for about five years, known as the Chu–Han contention, with victories and defeats for both sides in various battles. In 216, Zhang Lu (Zhang Lu (Han Dynasty)) surrendered Hanzhong to Cao Cao. Xiahou Yuan was then left in defense of this strategic commandery that lay between the territories of Cao Cao and Liu Bei. The year after, Liu Bei led

the Qinling Mountains and approached the Qin capital of Yong. Shu might have continued as a semi-Chinese state like Korea or Vietnam, or it might have been conquered by Chu to the east. Instead it was conquered by Qin. From 208 to 218, Cao Hong followed Cao Cao in several ill-fated campaigns against the eastern warlord, Sun Quan, and was reassigned to join the battle (Hanzhong Campaign) for Hanzhong against the western warlord, Liu Bei, in 219, whereins Cao Hong was able to enlist

Fort Erie, Ontario

and Port Colborne (Port Colborne, Ontario). Drivers can cross from the United States to the Canadian town of Fort Erie (Fort Erie, Ontario) by going over the Peace Bridge. *1864 – American Civil War Overland Campaign: Battle of Cold Harbor – The Army of Northern Virginia under Robert E. Lee engages the Army of the Potomac under Ulysses S. Grant & George G. Meade. *1866 &ndash

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Jamaica in 1655. French pirates established themselves in Saint-Domingue in 1625, were expelled only to return later and the Dutch seized Curaçao in 1634. In 1739, British Admiral Edward Vernon raided Portobello, but in 1741 his massive campaign against Cartagena de Indias (Battle of Cartagena de Indias) ended in defeat with heavy losses of men and ships. Temporary British seizures of Havana and Manila (1762-4), during the Seven Years' War, were dealt with by using


from the Bulgarians. In 1914, the Ottoman Empire entered the European (European theatre of World War I) and Middle Eastern theatres (Middle Eastern theatre of World War I) of World War I allied with the Central Powers. Mustafa Kemal was given the task of organizing and commanding the 19th Division (19th Division (Ottoman Empire)) attached to the Fifth Army (Fifth Army (Ottoman Empire)) during the Battle of Gallipoli (Gallipoli Campaign). Mustafa Kemal became the front-line commander


Rhodesia , is founded. *1897 – Tirah Campaign: Battle of Saragarhi. SADC facilitator of Zimbabwe power-sharing agreement At the end of the fourth day of negotiations, South African President and mediator to Zimbabwe, Thabo Mbeki, announced in Harare that Robert Mugabe of ZANU-PF, professor Arthur Mutambara of MDC-M (Movement for Democratic Change – Mutambara) and Morgan Tsvangirai of Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangirai MDC-T

Empire of Japan

were lost to Japanese (Empire of Japan) fighters during the Malayan Campaign, battles for Singapore (Battle of Singapore), and Sumatra (Battle of Palembang). By that point, the traditional daylight light bomber role was more effectively carried out by suitable fighter-bombers, and the surviving examples were relegated to training duties. Nonetheless, the Blenheim played a role in preventing India from falling and recapturing Burma (Burma Campaign), destroying over 60 aircraft

Since 1945 year 1992 publisher Arms & Armour Press isbn 0-85368-984-9 The Nggela Islands group lies immediately north of the more famous island of Guadalcanal, the scene of the Battle of Guadalcanal (Guadalcanal Campaign) during World War II; however, Nggela Sule itself was garrisoned by the Japanese (Empire of Japan) in April 1942 in connection with their efforts to establish a seaplane base on neighboring Gavutu. On 7 August of the same year


observer at the Lockerbie trial. http: pa cm200102 cmhansrd vo020501 debtext 20501-03.htm Blenheims continued to operate widely in many combat roles until about 1943, equipping RAF squadrons in the UK and in British bases in Egypt, Iraq, Aden, India, British Malaya, Singapore, and the Dutch East Indies. Many Blenheims were lost to Japanese (Empire of Japan) fighters during the Malayan Campaign, Battle


the convoys moving needed materiel to the Battle of Guadalcanal (Guadalcanal Campaign), until early November. The game has also expanded rapidly in recent years, especially in the South Pacific, Europe and United Kingdom. Touch World Cups (Touch Football World Cup) now attract over 40 nations including Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Chile, Cook Islands


in the testing and evaluation of many aspects of naval warfare. ''Afridi'' was later withdrawn from the exercises after colliding with HMS ''Penelope'' (HMS Penelope (97)) during the transfer of mail. ''Afridi'' returned to Malta for repairs. After the repairs were completed, she was transferred to the 4th Destroyer Flotilla and sailed to join it at Alexandria. The rest of the pre-war period was spent on exercises and port visits. The 1st Battalion fought in the Western Desert Campaign

, Crete (Battle of Crete), Abyssinia (Ethiopia), Sicily (Battle of Sicily) and in the Italian Campaign (Italian Campaign (World War II)). The first action for the 1st Battalion was at Sidi Barani (Battle of Sidi Barani) where they joined the battle on 10 December 1940 as part of the 16th Brigade (British 16th Infantry Brigade). On 17 May 1941 the battalion moved to Crete where they formed part of the defence based on the east side of the island at Tymbaki. Most of the Argylls marched

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