San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago

-Finals of the Calypso Monarch celebrations. In a historical move, the National Steelband Panorama Finals were held here on 17 February 2007. This was the first time that the event was held somewhere other than the Queen's Park Savannah in Port of Spain, as that location was unavailable due to planned construction of a Carnival Complex on its grounds. The role of "The Park" as a sporting venue has largely been supplanted by newer Manny Ramjohn Stadium in Marabella

metres and failed to finish. He was born in San Fernando (San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago), Trinidad. Invader became active in calypso (calypso music) in the mid-1930s. He was considered a country bumpkin by his contemporaries, as was his humble beginning. It was Grant's tailor who gave Grant his moniker by commenting, "I tell you, Rupert, you should call yourself Lord Invader so when you go up to the city you be invadin' the capital." With a new name, in 1937 he went

Kitchener (calypsonian) Lord Kitchener ) after moving to Arima while still in his teens. Roberts took him under his wing and they returned to Port of Spain, where Lord Kitchener became the leading calypso star, with Melody one of his main challengers. His popularity increased locally when Lord Kitchener emigrated to England in 1947. Melody began singing in the calypso tents

Trinidad and Tobago

of calypso (calypso music), soca (soca music) and chutney (chutney music). Etymology Historian E. L. Joseph (Edward Lanzer Joseph) claimed that Trinidad's Amerindian name was ''Iere'' or "Land of the Humming Bird", derived from the Arawak (Arawaks) name for hummingbird, ''ierèttê'' or ''yerettê''. However, Boomert claims that neither ''cairi'' nor ''caeri'' means hummingbird and ''tukusi'' or ''tucuchi'' does.

or international universities. Culture thumb Members of a Costume band parade on the streets of Port of Spain (File:Orange Carnival Masqueraders in Trinidad.jpg) during its pre- Lenten Carnival (Trinidad and Tobago Carnival) Trinidad and Tobago is the birthplace of calypso music and the steelpan, which is widely claimed in Trinidad and Tobago to be the only acoustic musical instrument invented during the 20th

''. Alvin Redman, London. * Hill, Donald R. ''Calypso Calaloo: Early Carnival Music in Trinidad''. (1993). ISBN 0-8130-1221-X (cloth); ISBN 0-8130-1222-8 (pbk). University Press of Florida. 2nd Edition: Temple University Press (2006) ISBN 1-59213-463-7. * Quevedo, Raymond (Atilla the Hun). 1983. ''Atilla's '''Kaiso''': a short history of Trinidad calypso''. (1983). University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad. (Includes the words to many old calypsos as well as musical scores


been created in 1963 (see 1963 in music) by Ras Shorty I's "Clock and Dagger" from calypso music. Shorty added Indian instruments, including the dholak, tabla and dhantal. A prolific musician, composer and innovator, Shorty experimented with fusing calypso (Calypso music) and the other Indian inspired music (music of India) including chutney music for nearly a decade before unleashing "the soul of calypso,"...soca music. Shorty had been

in Dominica during an Exile One performance of cadence-lypso, and collaborated with Dominica's 1969 Calypso King, Lord Tokyo and two calypso lyricists, Chris Seraphine and Pat Aaron in the early 1970s, who wrote him some creole (kwéyòl) lyrics. Soon after Shorty released a song, "Ou Petit", with words like "Ou dee moin ou petit Shorty" (meaning "you told me you are small Shorty"), a combination of calypso (calypso music), Cadence-lypso cadence

and kwéyòl. Shorty's 1974 ''Endless Vibrations'' and ''Soul of Calypso'' brought soca to its peak of international fame. # Steelband-Soca: Steel Pans are types of drum often used in Soca and Calypso music; it became so popular that it became its own musical genre—Steelband. The steel pans are hand-made, bowl-like, metal drums that are crafted so that different sections of the drum produce different notes when struck. Steelbands are groups of musicians who play songs entirely on steel drums

Port of Spain

as it spreads over the surrounding hills. The area is unfortunately portrayed as one of the most violent in the country due to drug, gun and turf wars among gangs (financed arguably by illicit drug wealth which does not remain in the community), http: about.php?mid 83&q engaging+youth+at+risk but it is also the birthplace of the steelpan and, some would argue, the spiritual capital of the city since Calypso

music calypso . Steelpan and carnival are the life source of many Trinidadians who live in the capital. South of Laventille are Beetham Estate (Beetham Estate Gardens) and Sea Lots, two other economically depressed neighbourhoods. Belmont thumb right Port of Spain with Belmont in the centre (File:TnT Port of Spain 6.jpg) In north-east Port of Spain, Belmont, at the foot of the Laventille Hills, was the city's first suburb. In the 1840s–50s, parts of the area were settled

of Bands is broadcast live to the nation on Carnival Monday and Tuesday; it is also the venue for the Calypso Monarch and Carnival King and Queen Competitions and the finals of the Panorama steelpan competition. The architecturally soothing arches and curves of the Port of Spain National Academy for the Performing Arts (see picture and caption) dominate the south boundary of the Savannah between the green trimmed landmarks of Memorial Park (in remembrance of fallen soldiers during World Wars


industry, the Sugar & Energy Festival was founded by the Couva Point Lisas Chamber of Commerce and held at the Gilbert Park grounds annually. Couva is known has a focal point for the development and dissemination of Chutney music during the 1980s and 1990s. The Rienzi Complex typically hosts the Trinidad Chutney-Soca Monarch semifinals. Couva is one of the more Carnival hosts, with full shows on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Jouvert is part of the Carnival Monday show and calypso

music calypso shows are held in the town centre during the Carnival season. Culturally, the town is the home of Couva Joylanders Steel Orchestra, a group well known for its varied repertoire and community projects. The band holds its practice sessions in a newly built steelpan complex at Railway Road, Couva, built by the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure in conjunction with National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago (NGC). It is also the setting of Derek Walcott's play Beef


, the Friday Night Street Party encompasses several blocks, which have to be informally cordoned off with the stalls of street vendors. Steamed fish, barbecue chicken and St. Lucia's own Piton beer can be purchased from these vendors. Music can be heard through the old fishing village, and locals and tourist both dance in a central cross section in the small streets to the sounds of calypso (Calypso music), zouk, reggae and R&B. death_date


was given a more organised form in 1974, including a Miss Culture Show and a Calypso (Calypso music) Competition, as well as drama performances, old fashion Troupes (including Johnny Walkers, Giant and Spear, Bulls, Red Cross and Blue Ribbon), arts and crafts exhibitions and recipe competitions. According to the Nevis Department of Culture, the aim is to protect and encourage indigenous folklore, in order to make sure that the uniquely Caribbean culture can "reassert itself and flourish

; the Moonlight Night" . ''Musical Traditions'', 1 November 2002. Retrieved 8 May 2007. Among the Nevisians recorded were chantey-singing fishermen in a session organised in a rum shop in Newcastle; Santoy, the Calypsonian, performing calypso (Calypso music)s by Nevisian ballader and local legend Charles Walters Abrahams, Roger D. "Charles Walters - West Indian Autolycus

, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Sint Eustatius, Saint John (Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands), Saint Lucia, Grenada, Saba, Nevis and Anguilla, the latter two of which are especially known for popular calypso competitions. Christmastime Carnivals are held on Montserrat, Saint Croix (Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands), Saint Martin and Saint Kitts; Montserrat's distinctive Carnival includes masquerade (Masquerade ceremony)s and steelbands, and both islands also feature


;ref name Carreras22 with words like "Ou dee moin ou petit Shorty" (meaning "you told me you are small Shorty"), a combination of calypso (calypso music), cadence (Cadence-lypso) and kwéyòl. Soca reached its modern form by the early 1970s under the influence of American soul, disco and funk music, which reached Trinidadian artists when they began recording in New York City; by this time, most of the Indian-derived elements had been

removed from the genre. Shorty's 1974 ''Endless Vibrations'' and ''Soul of Calypso'' brought soca to its peak of international fame. Less lyrically revolutionary than traditional calypso, soca has remained mostly focused on good times throughout its history, though artists like Gypsy (Gypsy (calypsonian)) (whose 1986 "The Sinking Ship" helped remove the People's National Movement from the Trinidadian government) continued calypso's socially-aware traditions. Soca's

that the locals and British prisoners are being used as slave labour to mine gold for Spain. Drake works on a plan to release them unaware that Agila (Mark Eden) plans to betray him to the Spaniards. The cast includes Nanette Newman as Yana, Michael Ripper as Almighty Jones, Derek Sydney as the Spanish Governor and Catherine Finn as his wife, Marshall Jones as Garrett, Dallas Cavell as a Lieutenant and Colin Rix as a prisoner. '''Calypso Rose''' born

Freeport, Bahamas

, Bahamas Nassau and Freeport (Freeport, Bahamas). Since the 1950s the influence of American culture (culture of the United States) has increased, mainly through TV and radio broadcasts from Florida stations, and other Caribbean styles have made inroads: calypso (calypso music), reggae and soca (Soca music), from Jamaica, Cuba, Trinidad, and other islands. Tourism has also had an impact, bringing in Japanese, European and North Americans with their attendant

Banff, Alberta

, CHFM (CHFM-FM), CJAQ (CJAQ-FM) At least near Banff, Alberta, the calypso orchid is pollinated (pollination) by queen bumblebees (''Bombus (Pyrobombus)'' and ''Psithyrus''). It relies on "pollination by deception", as it attracts insects to anther-like yellow hairs at the entrance to the pouch and forked nectary-like structures at the end of the pouch but produces no nectar that would nourish them. Insects quickly learn not to revisit it. Avoiding

such recognition may account for some of the small variation in the flower's appearance. west of Edmonton (Edmonton, Alberta). Jasper is

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