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movements of horse-mobile formations, Soviet military theorists such as Vladimir Triandafillov and Konstantin Kalinovsky elaborated the principles of combat use of armored units, which envisioned a large-scale use of tanks in different situations in cooperation with various army units. In the mid-1930s, these ideas found their reflection in the so called Deep Operation (Deep Operation theory) and deep combat theories. From the second half of the 1920s, tank warfare development took place

Tulsa, Oklahoma

of several pop music movements that can be traced not only to a specific city, but a specific location within the city. Those music scenes include Kansas City jazz (attributed to an area of Oklahoma City (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) called Deep Deuce), Western swing (attributed to Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa (Tulsa, Oklahoma)), and Leon Russell's (Leon Russell) Tulsa Sound (The Tulsa Sound) from his Tulsa church-turned-into-studio. Like those three, Red Dirt music grew from

Jacksonville, Florida

regarded as one of the most famous streetball players in the world. DATE OF BIRTH 1978 PLACE OF BIRTH Jacksonville, Florida, United States DATE OF DEATH Pons and his family moved to Jacksonville (Jacksonville, Florida), Florida in 2005, where he does game day video for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and plays upright bass in a bluegrass (Bluegrass music) gospel band (band (music)) called Deep Creek. ** Fort Walton Beach, Florida Fort


date January 2011 The corporate headquarters are in Calgary, Alberta. In Canada, Encana has operations in Alberta, northeast British Columbia as well as an off-shore operation called Deep Panuke in development off Nova Scotia. In the United States, Encana's subsidiary operates in Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, and Louisiana. * 1986: "The Best of Me" (Duet with Olivia Newton-John) (US #80) * 1988: "Winter Games (Can't You Feel It)" - Official theme song for the Calgary 1988 Winter Olympics (US #85) * 2001: ''O Canada'' (with Lara Fabian) ! 6 (Division No. 6, Alberta) commons:Calgary

New Zealand

. the imprisoned Cthulhu is apparently the source of constant anxiety for mankind at a subconscious level, and also the subject of worship by a number of evil cults (located in New Zealand, Greenland, Louisiana, and the Chinese (China) Mountains) and other Lovecraftian monsters (called Deep Ones Lovecraft, ''The Shadow Over Innsmouth'', pp. 337, 367. and Mi-Go ref name "mythostomes2007


by ChessBase. There is also a version called '''Deep Fritz''' that is designed for multiprocessing. The town initially belonged to the ''Grafschaft Glatz'' Duchy of Kłodzko, a fief of Bohemia. It shared the fate of the nearby city of ''Glatz'' Kłodzko and developed rapidly until the advent of the Hussite Wars in 15th century. The wars left the town depopulated by plagues, partially burnt and demolished by several consecutive floods. In 1475 a great fire destroyed the town completely. In 1567 the area became a fief of the Habsburg dynasty, though the local dukes retained their powers. It was not until 16th century when the local economy went back on tracks. Both Habelschwerdt and the surrounding villages were gradually repopulated, mostly with settlers from Central Germany and Lesser Poland. Because of major Lutheran influences it became one of the regional centres of Protestantism. During World War II Habelschwerdt was spared the fate of other German cities that were levelled to the ground. There were no important industrial centres in the area and most of the Kłodzko Valley was not captured by the Red Army until after the capitulation of Germany. Shortly after the war the Kłodzko Valley became a scene of Werwolf activities. Following the Potsdam conference the town was awarded to Poland as compensation for the areas of Poland annexed by the Soviet Union in the east. The German inhabitants of the area and whole Silesia were expelled by the new authorities. Places of manufacture English saddles are made in many places around the world. A traditional manufacturing centre is in Walsall, England. Other countries that produce fine English saddles are France, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Canada and the United States. Argentina produces many English saddles, particularly for the polo market, as well as a large number of brands that are in the mid-range of prices for other disciplines. The least expensive saddles are usually manufactured in India and can vary tremendously in quality of both workmanship and leather. History The Eurofighter Typhoon is the latest in a line of joint aircraft projects between the Western European powers. Previously the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy had cooperated in producing the Panavia Tornado in the 1970s, and the UK and France had cooperated in producing the SEPECAT Jaguar. The Eurocopter Tiger is developed by France and Germany and was also bought by Spain. Franco-Italian naval projects include the Horizon class frigates and FREMM multipurpose frigates. Industry While European defence budgets remain fragmented and massive duplication in research and development exists, the European defence industry has made some moves towards consolidation. British Aerospace was widely expected to merge with Germany’s DASA to form the first major European defence giant. Instead in 1999 BAe merged with another British company, GEC's (The General Electric Company) defence businesses (GEC-Marconi), to form BAE Systems which has tended to focus on the Anglo-American market. As a result, in 2000, DASA merged with Aerospatiale-Matra to form EADS. Further consolidation of the smaller defence firms cannot be ruled out. thumb A Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro (Image:Brno, Autotec, Mercedes Citaro na palivové články II.jpg) powered by hydrogen fuel cells, in Brno, Czech Republic. Several domestic U.S. (United States) automobile manufactures have committed to develop vehicles using hydrogen. The distribution of hydrogen for the purpose of transportation is currently being tested around the world, particularly in Portugal, Iceland, Norway (Hynor), Denmark (Hydrogen link network), Germany, California (California Hydrogen Highway), Japan (Japan hydrogen fuel cell project) and Canada (BC hydrogen highway), but the cost is very high. The Federal Republic of Germany (Germany) bought 15 Gannet AS.4s and one T.5 in 1958. They operated as the anti-submarine squadron of ''Marinefliegergeschwader'' 2 (2nd Naval Fighter Wing) from Jagel and Sylt. In 1963 the squadron was re-assigned to MFG 3 at Nordholz until the Gannets were replaced by the Breguet Br.1150 Atlantique (Breguet Atlantique) in 1966. During its operations the German Navy lost one AS.4, on 12 May 1966, when a Gannet crashed shortly after take-off from Kaufbeuren, killing all three crew members. '''Wilhelm Karl Hartwich''' (or '''Hartwig''') '''Peters''' (April 22, 1815 in Koldenbüttel - April 20, 1883) was a German (Germany) naturalist (natural history) and explorer. thumb The castle from the northwest (File:BurgStahleckNW.jpg) '''Stahleck Castle''' ( Commons:Category:Germany Wikipedia:Germany Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany


and Wiesbaden (Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden). Two new productions, which he directed at the Royal Opera House in London, were singled out for the Laurence Olivier Award. In 1995 he returned to the Berlin State Opera as principal guest conductor. The corporate headquarters are in Calgary, Alberta. In Canada, Encana has operations in Alberta, northeast British Columbia as well as an off-shore operation called Deep Panuke in development off Nova Scotia. In the United States

, Canada. Located on the border between Patterson Township (Patterson Township, Ontario) and Pringle Township (Pringle Township, Ontario), in the District of Parry Sound (Parry Sound District, Ontario), it is fed by Gee Creek (Gee Creek (Ontario)), Commanda Creek and Beaudry Creek and is drained by the Restoule River. The Lake is shaped like the number "3", its middle spur is called Deep Bay. The lake is home to one permanent island, located off a point in its

United States

County, North Carolina Watauga County , North Carolina, United States. The community is named after the natural gap, called Deep Gap, at Fire Scale Mountain, where the Blue Ridge Parkway crosses over US 421 (U.S. Route 421 in North Carolina). Influential guitar player Doc Watson was born in Deep Gap, where he still makes his home. '''Sugar Grove''' is an unincorporated community located in Watauga County (Watauga County, North Carolina), North Carolina, United

and functions ever since. The corporate headquarters are in Calgary, Alberta. In Canada, Encana has operations in Alberta, northeast British Columbia as well as an off-shore operation called Deep Panuke in development off Nova Scotia. In the United States, Encana's subsidiary operates in Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, and Louisiana. History The Old Course at St. Andrews is considered by many to be the “home of golf” because the sport was first played

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