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of navigable waters and filled with mangroves. The name comes from the relative lack of sound, except for the buzzing of insects, and water dripping from trees. The second is called De la Cruz, with very clear waters, 25 km of navigable waters in which sea bass can be fished in season. The third is called Del Narajo and is the largest with 40 km of navigable waters and is bordered by ranches and orange groves. There is also an abundance of wild birds such as ibis

Independence, Kansas

a move from Burr Oak back to Walnut Grove, where Charles Ingalls served as the town butcher and Justice of the Peace, Charles accepted a railroad job in the spring of 1879 which led him to eastern Dakota Territory, where he was joined by the family in the fall of 1879. Over the winter of 1879–1880, Charles landed a homestead, and called De Smet, South Dakota, home for the rest of his, Caroline, and Mary's lives. After spending the mild winter of 1879–1880 in the Surveyor's House


of Arts BA (Hons) degree in Public Administration at Leicester Polytechnic (now called De Montfort University). Location Whittlesey is located between the city of Peterborough


female mayor of a special municipality in the Republic of China.In 2007, the ROC applies for membership in the United Nations under the name "Taiwan", and is rejected by the General Assembly. The joint venture, called De Beers Diamond Jewellers Ltd sells diamond jewellery. The first De Beers boutique opened in 2002 on London's Old Bond Street as the brand's flagship store. A year later, the brand expanded to Asia with the opening of their first Tokyo stores. The brand expanded


in other markets such as the United States and the United Kingdom, they occupy a niche status there. '''Gerrit Thomas Rietveld''' (24 June 1888–25 June 1964) was a Dutch (Netherlands) furniture designer and architect. One of the principal members of the Dutch artistic movement called De Stijl, Rietveld is famous for his Red and Blue Chair and for the Rietveld Schröder House, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

by South Holland, Illinois was first settled in 1846 by immigrants from South Holland, Netherlands. When the community formally incorporated as a village in 1894, its population was about 1,000. Originally a general farming community, it later specialized in vegetable growing, especially onion sets. By the 1940s South Holland was known as the ''Onion Set Capital of the World.'' The town was built on low ground near the Calumet River and was originally called ''de Laage Prairie

'' (Low Prairie) to differentiate it from another Dutch settlement further north on higher ground and called ''de Hooge Prairie'' (now the Roseland (Roseland, Chicago) neighborhood of Chicago). The origin of the village's name is unknown. Local lore is that the name "Roxana" was chosen to honor a "Queen Roxanne" of the Netherlands, inasmuch as the village owed its very existence to state-owned Royal Dutch Shell. However, there has never been a Queen Roxanne


to help secure a 4–1 victory over East Germany at Cardiff. In 2007 he and his former classmate Ian Bok made their own theatrepiece called De Huilende Kers (The Crying Cherry). That year they won the audience award at the Its Festival (International Theatreschool Festival). In 2008 they won the Dioraphte Fringe Award at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival. In summer 2009 De Huilende Kers will be performed


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improved from years past. With the help of the Internet and sites such as Zing, Vietnamese music has been able to reach to audiences nationally and also overseas. There are many famous underground artists such as Andree Right Hand, Big Daddy, Shadow P (all featured in a popular song called De Anh Duoc Yeu) and countless others who have risen to fame through the Internet. In addition, there are also other singers that have gone mainstream such as M4U, Ho Ngoc Ha, Bao Thy, Wanbi Tuan, Tu Quynh, Radio


) , Göttingen (University of Göttingen) and Frankfurt (Oder) (Viadrina European University). After achieving his doctorate with a dissertation called ''De matrimonio multorum morborum remedio'' in 1749, he started to practice as a physician in Frankfurt. Krünitz married Anna Sophie Lehmann in 1752 and moved to Berlin in 1759, where he continued to practice medicine until 1776. After Anna's death in 1780, he married Charlotte Wilhelmine Halle, the daughter of economist Johann Samuel


of the Reform movement (Reform Judaism) in the 19th century) the use of instrumental music was not permitted on Shabbat or festivals. '''Agostino Bassi''', sometimes called '''de Lodi''', (25 September 1773, near Lodi, Lombardy – 8 February 1856, in Lodi) was an Italian (Italy) entomologist. He preceded Louis Pasteur in the discovery that microorganisms can be the cause of disease (the germ theory of disease). He discovered that the muscardine disease of silkworms

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